Best Warzone 2 Weapons

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There are a lot of weapons in Warzone 2. Choose according to your taste! The long months of waiting for the new game release have finally paid off. The collection of weapons is impressive, and you can safely explore the list, choosing what suits a specific player for his particular style.

This material reviews the best weapons in Warzone 2.

Warzone Tiers

  • Tier S weapons are top: most potent and do not require upgrades to increase effectiveness. In absolutely any situation, it quickly becomes fatal. Although, of course, with improvements - with greater ease;
  • Tier A weaponsare the second best, it only need to be slightly modified, but no more than that;
  • Tier B is solid mid-range weaponsthat are easy to pump up to high power with the right attachments. In addition, special tactics are required;
  • Tier C weapons are no longer among the most pleasant options: it makes sense to play using such guns only with a very carefully thought-out strategy and perfectly matched loadouts;
  • Tier D weapons from this list are only suitable for use in an emergency.

Warzone Weapons

S TierWeapons

TAQ-56 (Assault rifle based on SCAR-L)

Everyone loved this weapon earlier. And now, with its return to the game, players can only enjoy their favorite gun again! It has low recoil, and the damage at long range is just as excellent as at close range.

Fennec 45 (SMG based on KRISS Vector).

It is only a Fennec - a submachine gun, not the most mobile. After all, it has an astonishing fire rate. The forty-five-round magazine is also a disadvantage. Nevertheless, it is hard to find something better for 1vs1 close combat.


This gun has an excellent magazine capacity and significant range potential. At the same time it is quite mobile.

Kastov 74u (Assault Rifle based on AK-74u).

It only works up to thirty-five meters, otherwise may be considered perfect.

Victus XMR (Sniper Rifle based on L115A1)

Those players who prefer high explosive .50 ammo to make headshots easier could get the advantage here. But only a little more.

A TierWeapons

SP-X 80 (Sniper Rifle based on M2010 ESR).

Not bad... But definitely not ideal.


Quite potent, due to more severe damage, but it is much more cumbersome. However, some players prefer bulky but powerful weapons to something mobile but simple!

Lachmann Sub (SMG based on MP5)

Straightforward to use, the recoil is very low, and the handling is excellent.

M13B ( Assault Rifle based on SIG MCX)

This AR is very good at long-range: it has really low recoil. Yes, the blow per round could be better.

STB 556 (Assault rifle based on AUG)

Does not reach the top level: damage drop in the range is too significant. As for the rest - everything is fine!

Kastov 762 (Assault Rifle based on AK-47)

Perfect for those who can only choose one weapon. Its recoil control is worse than it should be. Still, the damage is as severe as possible, and it doesn't matter where it hits: even hitting the limbs will be as effective as possible!

M4 (Assault Rifle based on the M4 itself)

It is a great close-range rifle, recoil is excellent, but the gun gets a bit too bouncy.

Lachmann-762 (Battle Rifle based on G3)

Not a favorite weapon of Warzone players, but still, a fifty-round magazine gives it some of the most significant potential damage. It can drop entire squads at once! True, it only works if you have good shooting skills.

FSS Hurricane (SMG based on AR-57)

Durable SMG with a big magazine.

RAPP H (LMG based on HK21)

The fantastic fire rate makes RAPP so easy to use that only short coverage stops it from reaching an S tier.

Signal 50 (Sniper Rifle based on GM6 Lynx)

OK but far from outstanding stats.

MCPR-300 (Sniper Rifle based on M98B)

This MCPR-300, aka Victus XMR, is one of the best Sniper Rifles in the game already. Some shortcomings, such as bullet velocity and effective range, are cured by specialized loadouts.

TAQ-V (Assault Rifle based on SCAR-H)

Heavier version of SCAR: great damage, but the recoil is high.

B TierWeapons

SPR-208 (Marksmanship rifle based on M24 SWS)

Even close range requires a few shots to knock the enemy down!

LA-B 330 (Sniper Rifle based on M85)

This is too slow of a sniper with too poor of a rate of fire.

VEL 46 (SMG based on MP7)

Easy to use and have low recoil. Plus - an excellent effective distance for an SMG.

Minibak (SMG based on PP19 Bizon)

The Minibak was downgraded severely in a recent patch. Still, 64 rounds by default and outstanding strafe speeds are present.

Lachmann-556 (Assault Rifle based on HK33)

Really good ranged AR, as the damage at a distance is very high. The recoil, when properly configured, is also incredibly low.

BAS-P (SMG based on MPX)

That gun became average in every category. It's undoubtedly viable enough to class as B-Tier, but it only excels at one thing in particular. B-Tier as it is.

Bryson 890 (Shotgun based on Mossburg 590M)

This shotgun is as flawed as most but can reload quickly.

C TierWeapons

FTAC-Recon (Battle Rifle based on R15 in 6.5 Creedmoor)

Pretty effective on auto. Still, low-capacity magazines automatically make it a risky weapon.

Kastov 545 (Assault Rifle based on AK-74)

Same as Kastov 762, only deals less damage!

EBR-14 (Marksman Rifle based on Mk 14 EBR)

Due to recent upgrades, this rifle became dangerous. The player needs to be a marksman to use a marksman rifle in the first place, but EBR-14 is a fine choice now.

556 Icarus (LMG based on MCR)

It has a slightly worse TTK at long distance and inadequate recoil but is adequate at close and mid-range.

HCR-556 (LMG based on AUG HBAR)

The 556 is more like an assault rifle in terms of mobility but with almost LMG damage.

SAKIN MG38 (LMG based on M249)

Heavy damage LMG with acceptable effective range of fire.

Vaznev 9K (SMG based on PP19 Vityaz)

Has an excellent TTK and, at the same time, fantastic strafe speed! An ideal meta for mobile players eager to move around the battlefield!

SO-14 (Battle rifle based on M14)

Uses fifty-round magazines. Crazy recoil makes it impossible to classify this weapon to a higher rank.

MX9 (SMG based on AUG Para)

A highly mobile weapon with a significant TTK, only a magazine with a miserable thirty-two rounds spoils everything.

TAQ-M (Marksman Rifle based on SCAR-H PR)

It could be a decent battle rifle but utilizes fast-spent sniper ammo.

D TierWeapons

Expedite 12 (Shotgun based on Benelli M4).

Shotguns should be used more often - but not in the Warzone! The Expedite is a little more feasible than most shotguns because of its good magazine capacity and fast enough fire rate.

LM-S (Marksman Rifle based on PSG1)

It provides too low (albeit not utmost terrible) damage

PDSW 528 (SMG based on P90)

Has fifty rounds in the magazine but is too weak against armored targets.

Lockwood 300 (Shotgun based on Beretta 686)

The player gets... two rounds.

Bryson 800 (Shotgun based on Mossberg 500)

A disgustingly slow reload shotgun.

SA-B 50 (Marksman Rifle based on FN-Ballista)

Aims even more slowly.

Lockwood MK2 (Marksman Rifle based on Marlin 30-30)

Looks cool, really cool. Acts bad, really bad.

M16 (Assault Rifle based on M16)

Not fully automatic AR as it shoots bursts only.


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