Detailed CS2 Trading Guide 2024 for Beginners & Pros

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In late August 2013, CS2 saw the release of the famous Arms Deal Update, in which Valve added skins to the game. This update completely turned the world of Counter-Strike 2 upside down, as players could now, in theory, earn money from it.

Each CS2 item was given a specific monetary value based on its skin's characteristics, including rarity, float, and supply.

The Steam marketplace was one of many places where people could buy skins and trade their skins with anyone.

Trading in CS2 can be perplexing to newcomers, so the team has done a lot of work on the topic of trading. We are ready to present a detailed guide on trading skins in CS2 in 2024. Before investing significant amounts of money, read the article to understand the market dynamics in CS2.


  • Tips on trading skins and information on where to trade them safely
  • Detailed information about what affects the price of skin in CS2
  • Step-by-step instructions for trading in Steam

What is Trading, And What Do You Need To Start Trading Skins in CS2?

Skin trading in CS2 is the exchange, purchase, or sale of in-game items.

There are many reasons to start trading skins. Trades occur in Steam, and due to the exchange, skin from one inventory is transferred to the second. Even if you sell through third-party platforms, they use the Steam interface.

To trade skins, you need to do less: first, you must create a Steam account. Then, it would help if you connected two-factor authentication, filled out a profile, and made a few purchases on Steam so that the account has no restrictions.

The next task is more complex: find skins to trade. And after you have something, you can start trading.

But take your time - first, study the future market and its features. And also, pay attention and research how scammers work so as not to fall for their bait.

Next, we will consider how the skin market works.

Skins Value Estimation and Market Analysis

To avoid getting manipulated by sharks, it is imperative first to understand the mechanism behind calculating skin value. It will help you get the right price for your digital goods, but it will also help you avoid falling for suspiciously good offers.

Referring to the Steam Community Market is usually not ideal since many aspects like float, applied stickers, and patterns are taken into account when dictating the value of skin — the ability to discern the correct worth of skin with experience and research.

Next, we will talk about the main aspects that affect the cost of skins.

Float Value and Its Impact

Each skin in the game has its value, usually in the range of 0.00-1.00, which determines the degree of wear of the skin. To put it into perspective, a skin with a float of 0.99 will show more wear and tear than one with a float of 0.01.

The skins can be divided into classes based on their float value:

  • Factory New (FN) - from 0.00 to 0.07;
  • Minimal Wear (MW) - 0.07 to 0.15;
  • Field Tested (FT) - 0.15 to 0.37;
  • Well-Worn (WW) - 0.37 to 0.45;
  • Battle-Scarred (BS) - 0.45 and above.

Naturally, float value also affects the value of the skin. Usually, skins with lower float are more desirable and cost more. But if the wear value is average and scuffs and scratches are not visible, such skins are worth more than skins with the same float value, but scratches are visible.

There are also outlier cases like the AWP Asiimov (float >0.95), which costs much more than the field-proven one. Our recent article talked more about float value and how to recognize it.

Influence of Skin Rarity on Price

The rarity of a skin significantly affects its cost. Rarer skins are correspondingly more sought after and more expensive. In CS2, skins are divided into rarity groups, each of which can be identified by color:

Gray: Common (Consumer/Standard Grade)

Blue: Uncommon (Industrial Grade)

Dark Blue: Rare (Mil-Spec)

Purple: Mythical (Restricted)

Pink: Legendary (Classified)

Red: Ancient (Covert)

Yellow: Immortal (Contraband Items)

Stickers' Influence on Value

It takes experience to understand how to value sticker skins. There is no single rule or formula for determining the exact value of a skin. The value of a sticker on a skin depends on many factors, and we'll go over each of them below:


The rarity of not only skins but also stickers is one of the most critical aspects that determine the value of an item. The rarer an item is, the higher the value of the sticker. Old stickers have more value when applied to recently released skins.

The reason is simple: in 2015, a sticker cost a lot less than it does now. That is why finding such a sticker on a new skin is more complex than on any older one.

Combination and Placement

Another factor that plays a vital role in determining the value of a sticker is its location.

With the new sticker system, you can make even more unique crafts. You can now place five stickers instead of four wherever you want. You can read more about it from our article about the new sticker system in CS2.

Another factor is the banding of stickers. Combining the same four stickers will always cost more than different stickers.

Visual Appeal

Last but not least, the appearance of the skin created. If the skin does not look beautiful, it won't be easy to resell. Conversely, if the sticker fits the skin well, someone may even pay more than the skin is worth.

Pattern Variability

In addition to the floating value, each skin has a "paint start" attribute.

This is a random number that ranges from 0 to 999. The skin gets the value when it is "created". The number itself determines which part of the skin image will be used. The value does not change under any circumstances.

Because the pattern is assigned randomly, some skins have a more attractive pattern. The best example of this is the Case Hardened Blue Gem. Depending on the changing shades and amount of blue color, the knife's value can rise or fall. The value of the skin increases significantly when the blue color of the skin reaches its peak.

StatTrak Technology And Souvenir Skins

Skins with StatTrak technology are usually the most expensive skins in their category. This technology adds a small counter to the skin that keeps a count of enemies killed. The price difference is sometimes up to three times that of a StatTrak skin. An orange frame in the Steam inventory highlights these items.

Also expensive are skins marked "Souvenir". During various events, viewers can receive souvenir sets for watching the broadcast. You can identify such items by the yellow box in your inventory.

Definition of Liquid Skins in CS2

Skins are assets. Like other assets, we can distinguish the so-called liquid assets among skins.

In the language of traders, "liquid" skins can be sold quickly at market value without significant losses.

For example, this is the AK-47 Redline Field-Tested skin - this skin has a stable price and high demand, so if you have such a skin, you can make a quick and profitable deal.

Where is It More Profitable To Trade Skins?

As with any industry, there are scammers and unscrupulous people in the CS2 skin trade. However, there are many trading sites where people can trade their skins without worrying about being scammed.

The trading sites vary in terms of commission and services provided. This article will only examine CS.MONEY Market is one of the most popular trading sites.

However, you can always browse other sites to find better deals.

The other popular sites:,,, bitskins, dmarket, lootbear and Zipel's latest project, SkinBid.


CS.MONEY has been one of the most famous trading sites for over half a century.

Over the years, CS.MONEY has gained a reputation for being a reliable and ingenious system. In addition, it is swift. You can trade your skins for new ones in the interface and quickly get an offer from the bot.

For the convenience of trading, there is a filter system that allows you to find the skin you are interested in quickly. Beginning traders will also benefit from the recommended price when selling.

The site commission is 7% and can be reduced to 4%.

You can reduce the commission by subscribing to PRIME. If the subscription is active, you reduce the site's commission to 4%.

Users can buy and sell skins for real money on CS.MONEY. The site offers a 30% bonus on top-ups in the exchange or 35% if you top up for the first time.

3D model preview is another feature of the site. With its help, the user gets a 3D image of his skin. This function can be helpful when examining details hidden in 2D screenshots. For example, the top part of the AK-47 Case Hardened can be viewed in 3D mode to better visualize the Blue Gem pattern.

Note: We recommend double-checking the site you enter. There are numerous fake sites on the internet waiting to trick you. CS.MONEY itself has a lot of dummy sites like:

  • csxmoney
  • czmoney
  • camoney

Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Trade CS2 Skins in Steam

Step 1: Determine the type of trade you are interested in and find a trading partner.

Step 2: Launch Steam and click on your username in the top left corner of the Steam window.

Step 3: Click "Inventory" in the bottom right corner to open your Steam inventory.

Step 4: Click "Trade Offers" in the upper right corner.

Step 5: If the other person is on your Steam friends list, click "New Trade Offer..." and select their name.

Step 6: If they are not your Steam friend, request their trade URL, which can be found by following steps 1 through 5.

Step 7: A new window will appear when you open the shopping URL or click on your friend's name.

Step 8: Select the skins you want to trade with your friend.

Step 9: Click "Make an offer" to submit the trade offer. The trade will be finalized once it is accepted.

Strategies To Profit from Trading Skins in CS2

Investing in Stickerized Items: After stickers went up dramatically in Katowice 2014, many dealers started buying weapons with stickers. Since they do not have an exact price tag, merchants can cash in on them.

Putting stickers on skins also makes them unusual, so you may run into someone who will take a strong interest in your crafting and even pay more than it's worth. However, it is more challenging to trade stickered skins than liquid skins. Remember that appearance matters as much as cost.

Trading Between Sites: Since different sites sometimes have varying prices, you can play on this and make a decent profit.

This used to be one of the most effective ways to make a profit until Valve imposed a seven-day ban on trading newly purchased or sold items.

Finding Quicksells: Although cash trading is often risky, it has a lot of advantages. Since you are dealing with people, you can always negotiate the price until you find a favorable deal.

You can also target players who have exited and are cashing out. Usually, people who quit the game look for quick cash and sell their entire inventory for a low price.

The skins can then be resold or dumped on trading sites, and you can make a lot of money from such deals.


In conclusion, we would like to give some tips for new traders in CS2.

Keep abreast of market trends to understand the demand for items and external factors that affect prices— for example, community events or game updates.

Learn how to price correctly and use reliable trading platforms. Buy and sell skins on well-known and reputable sites such as CS.MONEY.

Follow safe trading rules and never share any sensitive data. Always double-check the points of a trade offer before accepting it.

Engage with the community: join groups, participate in channel conversations, and connect with other traders on social media. Not only will you be able to find buyers and relevant information, but you'll also be able to get advice.

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