How To Get Free Skins In PUBG Mobile?

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Everyone needs skins, and PUBG Mobile players are no exception! Ultimately, these cosmetic items make the character special and unique. They help players express themselves in the game exactly as they want to be displayed, not as a primary, standard character. For instance, think about the former PUBG Championship we've observed. Alternatively, check the incoming championships in the "big" PUBG. How can the player get these same skins for free without investing real money in the game? So, here are the tips from the team on obtaining free skins in PUBG mobile.


  • Every method of getting free PUBG Mobile skins in 2024
  • Step-by-step descriptions for obtaining
  • Obtaining prizes and required actions explanation

Ways To Get Free Skins List

Only the best!

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Royal Pass and Elite Pass
  • Crates and Achievements
  • Redeem Codes
  • Amazon Prime Gaming
  • Recalled Friend Event

Google Opinion

Google Opinion Rewards is a mobile app that rewards users for completing short surveys. After creating a profile, you'll receive notifications for available surveys. Once you complete a survey, you'll receive Google Play credit or a PayPal payment. Also, as Reddit user noticed, they can be used for UC. It's a great way to earn rewards for sharing your opinions.

Ways to Use Google Opinion Rewards

If you enjoy digital media, you can use the credits you earn to buy apps, games, movies, music, and books from the Google Play Store and subscribe to services like streaming.

If you play games like PUBG Mobile, you can use your credits to purchase virtual items such as skinscharacter outfits, or UC (Unknown Cash).

Moreover, in some regions, you can donate your Google Play credits directly to charity via the Google Play Store.

Royal and Elite Passes

Royal pass screen

Royal Pass and Elite Pass are premium subscription features in PUBG Mobile that offer players exclusive rewards and benefits. These passes enhance the gaming experience by providing access to unique content unavailable to non-pass holders. Completing Passes may be tricky though - Reddit describes. Anyway, here's a detailed look at both.

Royal Pass

The Royal Pass is a seasonal feature lasting 8-12 weeks with a new theme and exclusive content such as outfits and emotes. Players earn rewards by completing challenges and increasing their tier level, with better rewards at higher tiers. The Royal Pass has a free and paid version, and players can progress by completing daily and weekly missions.

Elite Pass

The Elite Pass offers more significant rewards than the free version, including exclusive skins, outfits, and other premium items unavailable through the standard Royal Pass. It provides access to more challenging missions with better rewards, helping players quickly advance through the tiers.

The Elite Pass requires a purchase with UC, which can be bought with real money or earned through gameplay, such as Google Opinion Rewards. Some versions of the Elite Pass include a rank boost, immediately elevating the player's tier level upon purchase.

Ways to Use Royal and Elite Passes

Customization: use the passes to customize your character with unique outfits and gear that can set you apart from other players on the battlefield.

Progression Incentives: the mission system linked with the passes encourages regular play, offering clear objectives and rewarding consistent engagement with the game.

Social Interaction: some rewards include unique emotes and vehicle skins, which can enhance social interactions within the game.

Value Over Time: regular players can find value in purchasing the Elite Pass as it can pay for itself by providing enough UC to buy the next season's pass through tier progression rewards.


Death Crate

PUBG Mobile has three types of crates- ClassicPremium, and Supply. You can open crates using UC or silver fragments. The contents of the crates are random, but some crates have a higher chance of giving rare items. There are also event-themed crates that offer exclusive.

Types of Crates

Classic Crates typically contain classic and popular items from previous updates. It can be opened using Classic Crate Coupons or UC (Unknown Cash).

Premium Crates: often feature higher-quality items and exclusive skins. It can be opened using Premium Crate Coupons or UC.

Supply Crates: offer a variety of essential items, including skins and other cosmetic enhancements. They are generally cheaper to open than Classic and Premium Crates, using Supply Crate Coupons or UC.

Event and Themed Crates: Released during special events or seasonal updates, these crates contain items that match the event's theme. Often available for a limited time and require event-specific currencies or UC to open.

Obtaining Crates

Coupons: Earned through gameplay, completing missions, or as rewards from the Royal Pass.

UC: The premium currency in PUBG Mobile can be purchased with real money or earned through events and promotions.

Event Participation: Some crates can be obtained or unlocked by participating in limited-time events and challenges.

Opening Crates

Random Rewards: Each crate opening provides random items from a predefined pool, including common and rare items.

Probability Rates: PUBG Mobile often displays the probability rates for obtaining specific items from crates, ensuring transparency.

Duplicate Items: When players receive duplicate items, these are usually converted into materials or currency that can be used for further crate openings or other in-game purchases.


What crates may bring

Progress Tracking: in PUBG Mobile, players can track their progress and achievements. These achievements cover various aspects of gameplay, such as the number of kills, distance traveled, and matches won. This allows players to keep track of their milestones and see how they improve over time.

Rewards System: completing achievements allows players to earn badges, fragments, outfits, and weapon skins. These rewards symbolize a player's expertise and experience.

Levels of Difficulty: achievements vary in difficulty; some are simple to complete, and others require significant skill or time investment.

Motivation for Engagement: the achievement system encourages players to explore different play styles and strategies, increasing long-term engagement and replayability.

Ways to Use Crates and Achievements:

Personalization: use rewards from crates and achievements to personalize your character and weapons, making your in-game appearance unique.

Skill Showcase: achievements allow players to showcase their skills and accomplishments to other players, adding a layer of reputation within the game community.

Resource Management: by completing achievements, layers can earn rewards such as badges, fragments, outfits, and weapon skins. These rewards serve as symbols of a player's expertise and experience. Managing the resources needed to open crates (like UC and silver fragments) can add a strategic layer to how players engage with the game economically.

Event Participation: engaging with event-themed crates and achievements tied to special events can enhance the gaming experience by aligning with community activities and seasonal content.

Redeem Codes

Redemption in process

Redeem Codes in PUBG Mobile are special codes the game developers provide that players can use to receive free in-game items such as skins, outfits, weapons, and other cosmetics. These codes are a popular way for players to enhance their game experience without spending real money. Here's how they work and how you can use them effectively:

Specifics of Redeem Codes

Limited Availability: Redeem codes are typically only available for a limited time and can only be used for a limited number of times before they expire, making them highly sought after.

Promotional Tools: they are often released during special events, through partnerships, or via social media channels associated with PUBG Mobile as part of promotional campaigns.

Easy to Use: players can enter these codes on the PUBG Mobile redemption website to add the corresponding item directly to their in-game inventory.

How to Use Redeem Codes

To obtain a code for PUBG Mobile, you can check out the official social media accounts, live streams, or community pages where these codes are often shared. Once you have the code, visit the official PUBG Mobile Redemption Center website. Provide your Character ID, the redeem code, and the verification code on the page. After submitting the details, the reward will be sent directly to your game mail within the app if the code is valid.

Things to Keep in Mind

Region-Specific: some codes may only work in specific regions or servers.

Expiry Dates: codes have expiration dates that cannot be used.

One-Time Use: each code can usually be used once per account.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime screen

The player can also have an Amazon Prime subscription. Not for free, but its cost will already include access to various exciting resources. The most recent content available through Amazon Prime Gaming for PUBG Mobile as of February 2024 consists of the Noble Lineage Set. This set is available until March 12, 2024, for players with an active Amazon Prime subscription. To claim these rewards, players must ensure that Prime Gaming is supported in their region and follow the standard process of claiming via the Prime Gaming page on Amazon.

Additionally, in February 2024, as part of Amazon Prime Gaming's broader offerings, PUBG players could access the Chicken Dinner Booster Pack. This pack and other content, like the Prime Gaming Capsule for League of Legends and various other in-game items across different titles, demonstrate the benefits available to Prime Gaming subscribers​.

Amazon Prime prize plan (formerly Twitch Prime)

This service partners with game developers to offer Prime members a range of benefits, including exclusive in-game items, character skins, and other content. These rewards are often released every month and can be claimed by linking your gaming account with your Amazon Prime account.

New items are available monthly, and the specific content can vary widely from game to game. For example, in PUBG Mobile, past rewards have included cosmetic items like character outfits and weapon skins, among other things. These promotions add value to the Amazon Prime subscription, enhancing gaming experiences with unique in-game content.

To access these rewards:

Visit the Prime Gaming website.

Link their game account with their Amazon Prime account.

Claim the rewards directly through the website, which becomes available in the game.

Recalled Friend Event

Recall friends - get skins

The Recalled Friend Event is unique in PUBG Mobile and designed to re-engage players who have taken a break from the game. This event rewards returning players and those who invite them back. Here's how it works:

Overview of the Event

Eligibility: to participate, 'Recalled' players must have been inactive in the game for at least 28 days. Friends in-game can invite these players to return and join the event.

Earning Tokens and Points: active players earn Recall Tokens by teaming up with returning friends and performing well in matches. Specifically, finishing each game in the top positions can earn tokens, with a daily limit on how many can be collected.

Invitation Code: returning players can use a specific invitation code provided by their friends to re-enter the game. This code helps track the returning player's contributions to the friend's rewards.

Rewards System

Redeeming Tokens for Items: players collect Recall Tokens and Return Points through participation, which can be redeemed for exclusive in-game items like weapon skins, outfits, and other cosmetics.

Daily Missions and Challenges: daily missions refresh regularly, providing ongoing opportunities for recalled and recalling players to earn more points and tokens.

Exclusive Skins and Items: some notable rewards include unique skins, such as the Cuddly Panda SCAR-L skin, which enhance the players' arsenals and appearances in-game.

Ways to Participate:

Recalling a Friend: Active players can find the recall option in their game menu, select inactive friends, and send them an invitation with the event code.

Returning Players: Those returning can enter the game using the invitation code, reconnect with friends, and start completing missions to earn tokens.

Event Rules: There are limits to how many items can be obtained from the event shop, and each recalled player can only be used once by the recalling player to complete missions.


PUBG Mobile's skin system, compared to other games like Fortnite or League of Legends, offers diverse acquisition methods that enrich player engagement. Players can obtain skins directly through purchases, by completing challenges, or via the Royal Pass. Unique to PUBG is the Crates system and achievements that reward skins, providing a balance of randomness and goal-oriented rewards. This approach differs slightly from Fortnite's more structured season pass system, adding a dynamic element to how players earn cosmetic items in PUBG Mobile.

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