How to Level Up Guns Quickly in Warzone 2?

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Leveling up weapons in Warzone 2 is a challenging task. Players need to earn experience using different weapons, which takes a lot of time... Of course, it is always possible to buy Modern Warfare 2 and get the doubleXP bonus. But some methods do not require a special purchase!

Level Up Guns in Warzone 2

In the Battle Royale and DMZ Warzone 2 modes, Weapon XP is accumulated directly through using that weapon. It can be done in various ways: mainly killing AI soldiers or fulfilling contracts. The more experience with a gun is earned, the higher the level of the weapon becomes. And as weapon level increases, a player can set new attachments. In the weapons workshop, they are added to a specific gun without any problems!

To earn weapon XP, you must use certain weapons to perform in-game actions that award experience. The level will not be transferred to the entire arsenal of weapons: the player pumps what is active. Of course, weapon experience is earned passively just during the game. Several methods are worth using to level up weapons faster.

So, you need to add the weapon you plan to level up to the equipment set out of battle. You can set it as an insured weapon. The level will rise faster: even if the character dies before Exfill in the DMZ. The gun will be available in his equipment after the block timer expires. But suppose we are talking about the battle royale mode. In that case, it is worth remembering that weapons picked up from the ground are considered independently. That is, when gaining experience, each (each!) used weapon is counted separately. That is why, if it is crucial to increase the rank of one particular rifle, it makes more sense to play in the DMZ mode.

Double Experience Method

It is recommended to activate weapon experience tokens to earn double experience. Also, there is a direct way to get as much experience as possible: complete DMZ faction missions, and you'll be able to get keys, new weapons, and Double Weapon XP tokens! You'll be able to clearly understand which levels of faction missions give you tokens and use that information. Click "Faction Missions" to the right of the "Deploy" option in the DMZ lobby menu. You can switch between Black Mous, White Lotus, and Legion missions to see the rewards for particular levels. These exact tokens can be exchanged for Battle Pass rewards (for the owners of the Battle Pass) or earned separately during weekend events.

For those who complete tasks in the DMZ, this is a much more reliable way to increase the level than anything else. After all, you can choose which weapon will be the main one! But if you die in the demilitarized zone before being expelled, then, unfortunately, you can lose smuggled weapons. On the other hand, faction missions and contracts will still bring a whole weapon experience, especially for those who have the token mentioned above. Even just killing an AQ soldier is to gain additional weapon experience points at the end of the match!

Level Up Quickly - Tips

Avoid conflicts with other players to earn the maximum amount of experience, playing mainly to complete contracts and missions. Yes, PvP confrontations also bring experience, but, alas, not so much. And it is worth remembering that arrangements are not all the same! Of course, absolutely any contract will bring experience. Still, keeping an eye on Safecracker and Intel Contracts is recommended. Safecrackers are marked with a green phone icon with a "safe" on the map. You need to take a contract for cracking safes in this place, break all three - and you're done!

And scouting contracts only appear if the player passes close enough to them and is marked with a green phone icon with a question mark. Searching for and delivering information for a limited time will be necessary. It is important to remember that while the data is being loaded, the player's location will be visible to other players in the area.

The above bounties award brings up to 5000 XP once the player completes them. And when you activate the double experience token, these points are also doubled!

What Weapons To Pump First

Additionally, we provide a list of levels of certain weapons that will unlock new guns. Pay close attention to those weapons. Leveling up those will pay off the fastest!

  1. Level the Kastov 762 to level 10 to unlock the Kastov 545.
  2. Level the Kastov 545 to level 13 to open the Kastov-74U.
  3. Level the Lachmann-762 to level 13 to unlock the Lachmann-556 assault rifle.
  4. Level the Lachmann-556 to level 12 to unlock the Lachmann Sub.
  5. Level the SP-R 208 to level 13 to open the SA-B 50 marksman rifle.
  6. Level the SA-B 50 to level 16 to unlock the LA-B 330 sniper rifle.
  7. Level the LA-B 330 to level 17 to open the SP-X 80.


Unlike some other games, Warzone 2 cares much about diversity in killing enemies, whether they are nameless AI soldiers or living opponents. That is achieved by carefully planned development and thoroughly designed weapons to use.

The game offers both and requires both for maximal game quality.

So above is a possibly strict information on how to level up guns in Warzone 2, why it is necessary, and what are possible benefits. Use wisely!

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