CS:GO Case Hardened Blue Gem Pattern Guide

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    In-game cosmetics can often create a better gaming experience for players. While each game has its unique skins, CS:GO does its skins differently and in many ways, a lot better in comparison to other games.

    When CS:GO skins were first introduced, they included the idea of wear and patterns, which played a massive role in the skin's market success. While some might seek just to have any skin on their weapon, others have made it into an art form thanks to the complexity of some skins with rare patterns and finishes.

    The “Case Hardened” skins are among the most popular pattern-based skins. With the right pattern, you can turn your weapon into a beautiful oceanic blue or a shiny golden metal, But that can come with a hefty price as the price tag might reach tens of thousands to even as close as a million dollars.

    How can a skin be worth that much?

    Weapon Finish Origins

    Case-hardening is the process of adding carbon to a steel surface and heating it to harden the exterior of the blade while the inside remains soft.

    In CS:GO, The Case Hardened Pattern was introduced with the Arms Deal Update and so it’s one of the oldest skins in the game. The Skin is available for the AK-47, the Five-SeveN and almost every Knife except for the latest ones: Shattered web Knives. The pattern is variable like no other skin, which is why it probably has the biggest range of trading value and rarity.

    Case Hardened pattern template


    With the Five-SeveN being used more often these days, it’s not a bad choice to enter the world of gems without ending up in debt or spending too much money.

    What makes a blue gem is the amount of blue color on the skin, but since the pattern template is wide, there will be stains of gold and purple, creating variants of different patterns such as the 75% blue gem.

    A blue gem is labeled based on the paint seed, and the skin’s wear is not a factor in determining whether it's a blue gem or not. Therefore, it’s entirely possible to have identical blue gems, but one can be field-tested while the other is Minimal Wear.

    Check out one of the best looking Five-SeveN's in the game

    List of best blue gem patterns:

    1- Perfect Blue Gem: 690, 868, 278, 363

    2-Perfect Blue Tips: 148, 235, 460, 975

    3- 75% Blue Gem Variants: 28, 179, 122, 955

    4- Full Blue Gem Variants: 72, 151, 215, 700, 770, 849,

    Though there’s a niche for gold gems in general, The Five-SeveN is one particular skin that failed to bring the hype around its gold gems due to having a different skin similar to the gold which is the “Copper Galaxy”.

    But if the Five-SeveN gold gem still interests you, its best pattern is 691.


    The Mac-10 is definitely the least popular weapon with the Case Hardened finish.

    The gun model has three different parts while the skin only covers one, Which makes getting a full blue gem impossible.

    In order for it to rank as a high tier, it must have a clean blue with all three parts connecting and showing a good side when inspecting and on idle, which is why pattern #95 is one of the best patterns for the Mac-10.

    The best blue jem pattern for the MAC-10 The best blue jem pattern for the MAC-10

    List of best blue gem patterns:

    • 19, 251, 295, 748, 239, 890, 406, 807, 199, 831.


    Unlike the Five-SeveN and Mac-10, The AK-47 Case Hardened has an incredibly high demand, especially the rare patterns, meaning prices tend to be extremely expensive.

    Pattern #661 is the holy grail of AK-47 Case hardened. The infamous scar pattern is simply a thing of beauty; with 121 existing and nine of them being Factory New, prices for pattern #661 can reach up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The AK-47  has other unique patterns too, including the blue magazine, the blue barrel, the 50/50, and even galaxy or blaze patterns.

    But don’t you worry. If you can't get your hands on a scar pattern, then there are a lot of other patterns that look almost as good and aren’t as expensive.

    Case Hardened Blue Gem AK-47 Case Hardened AK-47

    List of tier-1 AK-47 Case Hardened patterns:

    • 168, 179, 321, 387, 555, 592, 670, 760, 809, 955, 151.

    List of some tier-2 AK-47 Case Hardened patterns:

    • 4, 13, 28, 32, 65, 74, 82, 92, 323, 341, 426, 430, 442, 463, 479, 512, 525, 526, 532, 541, 571, 578, 605, 617, 627, 695, 698, 708, 713, 750, 892, 903, 905, 922, 950, 969, 978, 996.

    For the gold gem fans, Here are the best gold gem patterns:

    • 784, 219, 473, 538.

    Now that you know all about the Case Hardened gems, The only thing left to do is spend some cash and make your inventory brighter than ever before.

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