How To Make Money in Cyberpunk 2077?

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Cyberpunk is more than just a science fiction genre; It's a lifestyle. The dystopian future many yearn to experience is now a reality in Cyberpunk 2077. The game had a rough start at launch, but the developers have already fixed significant flaws.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an action RPG from the famous CD Projekt Red. In it, players can roam around a vast open-world city as a customizable mercenary called V.

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The game aims to immerse in the universe while pushing the main story forward, in which V reveals a plot involving cybernetic implants that threaten their lives.

Players can expect to explore a vast map, meet multiple characters, and participate in the in-game economy by purchasing new weapons and cybernetic upgrades.

There are several forms of earning money in Cyberpunk 2077. The team has created this guide to tell you how to earn Eurodollars in the game.


  • Tips on how to earn Eurodollars in the world of Cyberpunk 2077
  • Honest and cheat secrets about how to get rich in the game

Eurodollars or Eddies is the currency you can earn and spend in Cyberpunk 2077.

Completing Missions and Gigs

Completing Missions and Gigs

Missions and Gigs are the primary way to earn money in Cyberpunk 2077. The game offers various missions and gigs, from simple tasks like delivering items to more complex assignments like infiltrating an enemy stronghold. Each Mission and Gig provides a different amount of money, depending on the complexity and difficulty of the task.

Quests and Missions in Cyberpunk 2077 are divided into three main types: Main MissionsSide MissionsGigs, and Bounties. Each offers an opportunity to earn money, but the Gigs and Bounties can be the most lucrative.

In Cyberpunk 2077, helping the Night City Police Department (NCPD) is one of the most lucrative things you can do. The game world is filled with criminal activities, and the NCPD often requires extra help handling these situations.

Some side job gigs that stick out in giving you at least 3000 in eddies - and sometimes new items to go with it - are the following jobs:

  • The Gig
  • Tune Up
  • Epistrophy—Each side job from this mission gives at least 1000 eddies, for a total of seven side jobs. You also get 3400 eddies at completion, earning you around the 12k mark overall.

There are many more, but these three quests stick out the most, as you can find and complete them the moment you start Act 2.

Loot and Sell

Loot and Sell

Collect everything that isn't nailed down and then sell it. For many people, this advice may seem trivial. However, gamers are most often neglected. You can find things worth between 250 and 750 Eurodollars on the bodies of enemies or in hidden chests. You can significantly profit from excess consumables (food, medicines, ammunition, grenades, etc.).

Collecting weapons and other things is the most common way to earn money. Players note that they earned most of their Eurodollars just by selling weapons.

Earning money became more difficult after patch 2.11. A big bug allowed you to duplicate weapons and sell them repeatedly.

Craft and Sell


The crafting section allows the player to create a new piece of equipment or improve an existing one.

The player must accumulate components to make a new piece of equipment. You must have the item and improvement components in your inventory to improve an item. Both types of materials are divided into several categories of different degrees of rarity. You need the appropriate components to craft equipment of a certain degree of rarity.

You should save unnecessary items and disassemble them in your backpack to obtain materials to produce them. When disassembling, the degree of rarity of the components is determined randomly. However, the more valuable the item you disassemble, the more chances you have to get a rare ingredient for crafting.

Many players advise not just selling weapons but disassembling them.

In the endgame, when you have all Legendary weapons and Cyberware, consider dismantling legendary (orange) rarity weapons instead of selling them.

Dismantling will give you valuable Tier-5 components, which can be used to upgrade iconic weapons and all your cyberware to the maximum level. It takes 200 Tier-5 components to max out some pieces, so building up a stockpile of these components may be more beneficial than selling the weapons for cash.

Focus on Maximizing The "Advanced Data Mine" Skill

Hack Access Points

Using data mining regularly in your Cyberpunk 2077 journey will allow you to accumulate thousands of Eurodollars with minimal effort. Successfully hacking multiple terminals in a single mission can yield substantial rewards that improve your financial situation and enable you to upgrade your character and equipment further.

Engage with the terminals by pressing the indicated button to jack into the machine. Aim to complete the last sequence of numbers to secure the highest payout in Eurodollars.

Access Points are scattered throughout Night City. You can hack into them by connecting to them.

Whenever someone or something appears on your map as a red diamond, interact with the object and hack it. You can steal up to 1,000 Eurodollars in just a few seconds. You'll find plenty of hotspots during story and side quests, but even more are scattered in the open world.

A Money Glitch Method

Soda Exchange

Although CD Projekt RED constantly updates and fixes bugs, players always find new ones. The "Update v2.12H1" patch was recently released, but the players immediately discussed new options for what to look out for.

However, we're here to talk about something else. The game constantly has money glitches that allow players to farm Eurodollars without worrying.

In the last patch, it was possible to duplicate weapons and sell them simply to infinity; before that, dismantling sodas from vending machines brought many Eurodollars.

Even before that, at the end of the quest, I Walk The Line, the player must kill the boss, for which the player will receive 30 thousand money and one level of Street Cred. If you save and reload the save, the boss will appear alive again. Thus, it was possible to boost money and experience.

If you are happy with this way of making money, take advantage of the money glitches within the game without hesitation.


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