10 Reasons Not To Buy Star Wars Outlaws

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Ubisoft is ready to release its latest game, "Star Wars Outlaws," an open-world adventure set in the iconic Star Wars universe. With Ubisoft's recent mixed history, such as the troubled launch of "Skull and Bones," potential gamers (and buyers) should be righteously cautious. This article delves into the critical aspects consumers should consider before purchasing "Star Wars Outlaws." And in any case, there are so many good RPG-action games - why not try one?


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Star Wars: Outlaws

As seen on the Internet, expectations of Ubisoft's upcoming "Star Wars Outlaws" are far from single-valued. Briefly explaining the concerns surrounding the game, here are ten elaborated reasons why gamers might want to think twice before purchasing:

High Initial Cost

The game's high price tag is a significant concern, especially if the delivered experience fails to meet the high expectations set by its cost. Given the industry trend of pricing high on release with later discounts, early adopters may feel penalized.

Quality Assurance Issues

Ubisoft's history of releasing games with bugs and glitches that are slow to be fixed could repeat with "Star Wars Outlaws". The company's inconsistent record in addressing these issues on time may dissuade players from an immediate purchase.

Impact of Past Failures

Ubisoft's previous problematic launches, like "Skull and Bones," have affected consumer confidence. This history could scare potential buyers who worry that "Star Wars Outlaws" might follow a similar path.

Content Value Proposition

There's a concern about the game's content-to-price ratio. Gamers are becoming increasingly vigilant about getting value for money, scrutinizing whether the game's content justifies its cost.

Consumer Trust

Repeated disappointments from past Ubisoft games have eroded trust. Players might hesitate to invest in another Ubisoft game at launch without strong assurances of quality and value.

Market Saturation

The gaming market is crowded with open-world games, including many set in the Star Wars universe. "Star Wars Outlaws" must offer something uniquely appealing to stand out, a formidable challenge that adds risk for consumers.

Monetization Tactics

Ubisoft's use of in-game purchases and DLCs (downloadable content) can add to the cost of the game. Aggressive monetization strategies could detract from the overall experience and turn players away.

Long-term Engagement

There needs to be more certainty about the game's capacity to engage players long-term. Ubisoft's titles have sometimes struggled to maintain player interest over time, which is critical for justifying a high upfront cost.

Technical Performance

Concerns about the game's performance, especially on various platforms, could affect its success. If "Star Wars Outlaws" doesn't run smoothly across all supported platforms, it could quickly lose player support.

Ethical Concerns

Ethical issues, such as labor practices and aggressive monetization strategies, are also topics of discussion, with gamers becoming increasingly conscious of game developers' practices.

Star Wars Outlaws: Official Story Trailer

Descriptions and Showcases

Below, the Reddit and Twitter discussions delve deeper into the main troubling issues.

Ubisoft's Recent History

Ubisoft has faced challenges with previous releases, notably persistent bugs and delayed patches that marred player experiences. Games like "Skull and Bones" have not only launched with technical problems but also struggled with ongoing support issues, shaking consumer confidence in the company's release quality. Even the recent XDefiant, which we wrote about, still sounds like an uncertain case - Ubisoft definitely had and still has a problematic history with release dates.

Comparative Analysis

"Star Wars Outlaws" promises an engaging scoundrel story set in a sprawling galaxy. However, comparisons with previous Star Wars titles and other games in the genre raise concerns about whether Ubisoft can deliver a game that matches fan expectations, especially given its high price point. The difference between more expensive Deluxe and Standard Editions has already been discussed.

Price vs Quality

One primary concern is the game's high cost amidst fears that it may not meet expectations. Ubisoft's pricing strategy has often been ambitious. However, consumers still need a clear demonstration of value. This wariness is compounded by the gaming community's growing fatigue over high-priced titles that deliver little content or quality.

Quality Assurance

Ubisoft's track record with bug fixes and updates is less than stellar. With previous titles, players encountered long-standing issues that took significant time to address, if at all. The state of "Star Wars Outlaws'' at the launch will be critical, as early adopters will be keen to avoid repeating past disappointments. No wonder even primary sources (like Gameinformer) are concerned.

Consumer Trust

Ubisoft's reputation has suffered from several underwhelming game launches. Trust in their products continues to erode, and each new release under scrutiny must prove its worth more than ever. "Star Wars Outlaws" must impress regarding gameplay and rebuild faith in Ubisoft's commitment to quality and support.

Star Wars Outlaws: Official World Premiere Trailer

Industry Trends

The video game industry sees shifts that could impact "Star Wars Outlaws." With a market saturated by open-world games, standing out requires more than just a beloved franchise name; it demands innovation and refinement. Ubisoft must navigate these waters carefully, balancing fan desires with industry trends.

The situation and trends are unstable, and the analysis shown below is one of many:

Ethical Considerations

Ubisoft's monetization approach is under scrutiny. If not handled transparently and fairly, aggressive strategies could deter players. However, Ubisoft seems to be doing the opposite by adding virtually any content that contradicts each other as long as it raises engagement.

While "Star Wars Outlaws" has the potential to be a landmark title for Ubisoft, the concerns outlined are significant. Prospective buyers should weigh these carefully against the promise of exploring a galaxy far, far away. Your thoughts and past experiences with Ubisoft's games could further enrich this discussion. What are your expectations for "Star Wars Outlaws"?


However, the situation with Star Wars: Outlaws is not unique. Several controversial video game titles have stirred debate among players and critics recently. "Cyberpunk 2077," released by CD Projekt Red, is one notable example, facing significant backlash due to its buggy launch and unmet expectations despite its ambitious scope. Another example is "Battlefield 2042" by EA DICE, which disappointed fans with its lack of content and technical issues at release, diverging from what many loved about previous entries in the series. Both titles showcase how high expectations and problematic releases can lead to significant controversies in the gaming community.

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