Updated: How Does The Rating System Work in CS2?

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Counter-Strike 2 has a new ranking system. This innovation came after eleven years of previous features.

The latest CS2 update has evolved significantly, offering two different ranking modes: Competitive and Premier.

Understanding the CS2 ranking system is essential to improving your results, so the blix.gg team has done more research on the ladder and put together a quick guide to how the system works to make it easier for you to climb the competition ladder.


  • Information on the intricacies of the rating system and how it works
  • Practical tips for climbing the competition ladder

CS2 Ranks

The previous CS:GO ranks are now rerolled to CS2, but with a twist – it's map-specific. Achieving Global Elite on Vertigo doesn't guarantee the same rank on other maps. This map-specific ranking system ensures balanced matches tailored to each map's skill level.

The ranking system in CS2 is determined by a player's skill level and win/loss statistics. It revolves around player Matchmaking Rating (MMR), which increases with wins and decreases with losses.

The competitive mode remains, serving as a practice ground for the Premier mode, where the most dedicated players meet and burn their hearts out grinding.

The old CS:GO ranking system went nowhere, but how do you compare the senior ranks and the new ranking system, and where does Global Elite come from?

From about 19,000 points of the new ranking in CS2 begins the level of Global.

CS2 Rating Explained

As it is, you must win ten games in Premier mode to be eligible to get your rating, which is similar to getting a rank back in CS:GO.

Ratings begin at zero, and you'll get matched against players with different ratings in your first ten matches to determine your skill level and ultimately give you the appropriate rating.

A different color represents each 5000 Elo, like skin rarities, ranging from gray to gold.

  • 0 - 4,999: Gray
  • 5000 - 9,999: Light Blue
  • 10,000 - 14,999: Blue
  • 15,000 - 19,999: Purple
  • 20,000 - 24,999: Pink
  • 25,000 - 29,999: Red
  • 30,000+: Gold

When you are close to moving to the next digital category, Counter-Strike 2 will offer to play you a promotion match - you won't get many points for it, but you will move to a new category.

If your next game is a promotional match, this will be announced in the text following your profile and visually reflected in your ranking.

After losing a promotional match, you must win two games to get promoted, as the rating is locked at 999.

This system also works if you suddenly lose too much. You'll be offered to play a match in which you'll have to win to keep your ranking.

Premier Mode Matches

When you step into Premier mode in CS2, things work differently than regular competitive matches. You don't get to choose which map you play on. Instead, it's a pick-and-ban system, similar to professional matches and third-party matchmaking like FACEIT.

The first team bans two maps, and then the other team denies three. Out of the two maps left, the first team gets to pick which one they want to play on, while the second picks the side (T or CT). These rules mean you can play cards you need to get more familiar with, mainly if you've always been used to playing Mirage or Vertigo.

In regular Competitive mode, you still have the freedom to pick the maps you want to play on. If you get better at the maps used in Premier mode, you should practice them there.


The official introduction of the Premier mode also brought "Leaderboards", a way to make grinding the mode worth it.

Its tab shows the rating, wins, and win percentage, as well as what percentage of players you rank amongst. The leaderboards include friends, different regions, and Global, so be sure to grind up and flex your skills to the world if not your friends.

If you've ever wondered how ranks are distributed in CS2, we've prepared an approximate percentage:

0 – 999 - 0%

1000 – 1999 - 3.7%

2000 – 2999 - 2.7%

3000 – 3999 - 3.9%

4000 – 4999 - 7.4%

5000 – 5999 - 7.3%

6000 – 6999 - 8.2%

7000 – 7999 - 9.2%

8000 – 8999 - 9.6%

9000 – 9999 - 9.5%

10000 – 10999 - 9%

11000 – 11999 - 7.8%

12000 – 12999 - 6.5%

13000 – 13999 - 5.1%

14000 – 14999 - 3.7%

15000 – 15999 - 2.6%

16000 – 16999 - 1.7%

17000 – 17999 - 1%

18000 – 18999 - 0.6%

19000 – 19999 - 0.3%

20000+ - 0.3%

Tips For Improving Your Rankings

To rank up in CS2, you must approach the process correctly.

The first thing you must consider is practicing your aiming and map knowledge. If you want to improve your marksmanship - do it on maps specially designed for this purpose. Remember to also participate in head-to-head or every-man-for-himself matches.

In addition to practicing accuracy, you should familiarize yourself with the different maps and learn general strategies for playing them.

But it's not just your skills that are crucial. Effective teamwork and communication become essential elements that significantly increase your chances of winning matches and improving your ranking.

Using voice chat to relay essential details such as your opponent's location, utility usage, and potential strategies can significantly improve your communication skills.

And the most accessible and most enjoyable tip of all: follow professional matches. Try to analyze such games and study the strategies of the pros, and it will pay off.


Once you have reached the desired rank, it becomes essential to maintain and defend your position.

To continue enjoying CS2, remaining active and adhering to the game's rules is crucial.

Rank drop in CS2 is a mechanism that reduces your rank if you have yet to participate in a competitive match for a certain period. To avoid being downgraded, play at least one competitive game per month.
It is essential to be aware of penalties and lockouts in the game. Withdrawing from matches, ejecting teammates, or cheating can result in a temporary or permanent lockout, which will be bad for your rank and gaming experience.

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