The Most Anticipated Game Titles This Year On Unreal Engine 5

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    Epic Games allowed all interested game developers to enjoy the newly launched game engine (Unreal Engine 5), characterised by several updated features, ranging from animation and lighting to crafting geometry. As a popular game engine with a high level of success, it's confirmed that numerous games have chosen and will choose it for their operations.

    According to our research, several Unreal Engine 5 games will be released this year, which leaves ardent players with the hope of experiencing novel titles. In this article, we'll unveil a number of games already confirmed to utilise the UE5 in 2023.

    Unreal Engine 5

    If you choose the latter, Unreal Engine 5 has several packages for you this year. UE5 is a great engine that offers imposing visual design, access, graphics, animation, lighting, audio, and other nice capabilities. So, this platform allows developers to access large-scale world-building and high-quality facial realism with no fuss or extra mess.

    Moreover, UE5 offers a few incredible new features that complement its flat, updated visual style and streamlined workflows. These features make players excited and anticipated. They include:

    1. Virtual Shadow Maps
    2. The New Lumen Global Lighting System
    3. The MetaHuman Character Creator
    4. The World Partition Tool

    The Top 10 UE5 Titles Expected in 2023

    Credit: pixabay, Epic Gamer

    Are you a video game player that has been looking forward to the best games powered by Unreal Engine 5? Check below for some of the fantastic games expected this year.

    The Day Before

    • Developer: Fntastic

    • Release Date: November 10, 2023

    • Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

    The Day Before is one of the exciting games expected to be released this year. The release of the post-apocalyptic zombie game has been postponed several times. It was first set to be unveiled in 2021, then in 2022, and in March 2023. The developer (Fntastic) announced the final date as November 10, 2023.

    For many months now, there have been controversies about this game. Nonetheless, it is still considered one of the most anticipated games on UE5. It is said that if it debuts in November, the Day Before will fall on the list of the first upon release to use the newly launched engine.

    Off the Grid

    • Developer: Gunzilla Games

    • Release Date: 2023

    • Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

    The second title on our list is "Off the Grid." If you love action games, you will enjoy this cyberpunk battle video game. The developer (Gunzilla Games) aims to give the audience a fantastic experience through it by making the narrative impressively immersive to enthusiastic players.

    Players are anticipating to enjoy a game set in a dystopian future and a tropical island with the availability of several sophisticated technologies, such as cybernetic limbs courtesy of metals.

    Wronged Us

    Developer: Delusional Studio

    Release Date: 2023

    • Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

    Are you a fan of horror games? You should be part of those anticipating the release of Wrong US. Why? The game developer (Delusional Studio) was inspired to develop this game from Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Dark Souls. Using UE5, players can enjoy the creepy town full of unsettling NPCs and monsters that are significantly brought to life. This game promises incredible excitement for those looking forward to getting thrilled.

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    Stray Souls

    • Developer: Jukai Studio

    • Release Date: 2023

    • Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

    Like Wrong US, Stray Souls is also a survival horror video game. It centres around a guy with an inheritance (a home) from his grandmother. This inheritance later turned out to be surrounded by dreadful situations. This anticipated project is the developer's (Jukai Studio) debut release, and its wide acceptance will mean a lot for the new studio.

    Maximum Football

    • Developer: Invictus Games Ltd.

    • Release Date: 2023

    • Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

    Over the last few years, sports game lovers have enjoyed the platform given to them by Maximum Football. And this year, they will have more as the game is shown to use Unreal Engine 5, which offers high-quality facial realism. In addition, players will be given the chance to play for free.

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl

    • Developer: GSC Game World

    • Release Date: December 2023

    • Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, PC

    Another game title that startled several video game fans is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. At E3 2021, Microsoft revealed this game. After seeing the debut trailer, fans commended its outstanding visuals. Well, we can trace the impressive development to Unreal Engine 5. So, people have been anticipating seeing what Unreal Engine 5 has for Microsoft's platforms by the end of this year and the next few years.

    Repo Man

    • Developer: Achara Studios

    • Release Date: 2023

    • Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

    Repo Man is one of a kind when categorising video games. It comes with a distinct storyline that leaves players with a thrilling experience. It is a quirky first-person RPG. And as a player, you have the role of a debt collector with the duties of:

    1. Tracking Down Debtors
    2. Claiming Assets
    3. Striking Deals
    4. Deceiving
    5. Seducing
    6. Intimidating
    7. Solving Mysteries
    8. Uncovering Conspiracies
    9. Dabbling in the Occult

    To make it more exciting, the developer gives players the option of choosing the type of debt collector. The publisher of this fantastic game is Games Box. And Achara Studios has chosen Unreal Engine 5 as the right platform for the project. So, you should expect a game with high-quality character designs and the unique aesthetic of your hometown (San Alma).


    • Developer: Competition Company GmbH

    • Release Date: 2023

    • Platform: PC

    For esports fans, Competition Company GmbH is offering a new sim racing game that stands to challenge other great games, such as iRacing and Assetto Corsa.

    Rennsport will be unsettling the establishing order by offering a graphics engine powered by Unreal Engine 5 and focusing on esports and modding. In short, the developer wants to give the audience the most realistic racing simulation. The latest information is that Competition Company will roll out an open beta this year after rolling out a closed beta last year. So, fans should expect its full release by the end of 2023.

    Paranormal Tales

    • Developer: Digital Cybercherries

    • Release Date: 2023

    • Platform: PC

    Looking for a next-gen horror video game? Paranormal Tales is a perfectly designed one for the excitement of fans. Digital Cybercherries developed this game with several scenarios — the game centres on found footage built in UE5. You will be stunned by its immersion and realism.

    Paranormal Tales is a good description of a pure nightmare brought to life. All thanks to Unreal Engine 5, which proves its potential to be viable for indie studios lacking considerable support.

    Hell Is Us

    • Developer: Rogue Factor

    • Release Date: 2023

    • Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

    The final game on the list of the most anticipated games this year on Unreal Engine 5 is Hell in Us. This is a game that combines both action and adventure genres. Players can enjoy both intense melee combat and a thrill exploration.

    Rogue Factor presents a semi-open hostile world where you can get answers to questions and encounter several mysterious creatures on your way.


    Several games have been explored in the piece. This should prepare your mind for the thrilling games you should watch this year. Since they are Unreal Engine games, you should expect several impressive features from every one of them.

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