CRKG Esports leaves R6 scene due to Ubisoft delay in settling payments

Published  16 Aug, 10:57
Reading time  ~2  mins

The Mexican organization CRKG Esports announced its exit from the competitive scene, complaining about Ubisoft’s behavior regarding the payments. In the official statement, it’s possible to read: “CRKG officially withdraws from R6 competitive due to non-compliance with Ubisoft tournament payments that take 1 to 2 years to pay the prizes.”

“It is impossible for an organization to solve the expenses of a professional team by deteriorating the value and hard work of players, coaches, and staff,” – the organization states.

ALPHA’s CEO, Zazueta quoted the tweet from the official announcement saying: “Leagues are not to support people's teams, it is true that there are support in some and prizes. But leagues are not responsible for supporting their team. You have to go step by step. Projects have to be long-term depending on the goals you pursue (sponsor, partners, etc.).”

Following these statements, CRKG posted the last announcement thanking the support: “We cannot allow false promises to be made to organizations.”

CRKG was competing in secondary leagues in the Mexican circuit and had another roster based on Argentinians playing in SUR. The organization has a presence in VALORANT.