CS:GO Aim Guide 2023

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Just like any other First Person Shooter (FPS) video game, the precise aim is key in Counter-Strike. Although, it is arguably more difficult to master aiming accuracy in CS:GO than any other FPS. Thankfully, there are many resources available in order to help you advance to the next level, no matter if you just downloaded the game or are a five-plus-year veteran.

First and foremost, I think it is important to start our CS:GO Aim Guide with busting a common myth.


Myth: You should copy a pro player’s settings.

Fact: You should find mouse settings that you are comfortable using.

This is by far the most common mistake that (especially new) players make: copying their favorite pro player’s settings. We all want to have crisp aim like NiKo’s, right? Sure, but copying his in-game settings, whether the sensitivity, resolution, or whatever it may be, won’t help you become a better aimer let alone player. Instead, you should take some time and find the correct settings for you, what you feel comfortable playing, and what feels right to you. For example, if you’re a wrist aimer, you’ll most likely want to have a higher sensitivity value but on the other hand, if you’re an arm aimer, you’re better off using a slower one.

The best way to do this would be to play in non-competitive matches. That way, you’re able to verse real players while also not hurting your rank as you adjust to your ideal settings. Consider everything, the crosshair, in-game sensitivity, and mouse DPI, video resolution and aspect, and even hud style; everything counts. Sometimes, it is better to compromise texture details and video quality to give yourself the extra bit of frames per second (especially if you’re playing on a lower-end PC), but the opposite is true as well, so make sure to find a good balance.

Spray Patterns

Every weapon in Counter-Strike has its unique spray pattern, and to be able to win duels, you will need to dedicate some time to learn those patterns. At first, you may find it easier to tap away at your enemies, but as you begin to climb up the ranks, spraying down your opponent will be key as you’re able to fire at a much quicker rate, hence increasing the likelihood of winning the 1v1. Below is an example of the spray patterns from some of the most used weapons in the game.


AK-47(at a slight distance)


M4A1-S (at a slight distance)

AUG (at a slight distance)

As you see, the further back you are, the larger the spray area will be. Oftentimes, you will have to spray from a longer distance and therefore it is crucial to be able to control the weapon’s recoil. Essentially, it is muscle memory and after enough practice, you will find yourself subconsciously doing it. Give yourself enough time, though; some players will take longer than others to adjust and that’s completely okay, the most important part is that you are able to execute it as best as possible even under the most pressuring of situations.

In-Game Aim Trainers

While aim labs and Kovaak’s are well-known and commonly used aim trainers for FPS games, I find that for CS:GO especially, nothing helps train your aim sharper than in-game ones. Thankfully, there are several community-made publicly available resources that are incredibly helpful and are used by players across all levels. There is several but the one I would most recommend is:

“Aim Botz - Training”

Aim_Botz is a great tool to help you practice your aim. There are many options, settings and weapons to choose from. All are extremely helpful, and 30 minutes to an hour a day before getting into your matches is a great way to warm up and enhance your aim.

Check it out yourself, mess around with the settings and master every weapon! Try out the 100 kill challenge and see how well you do.

Pro Tips (Literally)

I had the pleasure of briefly speaking with FURIOUSSS, a former pro player and now content creator for Luminosity Gaming. He’s very well known for his precise aim and is a former world record holder of a Betway aim challenge map. The Turkish-Dutch player gave multiple responses worthy of noting down.

What are the fundamentals to great aim? What separates a good aimer from a great one?

“In my opinion, the basic fundamentals to great aim would be Crosshair Placement and Routine. Training every day, in the same way, will make your aim more consistent and stable.”

Crosshair placement is indeed very crucial for having better aim, especially in matches. Having your crosshair lined up so that it is directly on top of where an enemy player could be holding an angle will increase your likelihood of winning the duel and even sometimes give you the advantage. That way, you are able to have a much quicker reaction, and even give you the option of prefiring.

And when I asked him about slower or quicker sensitivity, he said that it comes down to preference and while in some cases either one can be more beneficial, it is best to go with what you feel comfortable with. As for crosshair color, it is also merely preference unless in the case of color blindness, where it can become difficult to see your crosshair on some player models or behind certain objects on certain maps.

Do you find aim trainers such as Aim Lab or KovaaKs to be helpful?

“Yes, aim trainers like Aim Lab are good for your aim. Not only in CS, but also in other [First Person Shooter] games,” he did however warn of something, adding: “you have to set it up properly though.”

Of course, Aim Trainers outside of the game are helpful, but you will have to be very careful of making sure that it is as close to the game’s aim mechanics as possible. Counter-Strike in specific, is a very unique gaming aiming wise, so while you may be able to hit a very high score on Aim Lab, you will not be able to translate that in game unless you have set up your settings on the external aim trainers perfectly.”

Outside of CS and video games altogether, do you think practicing a healthy lifestyle helps in being a better overall player?

“Definitely. When I used to play on a team, our coach always told us to make breakfast for ourselves and eat healthy when we were close to a tournament. It’ll make you think brighter and faster.”

Drink more water too! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of the game can make you a much better player. That means getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like anything else, the more time and dedication you put into this, the better and sooner results you will get. Find your perfect settings, master the weapons, watch how pros play and position themselves and their crosshair, sharpen your aim with in-game community maps or/and external aim trainers, balance out a healthy lifestyle, and watch yourself getting greater results!

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