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Tour 3 of the 2023 DPC is underway, meaning we have access to some of the best Dota 2 teams in the world. Even though many people like playing, others use the opportunity to gain the MMR they’ve always wanted. As we’ve shown you, patch 7.33, The New Frontiers Update, changed almost everything about our favorite game, including the ranking system. This allowed people to reach their desired MMR and have fun while doing it.

Of course, winning most of your PUB games is always challenging and will require much time and effort. Luckily, we will make this process easier because this article will show you all of the Dota 2 heroes you should focus on.

Choosing the best heroes to gain MMR with in 7.33c is not easy, but you can pick a couple of favorites once you look at the stats and what pro players go for. We know this process is time-consuming, so it’s time to show you what we came across.

Spirit Breaker

Even though Spirit Breaker is not the hero with the highest win rate, there is no arguing this is one of the best heroes to gain MMR with in 7.33c. His laning stage could be better, but this is among the few heroes capable of disrupting every lane. Spirit Breaker’s tankiness allows him to dive under towers even early on, and his ability to charge everyone on the map makes him incredibly dangerous.

Picking Spirit Breaker as a position 4 will allow you to secure a lot of kills for your team. The main goal should be to ensure your carry and mid-laner have a good game. Of course, you can also focus on the offlane, but it usually depends on the heroes you have to go up against.

One of the things which will allow you to excel with Spirit Breaker is to learn the hero’s limits. Of course, this will require you to play a lot, but once you know when you can dive and when you should play defensively, you can easily destroy your enemies early on.

There are several good combos in Dota 2 patch 7.33c with Spirit Breaker, such as the one with Dark Seer. The latter is also on the list of the best heroes to gain MMR with in 7.33c because he’s among the top-tier offlaners.

Dark Seer

Speaking of the devil, this is one of the offlaners in Dota 2 we haven’t seen in a while. DS wasn’t a part of the meta in 2022, and we barely saw him in 2021. However, after the many core changes in 7.33, Dark Seer is back in the game and feels better than ever.

There are many reasons why Dark Seer is in such a position, and his laning stage is one of them. You can rarely come across a hero that’s as good in the offlane as DS, regardless of what he has to go up against. Dark Seer can destroy any melee safe lane, and he can also farm neutral camps. No wonder the hero’s win rate is slightly above 54%.

Another thing many people don’t consider about Dark Seer is that he is incredibly useful in team fights. The Vacuum + Wall combo has won countless games over the years, and it’s always something players need to respect. However, many Dota 2 PUB players are unaware of it, so they often get trapped in it and lose the fight.

The last reason Dark Seer is one of the best heroes to gain MMR with in 7.33c is he works well with some carry heroes. We’ve already mentioned Spirit Braker (although he is a support), but we can also add the likes of Sven and Slark. The STR carry is not that popular, but Slark is big in the meta and works exceptionally well with DS.

Naga Siren

There are a couple of good carries in the 7.33c patch you can go for, and Naga Siren is among them. One of the reasons we believe she is among the best heroes to gain MMR with in 7.33c is her insane farming speed. If we take a look at the stats, we can see she has the most last hits per 10 minutes out of any hero in Dota 2, which is really impressive.

Of course, before you pick Naga Siren in your Dota 2 games, there are 2 important things to know. The first is that Naga Siren is challenging to play because you need good unit control to farm with your illusions. Once that’s taken care of, the second thing to remember is this is not a hero for all situations. Naga has a lot of counters, some of which are really hard to play against, so be careful.

If the game allows it and you feel like playing with the hero, you have to try and farm as much as possible. The new Neutral Camps allow you to maximize your efficiency and farm a lot faster than before. You should use this to your advantage and get the items you need much faster than your opponents.

If you find yourself in a late-game scenario, you have to remember to make the most of your Song of the Siren. This is one of the strongest ultimates to set up kills, so use it wisely.

Queen of Pain

Fan art of the Dota 2 hero Queen of Pan by the artist Madziap

Credit: Madziap via WePlay

If we take a look at the win rating of all Dota 2 heroes, we can see Queen of Pain is in the top 20. Despite not being the highest win-rate hero in the game, she is definitely one of the best for PUBs. Consequently, many people also regard her as one of the best heroes to gain MMR with in 7.33c.

QoP’s strength is the fact she's highly mobile and can crush almost anyone in the lane. No one likes playing against this hero when she has a good start because she can easily take control of the game. Consequently, one of the first things to focus on is to have a good laning stage because this will allow you to be more dangerous.

Like many other Dota 2 heroes, Queen of Pain also received a lot of changes in the new meta. It seems like it’s finally worth getting Aghanim’s Scepter again because this item allows QoP to have an AoE Shadow Strike. Furthermore, it will allow you to use a bonus Scream of Pain, which is pretty strong in all game stages.

If you decide to go for the Aghs build and get the 11 STR talent, QoP can become pretty hard to deal with. She is a lot tankier than it seems on paper, which is always a plus when playing PUB games because you want to survive as much as possible.


Even though Medusa was among the few popular heroes who received a nerf in 7.33c, no one can deny she’s on another level. Before the nerfs, she was the only Dota 2 hero with more than a 60% win rate. If that’s not enough, Medusa was the most successful hero at the ESL One Berlin Major, the first tournament to take place on the 7.33 patch.

Despite the fact Dusa is not as strong as before, she is one of the best heroes to gain MMR with in 7.33c. Her laning stage is questionable, but once that’s over, she becomes a monster. With that said, the only way to make the most of the hero is to ask your teammates to stack the neutral camps. Dusa is fantastic at clearing them, which allows her to farm substantially faster.

As for the mid and late game, she is one of the best cores you can have. Medusa is incredibly strong against almost everyone, so always keep the hero in mind when deciding what to play.

Besides all the heroes mentioned so far, you can also pick several other heroes who are worth it. For example, Undying is incredibly good for ripping through the enemy’s safelane. The same applies to Arc Warden and Legion Commander, two heroes who have always been among the best in the PUB meta.

Regardless of the hero you want to play, make sure you know what you’re doing. It’s not worth picking a hero who is good in the meta if you are uncomfortable with him.

Before you go, remember to follow us for more information about Tour 3 of the 2023 DPC because it’s the last one prior to The Bali Major. The latter will be the most important tournament prior to The International 12.

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