Apex Legends: How To Level Up Battle Pass Fast

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Apex Legends is a deservedly famous game in a prevailing sense. How many gamers have gotten involved in its networks? Many have purchased a Battle Pass for themselves to get the maximum rewards from the game. Many are interested in how to level up Battle Pass fast. Apex players don't want to sit on it for days.

The Way How To Level Up The Battle Pass Fast

Apex players are supposed to use their skills to the fullest. And not just with weapons, but also not to forget other things given to the character. Use one skill or another at least once per battle, and you will soon see when it is good to use it. Shooting, by the way, is also worth pumping: in a shooting range, for example. And switch characters periodically to see which one works best in a fight.

Second, the way to quickly level up the Battle Pass in Apex Legends is to work on the viewing angle and button placement. The default view will be pretty narrow, the player might miss valuable items, and the enemy sneaking up around the character to survive. It would be a perfect solution. An ideal solution to change it would be a perfect solution controller layout at the start of the game, swapping the sneak and melee buttons. Otherwise, there will be too many hand movements - which interfere during the fight.

What To Do

Suppose a player plans to upgrade the Battle Pass first and not collect loot from the battlefield. In that case, he needs to participate in the battle from its epicenter to get used to shooting and making quick decisions as efficiently as possible. And if the prey is more important, the player needs to land as far as possible from the starting point of the battle.

A good player doesn't reload the weapon - it's too long. It's just necessary to change weapons to another, loaded. And it is best to shoot stealthily, sneaking as close to the enemy as possible. Also, to keep it as gradual as possible. The armor is also worth changing, not repairing.

It is also essential to communicate with other players from the team: what if someone was the first to notice the enemy? If the player sees how two groups of opponents are fighting, the best solution would be to stand on the sidelines, waiting for one squad to kill the other, remaining wounded and injured. Playing with other players will not only give you an advantage on the field, but will also give you bonuses. By playing with a friend, the player receives a 5% XP bonus to the points earned for survival time. And if playing with two friends, the bonus also doubles - 10% XP for survival time.

Do not forget that experience is not given for killing opponents as much as for survival. So how to level up Battle Pass fast in Apex Season? - to survive. A player will immediately get 3,600 Experience Points when he stays alive twenty minutes in a row. 50 Points can be obtained by a player for scoring a kill in just seventeen seconds of survival. Players just need to avoid direct combat almost until the end of the game - and the one who merely survived longer will get more points than the one who killed a bunch of people and then died himself.

What You Get

It is worth remembering how much experience is given for which actions to make it easier to build a pumping strategy. For every second the squad survives, the player gets three experience points if he has a Battle Pass, for killing - 50 points. If the player resurrects an ally, they will receive 200 experience points. And each surviving player on the team is worth 25 points. Placing in the Top 5 is worth 300 experience points, and winning is worth 900 experience points. Another 50 points are given to those among the leaders in kills (but it is still more profitable to survive).

For killing a squad of champions, the game gives as many as 500 points for each squad member killed (but it's the same as surviving for two minutes, which is much easier!). The first kill of the day is also worth 500 points. Points are given if the player were a kill leader at any point throughout the match - it costs 50 XP. And for each point of damage, the player receives 0.25 XP.

Five hundred experience points are given to the Battle Pass owners for each Legend. But there are also weekly bonuses! For example, twenty-five thousand experience points each for the fact that the squad survived on one Legend.

There are several other options to quickly upgrade Battle Pass.

Complete in-game challenges to earn an extra Battle Pass level. Certain challenges will award stars, each of which will allow you to advance to the next level of the Battle Pass. It is likely that the player will complete some of the challenges without realizing it.

The easiest way is to buy a Battle Pass level pack. Then the player will get extra 25 levels. It means that the gamer will need to pump up 25 levels less, and as a bonus, he will also receive class skin.

In addition to buying a set of levels, players can buy Battle Pass levels one at a time, but this can be very expensive. Each level will cost 150 Apex Coins, and players are allowed to buy up to level 99 - that is, the player will give away 14 850 Apex Coins for it.

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