Guide to leveling enchanting in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

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Enchanting is one of the most popular professions in World of Warcraft. With the help of enchantments, you can convert any unnecessary and outdated equipment into reagents and create strong enchantments, craft, and cosmetic tools.

The higher the level of the character, the easier it is to develop a profession, since you can quickly and easily destroy monsters and get the necessary consumables.

The level can be increased by quests, farming, or by ordering a WoW boost from

When you reach level 60 or 70, you will discover the Dragon Isles and the ability to easily receive new content.

Since the release of the Dragonflight update in November 2022, the profession system has been significantly redesigned and expanded in its capabilities.

Enchanters can now create special tools and cosmetic items and sell them to other players through the auction system and order table.

A new mechanic in the system of professions will be the system of specializations and knowledge.

You can choose an advanced profession path after level 25. Each specialization will enhance the crafted items in their path and provide an opportunity to become a master of their profession.

To upgrade your specialization, you’ll need knowledge points. Completing the first path shouldn’t be a problem, but it will take a lot of time and consumables to learn all the branches of professions. Each new knowledge point will be available once every 7 days, after studying the main focus.


Enchanting stats in Dragonflight

In the Dragonflight update, each profession has its own special characteristics, strengthening and pumping through which you can make significant progress in working with materials.

To further increase the parameters of the profession, use craft tools, high-quality crafting materials, and bonuses from specialization.

Basic Enchanting Stats

Resourcefulness - reduces the number of materials needed to create an item.
Inspiration - gives a chance to create an item of much better quality from potentially possible to increasing the characteristics of the profession.
Speed - significantly speeds up the processing time of items and overall work.

If at least one effect from the characteristics is triggered, you’ll receive a notification as a result of crafting about all the changes that have occurred in the process.

In terms of benefits, it is worth pumping up the characteristics of inspiration and resourcefulness, which will allow you to produce goods of much better quality with minimal resources.

Leveling enchantments in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

To systematically pump the skill of enchanting, you have to craft items that add skill to the profession.

The main goal of pumping should be the search for knowledge for the development of specialization and skills.

From each newly crafted item, you will receive 1 point of knowledge, but in the future, the search will be more difficult and dependent on a weekly limit on finding sources of knowledge in the lands of dragons.

For each first craft of any position from the profession of enchanting, you will receive two types of reagents - Spark of Mastery and Master's Zeal.

Accumulate as many reagents as possible, as they’ll come in handy already in the later stages of mastering the profession.

Dragonflight Enchanting Gear

Starting with the Dragonflight update, special equipment has been added to World of Warcraft, which should provide additional options when working with professions for all types of artisans.

In total, there can be three types of tools that will be equipped automatically, if the inventory has the appropriate equipment.

Only a part of the tools can be recreated by artisans within their specialization. Everything is individual, but in most cases, to select a complete set, you will need to contact representatives of another profession.

Chromatic or Resonant Focus - Crafted by a Jewelcrafter, this gives a significant boost to Inspiration and Resourcefulness. A green item can be purchased at the marketplace, while a blue item must be ordered directly from the craftsmen through the order table since the item becomes named immediately after creation.

Enchanter's or Master Elemental Enchanter's Hat - Crafted by a master tailor, it gives an increase to Inspiration and Resourcefulness. Green products can be similarly purchased from any craftsman working with fabrics. Products in blue must be ordered directly from the masters through the order table. Unlike green, blue has an additional bonus to the profession level.

Runic serevite, dragon, or kazgorite wand. Each variation of the wand gives a different random characteristic when created, as well as significantly increasing the overall level of the profession. Unlike other items, you can create the wand yourself and can make as many attempts as you like, selling off items of unsatisfactory quality until you craft blue-quality items.

Profession interface

Starting with the Dragonflight update, the developers have significantly redesigned the general interface for working with each profession, including enchanting.

The interface automatically answers most unasked game questions.

The artisan will see a list of items that he can create, the number of resources and how to get them, the chance of success, and the parameters that affect the chance and overall luck numbers.

In addition to independent crafting, the player can take orders from other players, both private and public.

To put out a public order, the player creates an order, attaches the necessary items or indicates that the artisan uses his own resources, indicates the minimum experience of the performer, and indicates the proposed reward.

The artisan keeps track of the list of orders, sees only what corresponds to his level, and decides whether to take the items to work. All interactions are automated by the service and exclude the possibility of fraud, except for carelessness when ordering.

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