Convert Valorant To CS:GO Sensitivity

Modified  18 Nov, 15:42
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CS:GO & Valorant are two of the most popular FPS games today, Valorant was a hit since it first came out & CS:GO yet again crossed the 1 Million player count in almost a year.

At first glance, The two games might seem similar but the core is different in multiple aspects.

Sensitivity for instance is an important aspect that makes each game different from the other; Your CS:GO sensitivity will not be the same as your Valorant one.

Some players have found the balance of playing and enjoying both games. Which raises the question, How to convert your Valorant sensitivity to CS:GO or the other way around?

The answer is simple math, Luckily we’re in 2022 and everything is done automatically.

Method 1:

As mentioned previously, the answer is math and it’s as simple as multiplying your Valorant sensitivity by (3.18). This will allow you to have the exact same sensitivity in CS:GO as long as you don’t change your mouse DPI.

(Valorant Sensitivity x 3.18 = CS:GO Sensitivity)

This method can also work the opposite way to convert your CS:GO sensitivity to Valorant, Only this time you divide it instead of multiplying by 3.18

(CS:GO Sensitivity ÷ 3.18 = Valorant Sensitivity)

Congratulations, That’s your new sensitivity and you’re all set to dominate on the server.

Method 2:

If you’re not a math person and don’t want to do the math yourself then these websites will do the job for you.

These websites have a built-in calculator that will automatically convert your sensitivity to the selected game. and even better, Some of those websites feature a test mode where you can play around and shoot different targets to get the feel of the sensitivity.

Gaming Smart:

Gaming Smart is an easy to use website that allows you to convert your sensitivity & even calculate your eDPI for different game titles.

The site is fairly easy to use and navigate through, all you have to do is simply click on ‘Sensitivity Converter’ from the main menu.

A screen cap of Gaming Smart's Mouse Sensitivity Converter/Calculator


One of the best websites on this list, Aiming.Pro doesn’t only convert sensitivities but it will allow you to test them with a built-in training game.

The website is easy, practical and serves the right purpose. with another great feature that allows you to know how much mouse movement is required for a 360° turn.

As an example, We used a 0.5 sensitivity with 800 DPI. Our CS:GO sensitivity will be 1.6 and would take 32 centimeters (mouse movement) to make a full 360° turn.

This can be helpful in figuring out your mousepad and desk space.

Sensitivity Converter:

Simple, Fast, Forward and efficient. This sensitivity converter is very easy to use and it lets you convert and copy your sensiti

Select Valorant as your “From game,” type in the sensitivity you use and your mouse DPI. Next, select CS:GO as your “To game,” and you should automatically see the results. There’s also a copy button that you can use to copy and paste the sensitivity values from the site directly to your game.


Since it's the ends that count, 3D Aim Trainer is one of the best when it comes to converting sensitivities simply for the unique feature it has.

All the previously mentioned converters are good and get the job done. However, 3D Aim Trainer has a feature that allows you to test the sensitivity with 15 different modes & training levels; Zombie Survival, Bounce Ball, Goalkeeper and Burst Flick and more.

Each mode serves a different purpose to maximize the experience and have deeper tests.

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