How to Get Cases in CS2?

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Opening cases is prevalent online, as the adrenaline of getting expensive skin or watching someone else find it is immense.

Opening a CS2 case and discovering a rare and valuable item is an incomparable experience. In this article, the team has put together a detailed guide on how to get CS2 cases.


  • Details on the different methods of getting cases in CS2
  • A step-by-step guide to each method of getting cases and tips

Weekly Care Package System in CS2

The primary way to obtain cases in the game is through random drops that occur during gameplay. These drops are not predetermined and are distributed randomly during game sessions.

You can get CS2 cases through the Weekly Care Package system. This feature rewards players as they level up.

Reaching the first two levels each week unlocks the ability to receive cases as part of your rewards. The best part is that the method is free, but anything can drop, including rare and expensive knife skins.

CS2 Cases on The Steam Community Market

If you want to avoid going through matches to get CS2 cases, you can buy them on Steam Community Market. It won't require much effort at all. Here's how to buy cases in CS2:

  • Open Steam
  • Go to the "Community" tab and select "Market"
  • Scroll through the list of games until you get to CS2 (or find it in Search)
  • Search for the word "case" in the complete list to see the range of cases available.

Twitch Stream Drops

If you love eSports, you will find this method suitable. Watch CS2 tournaments on Twitch and get the chance to get the cases for free.

While this method is more uncertain and time-consuming than in-game drops, it is an excellent option for those who watch CS2 tournaments regularly.

To make sure you get all the winning rewards, it's best to keep an eye on Counter-Strike 2 social media.

Valve usually includes drops for broadcasts on Twitch when an in-game event is happening, so this should give you a good idea of when to start looking for popular Twitch streamers.


It is a riskier option to buy and sell cases. Many websites are illegal and end up stealing your funds or your skin.

Users can easily purchase skins, stickers, cases, and more from trading and buying websites.

The benefits here include the ability to get real money for CS2 items.

Additionally, third-party platforms offer additional features such as detailed filters and the ability to bid on offers, improving the overall experience for those looking to buy and sell CS2 items.

You can check out the offers on CS.MONEY and choose the proper case.

Consider the following factors when comparing third-party sites for selling in-game items:

  • Choose a site with positive reviews and has existed for the past few years.
  • When selecting a website, ensure it provides trustworthy options for depositing money.
  • You can read safety tips in our article on trading.

The Role of Keys in Opening Cases

You will need the keys to open CS2 cases and access the contents. Each case is locked and requires its specific key.

Once you have a CS2 case, purchase the appropriate key through the in-game menu. If you can't find it, just try opening the case without the key. The game will guide you!

Players used to be able to purchase keys on the Steam marketplace, but traders were abusing this.

Valve has taken steps to protect the Steam marketplace from fraudulent activity. As a result, they made it mandatory that all keys associated with a game must be purchased directly through Steam or within the game itself. This effectively ended trading and selling keys, as players can now only obtain these items instantly through these authorized channels.

How to Open CS2 Cases

Once you have purchased a CS2 case, the process to unlock it is simple:

  • Click on the Inventory icon to view all your items.
  • Find the case you want to unlock in the list and click on it.
  • Click "Unlock Container."
  • If you need the correct key, the game will prompt you to purchase one.
  • Enjoy the process of opening your CS2 case and see what you got.


One of the most famous cases right now is the Kilowatt Case. You can find an overview of this gun case in our article.

There are many weapon cases in CS2, each with a different percentage of rare or expensive skins dropping out. To invest in the most profitable cases, check out our article about the best cases in CS2 in 2024.

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