How Cross Progression Works in Apex Legends?

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Apex Legends is a cross-platform game that allows players to enjoy battle royals with friends who are playing on different gaming devices.

And in Apex Legends Season 19, the long-awaited cross-progression has finally arrived. There was an earlier post about this on Reddit. Players on multiple platforms can merge their accounts and play without losing achievements.

In this article, we will discuss all the nuances of cross-progression in Apex Legends so that players can understand what is saved when combining accounts.


  • It is all about how cross-progression works in Apex Legends
  • Details on how to merge accounts and what items will be merged

A Few Words About Development

Cross-progression is one of the most anticipated and subsequently requested features in Apex Legends. This feature allows you to transfer progress and rewards - primarily skins and cosmetic items - from one platform to another.

The information in this article, Apex Legends $3.4B Revenue Milestone, can also help judge the game's popularity.

Apex can be played on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch with cross-platform play, and cross-progression will allow you to keep everything in one account.

Respawn allowed play across platforms back in 2020, but it took time for cross-progressive features to materialize.

The developer stated that the game was not initially designed to support cross-progression, so implementing it required substantial effort. Any Apex player who logs in and has multiple accounts can merge them, regardless of their platform.

If you're interested in the nuances of the creation, the Apex team shared some details on Reddit.

What Is the Merged With the Apex CrossProgression?

Screenshot from the game

Respawn has clarified what will be merged and what will not - for example, stats will not be merged but will reflect your main account.

Also, if you lose something that can't be earned in-game, EA's support team will try to help you get it back on your account. Read more here.

Unlocked lore and inventory will be the same on all platforms except for platform exclusives, including gift items.

For example, PS+ set items are only available on PS, Xbox Founder's Edition and Xbox Gold items are only available on Xbox, and P.A.T.H. Legendary Appearance for Nintendo is only available on that platform. But that's a minority of the cosmetics in the game—you don't have to worry about the rest.

There will be some differences in the game's currency balance - Apex Coins on PC/Xbox/PlayStation will have the same balance on all platforms. For Nintendo, on the other hand, purchases and earned rewards will remain exclusive.

Everything else - Crafting Materials, Legend Tokens, and Heirloom Shards - will be the same on all platforms.

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Platform-specific Ranked Leaderboards and 1st Party Platform Achievements/Trophies will be connected to each platform. Progress-based achievements/trophies will become available after linking accounts.

Challenges, Prize Tracks and XP will be the same on all platforms. Read more here.

How To Enable Cross Progression in Apex Legends

Cross progression in Apex

Cross-progression is primarily automated; your account will automatically alert you when it is available. When players with multiple Apex accounts are tied to a single EA account login, they'll receive a cross-progression notification screen detailing their accounts and a simple control button.

Click "Continue" to begin the Apex cross-progression transfer.

The account with the highest level will be considered the "master account," and the others will cease to exist. However, if you have multiple accounts with the same level, the one you logged in last will become the "master account".

Rest assured that the system will combine all your items from accounts across platforms and inform you of the total number of items transferred.


Playing with friends and staying on top of your game progress are essential features that Apex has successfully customized. In general, the crossplay function is particularly in demand at the moment.

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