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Arena Breakout is a first-person action shooter developed by Tencent Games, a famous game developer from China.

The game was released on July 14, 2023, for iOS and Android, but closed beta testing on PC has already started since May 8.

Players are wondering what the game's goal is, looking for tips on how to get into the game more accessible and tricks on how to become a pro faster, understand the right tactics, and master the gameplay.

We've created this introductory guide to answer players' questions, form a solid opinion of the game, and give newcomers some tips to get comfortable playing initially.


  • A detailed guide about gameplay and chips in the game Arena Breakout
  • Tips and tricks in the game Arena Breakout

Arena Breakout is a hardcore, tactical shooter in which every detail is essential. The gameplay is quite simple - you need to make a foray into the territory occupied by militants. Successfully carry out the operation, collect as many valuable items and resources as possible, and leave the evacuation point alive.

In addition to hostile players, there are bots in the game that will gladly take advantage of any confusion you may have. It's worth noting that the bots in Arena Breakout are superior to the AI opponents in many shooters.

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Character creation

Character creation

At a glance, the character editor in Arena Breakout is very similar to the editor in PUBG Mobile. In it, you can choose a flag, gender, face, hairstyle, hair color, and skin tone. You can customize your appearance more as you dive into the game and pump up your character.

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Game Modes

Tactical Op Mode

Arena Breakout features two captivating game modes: Tactical Op Mode and Covert Op Mode.

Tactical Op Mode

Tactical mode is when you enter the Dark Zone as an agent and need to use your supplies.

This mode is tactical, so you must be sure of your equipment. You carefully choose your weapons and armor, bandages, first aid kits, grenades, the required amount of ammo, etc., before entering the zone each time.

You will be playing in a team, and apart from team members, all other things or people you encounter are not friendly, so you need to be careful.

After you complete this mission with the team, you have to come to the exact position for evacuation. If you fail to evacuate through the evacuation point, you will fail the mission, and the resources or loot you have collected will also disappear in vain.

Covert Op Mode

Compared to Tactical Op, Covert Op can be considered a more advanced form of gameplay that suits veterans rather than beginners. First off, you can't bring your covert op gear, but you are given random gear that you must work with to accomplish mission objectives.

You are disguised as a militant, which means you are working undercover.

By wearing the disguise, enemies from the militant faction won't fire at you without provocation, as they think you're a friendly unit. You'll also encounter allies from the war faction, but since you look like a militant, you'll have to avoid confrontations with them as much as possible. You can take part in covert operations to try, but we recommend getting the most out of tactical operations first.

Covert Operation mode encourages players to think on the fly and adapt to different situations. You will need to make the best use of randomized equipment.

Regardless of which mode you choose, it's important to note that loot is shared between players in multiplayer. This promotes teamwork and coordination, as players must work together to ensure that rewards are distributed fairly, allowing everyone to benefit equally.

Maps in Arena Breakout

Familiarity with the terrain where you are fighting plays a big part in successful missions. As a beginner, you'll have to rely heavily on your map to determine where you are and where you need to go.

Here's a short list of currently available maps:

  • Farm: Available by default
  • Valley: Available upon reaching level 8
  • Northridge: Available upon reaching level 11
  • Armory: Available when you reach level 18.

Depending on your mission and location, you can mark different points on the map that will serve as evacuation points where you will eventually have to go after you have completed all your objectives. Naturally, the best way to choose an evacuation point is the one that is closest to your location.

We'll tell you a few secrets of the maps.

Farm map

The red on the map "Farm" marks dangerous areas - the Stables and Motel. You can find massive military supplies here, but plenty of enemies exist.

Just recently, a cool Season 4 Tactics Guide: Farm Confrontation video was released on the game's official YouTube channel. It can be used as a tutorial.

Season 4 Tactics Guide: Farm Confrontation

On the map "The Valley," there is a beach villa containing stolen ammunition and luxury items and a valley camp with abandoned supplies. When playing this map, it's essential to remain vigilant and watch out for potential threats lurking in the bushes.

Players must find an alternate entrance on the Armory map, as all the usual access points are closed.

The Northridge map

The Northridge map is centered around a hotel that serves as a stronghold for Fred and his formidable soldiers. Many valuable supplies are inside the hotel, but it takes work to get there.

Port map

There are two other maps: the TV Station and the Port.

TV Station is a wholly enclosed map. Unlike all other maps, up to three bosses unique to the map can appear on the map. This requires a minimum equipment cost of 80,000 Koen and an initial payout of 12,000 Koen.

The Port map is available from level 14.

Health System

Body parts that could be affected

In Arena Breakout, the health systemis designed to reflect realism, meaning your character's injuries cannot be instantly healed with a one-size-fits-all first aid kit.

Additionally, there will be instances where you lose stamina due to hunger or thirst. You can also take damage from falling, so you shouldn't jump off of two-story buildings or from great heights unless you want to limp.

The different parts of the body that may be affectedare shown above.

The damage you take is converted into adverse effects - debuffs - which can be healed or removed with certain items (they can also strengthen you).

Buffs and Debuffs

There are buffs and debuffs in the game.

Buffs are bonus attributes that benefit your character during gameplay. For example, the game has Sound Amplification, increasing your ability to perceive sound through an external device. There is also Regeneration, Stimulation (increased stamina), etc.

Debuffs are the opposite of buffs, i.e. they damage you. The Wounded debuff permanently drains you of health, Overload reduces movement speed and increases fall damage, and Minor Lung Injury reduces movement speed. It decreases maximum stamina, and there are many others.

Take Missions from Contacts


As you progress through the game, you'll be able to unlock contacts that will sell you items at a lower price and provide missions where you can unlock additional game features.

Once you've completed the tutorial, sell a gold chain that will give you an additional 80,000 Koen, Arena Breakout's main currency. However, instead of buying any gear, check the Contacts tab for new missions and accept any that appear.

Keep in mind that only ten missions can be active at a time.

The first mission to be given is from Joel Harrison, and it's relatively simple - eliminate five enemies and retrieve the chest.

Among the Contact missions you need to prioritize, Evita should be at the top of your list - you'll be able to get medkits from her. And it is also from her that you can get a container that will increase the number of things you can take.

Special Items and Equipment in Arena Breakout


You must understand the importance of equipping your character with various items and equipment. Before deploying, you can equip yourself with armor and helmets for protection and have up to three weapons for attack.

You also have chest gear and pockets for ammunition and medical supplies. You also have a backpack to store anything you want, but if your gear doesn't have ammo and medicines, you won't be able to use them.

The unique function of each piece of equipment allows them to perform exceptionally well in particular tasks and under specific circumstances, maximizing their effectiveness. It would help if you decided how many weapons and ammo you have and how exactly to equip yourself. This topic is very long, so we'll cover it next time.

An excellent guide on Reddit has detailed information on all the major equipment options. Every piece of equipment, from body armor to medkits to backpacks, has an informed opinion on what is considered good and evil.

Tips & Tricks


Stay close to your teammates so you have someone to watch your back.

This is extremely important when you are looting or need to treat wounds or injuries, as you cannot see what is happening around you while performing these actions. Conversely, stay alert when your teammates are doing the same.

Cooperative gameplay increases your survival rate and allows you to get a lot of loot. If you stay with teammates who are higher in level than you, chances are they are more familiar with the terrain and know where the valuable items are. This way, you can share loot and keep each other safe.

Our advice is to find friends and play together!

Always Check Your Ammo

Aiming for the head

You'll be fine during a raid if you've done your due diligence and collected ammo and full magazines. Keep track of how many bullets you use. Killing enemies quickly and efficiently should minimize your ammo consumption, so always aim for the head.

Naturally, you can still get ammo and other weapons from prey, though not all bullets or magazines you encounter on the battlefield will fit the guns you carry.

Get To The Evacuation Point

The Evacuation Point

This advice may seem silly to you. Once you have collected as much loot as possible, start planning a safe route to an evacuation point. Some evacuation points are fixed and have no conditions, while others require you to accomplish specific tasks before you can successfully evacuate.

If you fail to evacuate, you will lose what you looted and the items you brought to the battlefield from your inventory.

Keep an Eye on the Situation


In addition to patience and caution, you must listen and watch what is happening. We advise activating the aim button even while you are moving to be ready to fire at any moment.

Aside from what you can pick up on your visuals, you must also pay attention to what you can hear. This is because the game provides you with sound prints, where white sound prints show the footsteps of nearby players, and red sound prints show the combat information of nearby players.


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