The International 2023 Celebration - Compendium, UI Changes, Challenges, and More

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The countdown for The International 12 has officially begun with Valve finally releasing this year’s compendium. It’s a part of The International 2023 celebration, which has tons of new things players will be interested in. Here at BLIX we know our readers want to know more, so let’s dive into everything new.

Profile Showcase

All Dota 2 players can now access a new feature called Profile Showcase. According to the update, players with a communication score above 6000 will have redesigned mini profiles. Those things will allow users to showcase their different accomplishments in their Dota inventory.

The updated profile will allow players to customize it with tons of things. The list consists of options like heroes, stickers, loading screens, sprays, chat wheels, armory items, emoticons, stats, trophies, wards, and couriers. In other words, players can come up with unique ideas and make their profiles stand out.

The International Compendium

There is no arguing the highlight of The International 2023 Celebration is the new Compendium. Everyone knows this is one of Dota 2’s signature items which became available before The International. Some people thought we wouldn’t see it this year, but Valve has come through with the goods.

This year’s Compendium will allow you to participate in a Fantasy Challenge, make match predictions, play bingo boards, and much more. Valve calls it a “one-stop shop” where you can find tons of challenges, activities, and rewards. Like in previous years, 25% of the sales from the item will be given to The International 12’s prize pool.

Regarding how much it costs, The 2023 Compendium year comes in two flavors: a Standard Compendium for $7.49 and an Upgraded Compendium for $29.99. Both will grant players access to a lot of things, but the more expensive version comes with some extra perks.

The Road To The International Challenge

One of the first things Compendium users will have access to is a series of challenges. Those things are aimed at people who are fans of professional players because they need to complete certain tasks. For example, there are different match challenges where players will need to win games using heroes from a pro match. There will also be different competitions that require Dota 2 players to win games with one of the most picked heroes of a given pro player.

Fantasy Challenge

The next big thing Compendium owners will have access to is a new type of fantasy challenge. Here, players have to create a team consisting of pro players and compete against others. Unlike the Fantasy Challenge from previous years, this year’s is more noteworthy because each player has specific stats. Therefore, you’ll have to craft the best team by combining stats which work well together.

According to The International 2023 celebration, there will be a separate round of Fantasy each week of the event. Therefore, players will have many chances to compete against each other and win Compendium points. Those who get high on the leaderboard will also get a unique trophy.


Another new feature for the 2023 Compendium owners is Bingo, which allows players to test their luck. Everyone who purchases the Compendium will receive a random bingo card for each week of the event. The cards have different challenges on them, moments which could happen while the pros are playing that you can root for. If you bet right and win, you’ll receive Compendium Points.

The Oracle’s Challenge

Oracle’s Challenge is a new feature which allows players to predict the tournament’s results. Similar to previous years, Compendium owners will have the opportunity to predict each match of the tournament. Every successful prediction they make will grant them compendium points.

What’s interesting is this time there’s also the option to make in-game predictions. Whether we want to watch the match in-game or on Twitch, we can make predictions before the start of the match. Valve will let us win points for each successful prediction, up to a cap of 6 per day.

Compendium Rewards

In addition to all of the challenges and unique new options, the 2023 Compendium will also grant us access to a lot of other types of rewards. Another interesting new feature is each reward has its own progress meter, which shows you how close you’re to obtaining it. Some of the options include:

  • Physical Aegis Model - Players can get a 1/5th scale replica of the Aegis made of a nickel alloy.
  • Permanent Chat Wheels - Valve decided to change the rules for the Chat Wheels and allow people to keep them forever.
  • Player and Team Stickers - Previously, we only got team stickers, but the International 2023 Celebration’s Compendium also allows us to get player stickers.
  • The International 2023 HUD - Unsurprisingly, we have access to a new hood for The International 2023.
  • Teleport Effects
  • Loading Screens
  • Fantasy and the Road to TI Challenge Powerups

Besides getting Compendium Levels, you can also get Boosters. The latter are yet another new addition, and allow you to increase a specific reward and the Collector’s Aegis.

Supporters Clubs

Players now have the option to support their favorite Dota 2 team at The International. There are three levels to choose from (Bronze, Silver and Gold), and players can win different rewards designed by the team themselves. Plus, 50% of all sales goes directly to the team, allowing you to support it even more.

Talent Stickers

Even though most Dota 2 fans only focus on the teams and players, there’s no arguing the Talents are also big community personalities. Now, you can support your favorite talent too, with analysts, casters and hosts receiving 50% of the amount paid for a given sticker.

Valve also allows you to choose from Talent Bundles, which include a combination of stickers, autographs, and voice lines.

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