How to Get Free Skins in PUBG

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PUBG 2023 is a popular game, and it makes sense that players would want to play beautifully to make their characters look good! So players have to buy skins. It is good, but you have to pay real money - luckily only sometimes. And here are other methods!

Site Promotions

To begin with, to get free skin, players must follow developers' promotions. Sometimes several players are given free skins - if they have fulfilled all the requirements, they have coped with all the assigned tasks. And this works not only on the site of the game itself! It will work adequately to find any third-party site directly related to PUBG so that users are offered free skin. But, of course, that works for some skins only. Among those who meet the requirements, a lottery is usually held.


But not only relying on random players can also get skins for free! Inside the game, there are special crates full of weapon skins. These skins are purchased for in-game currency, using memberships to services like Twitch Prime. If you buy these boxes onSteam within a particular time, a player can get hold of an entire collection of skins!

These free crates allow players to create packs of new weapons, maps, vehicles, etc. These crates may not have a key (meaning they are free and can be purchased with Battle Points earned in matches) or require a key that costs real money. There are also limited edition crates, such as the Twitch Prime Crate. These crates require a membership to the service but are free in-game.

For Battle Points, players can purchase a Raider's Crate. It is sold on the Rewards page and has a limit of six weekly slots. It does not have to be a raid crate - it can be any of nine options. And they cost between 700 and seven thousand points - the price of each subsequent box doubles. The first weekly crate costs 700points, the second - 1400, the third - 2800, and so on - 4200, 5400, 7000.

In addition to the Raider's Crate, the Venetian Crate is sold similarly. And also - an Equinox Crate, Triumph Crate - in a word, randomly from nine options offer crates that are approximately the same, only the skins in them will be different. For fewer words, team has made a list of free crates and how to get them.

  • Raider Crate
  • Venetian Crate
  • Equinox Crate
  • Triumph Crate

Streamer Crates

Regardless, please note that some crates are no longer available in the game, e.g., suspended crates.

  • Ghosted Crate
  • Speed & Momentum Crate
  • Jungle Set Crate (Twitch Prime)
  • Broadcaster Royale Crate

The Ghosted Crate is a limited editionweapon skin crate inspired by the streamer Shroud. And the Speed & Momentum Crate is similar - a limited edition weapon skin crate, but inspired by the streamer Dr. Disrespect.

The trick with these boxes was that they were only available from June 4 to July 5. Even though it cost $9.99, the holiday is almost a reason to consider the offer free, right? After July 5, you could not buy it.

Almost similar: the Broadcaster Royale are seasonal, limited edition skins. Players obtain them to support their favorite content creators in Broadcaster Royale tournaments.

Also worth mentioning is the Jungle Set Crate (Twitch Prime). The Jungle Crate contains 8 items, including two weapon skins: Croc Bite for the M16A4 and Bengal Blade for the SCAR-L.


And besides the crates, a player can complete achievements. For example, killing three hundred enemieswith asniper rifle. Here is a list of such achievements and their rewards.

  1. Kill 300 opponents with any sniper rifle: the prize here will be desert camo Kar98k skin.
  2. Kill 300 adversaries with any shotgun: rewards desert camo, Win94 skin.
  3. Kill 500 rivals with any assault rifle: awards desert camo M416 skin
  4. Kill 500 antagonists with any SMG: brings the desert camo UZI skin.

So it is essential to keep track of the achievements in the game and ensure that they are completed promptly. Sometimes free skins are really just prizes!

Additional Methods

One additional universal way is checking the in-game News page regularly. Every month, Amazon Prime collaborates with PUBG to offer free items to players. In December 2022, players can receive the Kingmaker Set, which includes a cap, jacket, shorts, gloves, boots, a silver G-Coin Box, Contraband coupon, and 30x Polymer, all for free.

Players must be Amazon Prime members to claim the December 2022 Amazon Prime Gaming Perks. If you're not a member yet, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to take advantage of this and other Amazon perks. Once you're ready to claim your PUBG rewards, follow the link on the NEWS page and link your Amazon details to your Krafton account. This is a one-time setup, so you won't need to do it again for future offers.

In addition to the Kingmaker Set, you may receive other items in the crate, such as a Silver G-Coin Box with 300 G-Coin, Contraband Coupon x10, and Polymer x30. You can also earn PUBG Battle Points (BP) by playing the game, completing objectives, and daily/weekly tasks, which can be used to purchase in-game items from the item shop, including the Hunters Chest.

Keep an eye on the daily and weekly tasks on the Main Menu screen, as some may reward you with items,BP, or even G-Coin. Lastly, some third-party sites offer in-game currency, skins, and items in exchange for completing tasks or offers. However, always research and be cautious to avoid scams or security risks.

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