Best Characters in League Of Legends for Beginners

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Which hero should you choose if you're new to League of Legends? What are the most powerful heroes in the current patch? — Many people ask these questions. Therefore, the list of the best characters for beginners will be relevant!

Top 10 LoL Champions For Beginners

  1. Garen
  2. Malphite
  3. Warwick
  4. Master Yi
  5. Annie
  6. Talon
  7. Ashe
  8. Jinx
  9. Soraka
  10. Leona

Top Lane Fighter - Garen

Garen has no skills, i.e. aiming abilities. He runs from place to place until it's time to use his ultimate, an explosion on any target with guaranteed damage. His equipment is very bulky for an early kill - he's tanky. But that makes him the perfect champion for beginners - the main thing is to survive until the late stage, and everything is fine!


  • High HP Regeneration Rate
  • Wonderful Wave Clearing Capacity
  • High Mobility


  • Lacks Crowd Control
  • Vulnerable Against Ranged Champions
  • Powerless Against Crowd Control

Malphite: Shard of the Monolith

A tank - mighty and solid as a rock! And his ultimate is simply magnificent. It allows you to fly to the enemy, causing him colossal damage and knocking him out! Malphite is excellent against a wide variety of champions, including ranged champions. Since he, being a tank, can still engage in battles from afar and deal tremendous damage, Malphite is really a very good character for beginners: you can play as a tank and learn things that tanks usually cannot.


  • Good Engager
  • Blocks Channeling Skill Champions
  • Great Team Fight Potential


  • Vulnerable When Countered
  • Weak Against Heavy Mage Teams
  • Needs Team to Followup When Engaging

Warwick: The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

This terrifying werewolf can jump on the enemy, immobilizing them and stealing their health! By the way, this character will be featured in the second season of Arcane! But this is not just a future antagonist for the anime. The werewolf is excellent at starting team fights, destroying unsuspecting targets, and his survivability and damage are perfectly balanced. Of course, it can die early. But it will still play an essential role in the battle!


  • One Of The Best Duelists In The Early Game
  • High Mobility
  • Good Engage Potential


  • Predictable
  • Countered By Grievous Wounds
  • Lacks Scaling

Master Yi: The Wuju Bladesman

Activating his ultimate will drastically increase his attack and movement speed! Yi does two things: he suddenly runs up to people and attacks them automatically. Master Yi is one of the most accessible carry champions in the game! He farms in the jungle and may be the best in the League at killing all five enemies in one fight.


  • High Mobility
  • Highest Base Movement Speed
  • Dangerous for Tanks


  • Squishy
  • Relies On Items
  • Weak Against Burst, Especially AP Types

Mid Lane Mage - Annie

Such a cute girl with a teddy bear! And such a dangerous mage. Bear Tibbers, when using the owner's ultimate, comes to life, dealing magic damage to all enemies within reach. Annie also has the ability to restore mana from her last hits. And she has stun!


  • Good Wave Clearing Ability
  • Significant Burst Damage
  • AOE CC and Burst


  • Squishy
  • Depends On Positioning
  • Weak Without Decent Gear

Talon: The Blade's Shadow

He can play in the jungle. With the help of his ultimate, Talon quickly becomes invisible. Then he charges at the enemy, dealing significant damage to them. He moves calmly around the map, quickly destroying waves of minions and then moving to other lanes to kill enemies. Very handy for beginners!


  • Easy To Master
  • High Carry Potential
  • Decent Matchups


  • High Skill Ceiling
  • Item Dependent
  • Poor Late Game

Ashe: Forest Archer

Ashe belongs to the Gunslinger subgenre. She can trade damage for crowd control! Ash can fire an enchanted crystal arrow that stuns the first enemy it hits. Enemies can also be revealed all over the map! Ash's damage output isn't great, but her recon abilities help the team gather so much information that Ash's usefulness is out of the question.


  • High Range
  • High Range Engage
  • Good Poke And Wave Clear


  • Lacks Mobility
  • Small Damage Output
  • Low Movement Speed

Jinx: The Loose Cannon

The main character of Arcane in the game is very cool: she deals the maximum damage. Jinx is probably one of the best sharpshooters in the League! Jinx tries to inflict as much damage as possible. Like Ash, her ultimate is a global skill shot: Super Mega Death Missile. Unlike Ash, Jinx deals total damage. Versatile hero, but not as easy to learn as other beginner-friendly champions. But Jinx is well worth the investment!


  • Insane Range
  • Global Ultimate
  • High Damage


  • Low Mobility
  • No Escapes
  • Item Dependent

Soraka: Child of the Star

This champion is best at healing - that's what she usually does! She can also transfer her health to allies, which can come in handy. Playing as Soraka, you can quickly learn how to play as ranged support - she is excellent for training.


  • Deceptively Strong Laning Phase
  • Good vs. Pokes
  • Global Ultimate


  • Pretty Vulnerable If Caught
  • Known Threat
  • Doesn't Pair Well With Many ADCs

Leona: Radiant Dawn

This hero is a great tank who can also control the crowd! With her ultimate, Leona unleashes an AoE blast that stuns champions in the center and slows those in the outer ring. Very resilient, she can lead fights from the start. The problem with her is that she can only attack enemies, but that's fine if a novice is playing Leona, excellent training!


  • Durability
  • Quick Setup
  • Crowd Control Capabilities


  • No Escape
  • Lack Of Healing Spells
  • Low Damage
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