BiOs about BDS: “The team needed a change.”

Rafael Ferreira
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Following one year in charge, Arnaud “BiOs” Billaudel sees his contract not being renewed for the rest of the year. BLIX.GG spoke with the 32-year-old coach about his experience in Team BDS and the future.

Mission accomplished?

“Not really, because when we have this roster you aim to do better, at least one title and semi-final of a Major. It was not bad because we were able to win the European League, Stage 3 of the last year and we succeed to win Gamers8, it’s not anything, is so easy to lose to teams like TSM and others. The goal was half completed because we should go for a Major semi-final, and we didn’t.”

Six Invitational 2022

During the major tournament, BDS promoted a change never clarified to the public, with the player Adrien “RaFaLe” Rutik stepping down for a few games and being replaced by BiOs inside the server.

“I can’t really speak about what happened to RafaLe and why he couldn’t play, maybe one day we’ll speak about it. It’s not up to me to talk about it. Something happened and he couldn’t play for 48 hours. If we could play with RafaLe in SI we would, it was not a decision from the team.”

“It was very disturbing for us; we were very sad for the first game. We learned it a few hours before the first game especially because we were very well prepared for that tournament, and we hoped to do a great Six Invitational.”

“It was weird since before SI, I was the manager, the coach, and the analyst and for that occasion, I was a player too. In the beginning, was weird but in the end, it was good because I was previously a player, and I could play like before.”

“As a player, I succeeded enough well but for SI I played only like 20 hours, and I was playing against players with hundreds. I was so calm during the game; it was nice to play.”

Gamers 8

After two stages with BDS not achieving his potential and a darkening performance in SI 2022, the French team had the chance to turn the bad moment around in Gamers8. Rumors about changes in BDS already started before the team arrived in Saudi Arabia to play the tournament.

“About the rumours we don’t really care about it. We were disappointed with our performance in the last stage of the European League, so we just wanted to take pleasure and enjoy this tournament. We succeeded to play well and won it; in the end, it was perfect.”

“I think if we got able to qualify for the Six Major in Berlin, I don’t think we could win it but I’m sure we could do a great run. For the next Major, I think BDS can go well, because when the players have their mind cleared of thoughts like they had something to prove internationally, since they do it they can go well.“

Another shift

Even with the Gamers8 trophy, BDS decided not to keep RaFaLe in the roster, with LikEfac being the most likely replacement as advanced by BLIX.GG.

“I can’t really speak about it because it wasn’t my decision, it was after I left. It’s not easy, I think if we didn’t win Gamers8 we should change something, I don’t know what, but we should.”

“Since we won Gamers8, I think they could stay like that, I don’t know because if I was there I don’t know if I would take the same decision. It’s sad for RafaLe but this could bring a new dynamic.”

“I don’t know what player will replace him, the rumours say it is LikEfac so if it’s him, he seems to be a great player in the French League, he plays very well and seems to be a smart guy.”

Leaving BDS

“I was expecting to stop in September because during the year I talked with the players and some said, “it could be nice if you do that if you do like that,” and that was very interesting. I did great, I helped them a lot, but they needed other things. I knew if I could continue I would, but the team needed a change.”

“In my opinion, in the last stage if we could have a bootcamp, being together would help us. It’s something that I wanted to change for the next stage to have more bootcamps. Why? Because the players are strong, but we don’t succeed to play well, and I think the mind of the team would be better if we were in the same place.”

The next step

“I’m looking forward to a lot of possibilities. I could be for example a coach, when I was in BDS I was a coach, but I didn’t decide on everything. I would like to be the kind of coach who led more but if it’s possible I would like to be a secondary coach just to be focusing on the tactic.”

“A coach like MrOfficer is a great leader, a great man who can lead his team. I could be even an analyst because I like so much to focus on the opponent, find some weakness and give it to my team.“

“After one year, I know so many things about so many teams, especially in NAL and EUL, so I could be an analyst. However, I’m not optimistic, at the moment I talk to you I’ve nothing, but we’ll see.”

Rafael: Would you be able to relocate?

“Yes, I could coach everywhere, because for example in Europe there are not a lot of teams and those already have a good staff. Even in the Middle East, it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Rafael: What about other games?

“I thought to move to VALORANT because Rainbow Six… For example, I wanted to do some streams to stay “alive” on Rainbow Six, but I can’t make a living of that, there are not so many viewers. VALORANT is more attractive, and I like the game, I like playing and watching the game. I would have to find teams that could be interested in me, it’s not easy, but at the moment I want to stay in Rainbow Six.”

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