PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2023: Overview, Scores, Bracket and Results

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    The long-awaited tournament that closes PUBG Mobile's 2023 competitive season is about to begin next Thursday, November 2.

    The first phase of the competition will be in Malaysia while the Grand Finals will be in Turkey, more precisely in the Ülker Sports and Event Hall arena in Istanbul.

    Teams attending

    For the great competition 48 teams will play from the group stage, plus two teams that are already qualified for the grand finals.

    The 48 teams are divided into three groups - Green, Red and Yellow - with 16 teams in each group.

    Group Green:

    • Xerxia Esports - Southeast Asia Super League
    • Alter Ego Ares - Southeast Asia Super League
    • Alpha7 Esports - Americas Championship
    • Melise Esports - European Championship
    • Mad Bulls - PMGC Points Europe
    • Falcons White - PMGC Points Africa
    • AGONxi8 Esports - PMGC Points Pakistan
    • Reject - PMJL S3 Phase 2 (Japan)
    • Persija Evos - PMGC Points Indonesia
    • D’Xavier - PMGC Points Vietnam
    • LOOPS – PMGC Points Brazil
    • BRA Esports - European Championship
    • Quest Esports - Middle East & Africa Championship
    • Stalwart Esports - PMGC Points South Asia
    • Tianba - PEL Summer 2023 (China)
    • Gaimin Gladiators – Special Invite

    Group Red:

    • FaZe Clan - Southeast Asia Super League
    • Morph GPX - Southeast Asia Super League
    • iNCO Gaming - Americas Championship
    • N Hyper Esports - PMGC Points North America
    • Next Rüya - PMGC Points Turkiye
    • Nigma Galaxy - PMGC Points Arabia
    • Seventh Element - South Asia Championship
    • DUKSAN Esports - PMPS 2023 S3 (South Korea)
    • Hail Esports Thailand - PMWI Champion's Region
    • Yoodo Alliance - PMGC Points Malaysia
    • Intense Gaming - Americas Championship
    • Konina Power - European Championship
    • NASR Esports - Middle East & Africa Championship
    • NB Esports - South Asia Championship
    • Six Two Eight - PEL Qualifier (China)
    • Nongshim RedForce – Rivals Cup (South Korea & Japan)

    Group Yellow:

    • Vampire Esports - PMGC Points Thailand
    • SEM9 - Southeast Asia Super League
    • Influence Rage - Americas Championship
    • Major Pride - European Championship
    • Brute Force - Middle East & Africa Championship
    • IHC Esports - South Asia Championship
    • Team Weibo - PEL Summer 2023 (China)
    • BEENOSTORM - PMJL S3 Phase 2 (Japan)
    • Bigetron Red Villains - Southeast Asia Super League
    • Genesis Esports - PMGC Points SEA Wildcard
    • Team Queso - PMGC Points Latin America
    • De Muerte - European Championship
    • RUKH Esports - Middle East & Africa Championship
    • 4Merical Vibes - South Asia Championship
    • Dplus - Korea Points
    • DRS Gaming – Special Invite

    How to watch PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2023

    The PUBG Mobile Global Championship will be broadcast on the official Twitch and YouTube channels.

    The championship will also be broadcast on regional channels in the domestic language.

    Format, schedule prizepool distribution

    The championship format can be a little confusing, so we will explain it in phases.

    The three groups of 16 teams play 24 matches against each other. Each group will result in the top 3 finishers who will guarantee a place in the Grand Finals.

    The teams that placed 4th to 11th in the group come together in a phase called "Survival Stage". 18 drops will be enough to discover the 16 best teams out of the 24 at this stage.

    These 16 best teams from the "Survival Stage" will play "Last Chance". The 5 best teams in this phase guarantee a place in the Grand Finals.

    In this way, the Grand Finals teams are made up of 9 direct teams from the group stage (3 best from each group), 5 teams coming from Last Chance and two special invite teams, which are the Chinese team from Titan Esports Club and Turkish team from S2G Esports.


    Check below the dates on which each phase of the competition will be played:

    • Group Green: Nov 2-5
    • Group Red: Nov 9-12
    • Group Yellow: Nov 16-19
    • Survival Stage: Nov 22-24
    • Last Chance: Nov 25-26
    • Grand Finals: Dec 8-10


    The prize pool for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship is $3,000,000 USD. The prize will be distributed among the 50 teams, with the amount they receive depending on their position in the competition.

    The 2022 edition in Jakarta, Indonesia had a $4,000,000 USD prize pool. Turkish team from S2G Gaming won that event.

    However, the World Invitational, held in partnership with KRAFTON, the publisher of PUBG Mobile, and Gamers8, in July this year had a prize pool of $2,000,000 USD distributed between only 16 teams.

    The low prizepool shouldn’t be a cause for concern though, given that back in October the game announced an estimated investment of $100 million in support of the co-creation ecosystem.

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