Best Overwatch 2 Characters

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    The game modes in Overwatch 2 are designed for five-on-five plays, so players must work cohesively to defeat the enemy and have great heroes on their team that they control well.

    Currently, the Overwatch 2 includes 39 heroes to choose from. These characters are divided into three classes: Damage, Support, and Tank. Each hero has their own unique set of skills.

    While there is no "best hero" in the game, and there never will be, you should look out for a few in 2024.

    The team analyzed all the characters and highlighted the best ones in Overwatch 2 that would be good to master in 2024.


    • An overview of Overwatch 2's most potent and effective heroes as of 2024
    • Tips and tricks on how to effectively use the Best Overwatch 2 Characters

    The Dominant Forces in Overwatch 2 for 2024

    Ana (Support): Why They're a Must-Pick

    Overwatch Hero: Ana

    Ana is one of the most compelling characters, and her support-oriented kit gives her much-needed respite in battle. Ana can heal allies simply by shooting them; her Biotic Grenade further enhances this.

    Ana's Sleep Dart puts her in the top heroes for damage, as she can use it to incapacitate enemies for up to 5 seconds. In Overwatch 2, this is a significant advantage.

    The Nano Boost ability fully prepares one of the team players for battle by healing them for 250 health, increasing their damage output by 50%, and reducing the damage they take by 50%.

    Timely use of this ability can completely change the course of a match, so Ana is a necessary hero in 2024.

    Soldier: 76 (Damage) - Versatile and reliable hero

    Overwatch Hero: Soldier

    This hero is versatile and deals damage. It is a balanced and easy choice, especially for those new to the game. Even at the end of 2023, this hero remains a solid damage dealer and one of the most versatile characters.

    His pulse rifle has 30 rounds and a finely tuned attenuation range of 50 meters in the clip. As a result, he doesn't need to step into the enemy's line of fire to hit a target.

    What sets him apart from the rest are his tactical abilities, including the Biotic Field ability, which heals himself and his closest teammates, and the Sprint ability, which increases his mobility.

    The Tactical Visor ability provides six seconds of automatic aiming accuracy. You hit your enemies in the head.

    Kiriko (Support): Playstyle and Strategies

    Overwatch Hero: Kiriko

    Kiriko is a hero capable of quickly draining enemies' health while protecting the rest of the team. If you know how to handle her, she is considered one of the best Overwatch 2 characters.

    As Kiriko, you must stay close to the team and watch for comrades who have separated from the leading group. If they get surrounded, you can quickly teleport to them to help win the fight or take them out with the "Quick Step" skill.

    Remember to coordinate using Ultimates with the rest of your team, as it only does a little if no one can use it. You can throw it in a fight your team is losing to give them an advantage and knock out the enemy's aim.

    Kiriko can't heal DPS well; her healing relies on having a line of sight when firing, so heroes like Soldier: 76 and Bastion will work well with her.

    Zarya (Tank)

    Overwatch Hero: Zarya

    Zarya can be a strong tank, but mastering her requires much work. If she can reload her Particle Cannon, she can do much damage.

    The Particle Barrier effectively protects the hero herself from taking any damage, and her ability to throw a barrier at her teammate once every 10 seconds comes in handy in battle.

    The Graviton Surge mercilessly attracts trapped enemies within a 6-meter radius.

    "Zarya" and "Reaper" are a pair that make a deadly combination because of how much damage Reaper gives and receives.

    Due to the nature of Reaper's character, Zarya will receive high energy from him. Together, they can interact with each other to destroy targets. Zarya can bubble Reaper when he is in trouble and does not have his ghostly form. Reaper can communicate with Zarya to maximize the effectiveness of her bubbles. It works great.

    Tracer (Damage)

    Overwatch Hero: Tracer

    One of the most exciting and challenging DPS heroes in Overwatch 2 is Tracer, who is incredibly fast. Such a hero can constantly hit enemies with bullets, resulting in an almost constant 20% reduction in healing effectiveness.

    Tracer can no longer be killed by heroes other than Hanzo and Widow in Season 9 of Overwatch 2. Tracer can more freely pursue the back line alone and, when in trouble, benefits significantly from universal passive healing, as she can easily hide for the necessary five seconds

    Learning to use Leap and Return effectively is vital to Tracer's game, so she has some of the highest skill requirements in Overwatch 2. Tracer's Pulse Bomb is a devastating sticky explosive that can take out entire groups of enemy heroes, provided she can survive long enough to charge up her Ultimates.

    The ideal option for Tracer is not to move with the rest of the team but to flank them to pursue or attack critical targets.

    Junker Queen (Tank): Winning Strategies

    Overwatch Hero: Junker Queen

    The Junker Queen is a powerful tank hero known for her shotgun, jagged blade, and superpowers. She excels at close-range combat and weakening enemies, even though her health reserves aren't the strongest.

    Her passive ability, called Adrenaline Rush, allows her to regain her HP when damage is dealt to her quickly.

    As Lucio's speed increases, the Junker Queen becomes even more intimidating. As Lucio increases her speed, Junker Queen jumps up and intimidates the enemy. The quick burst of speed will take the enemy by surprise, allowing them to deal more damage.

    The Future of Overwatch 2 Meta: Predictions and Trends

    In Overwatch 2 Season 9, launched on February 13, 2024, players saw significant changes to the game's combat and competitive system. These changes were aimed at making matches more dynamic and balanced. One crucial change was that all heroes received a health boost and passive healing.

    A significant change is that the game now has five players instead of six. This means there is now one tank instead of two, which has changed the layout.

    Equally as impactful is the newly added DPS passive, where all damage dealt by a DPS hero applies a 20% healing reduction for the duration of the damage plus two extra seconds after the target receives no damage from a DPS hero.

    The new passive skill for DPS has radically changed the meta in Season 9. DPS heroes are now ahead of Tanks and Supports in terms of how much their actions affect the outcome of a match.

    Also, at BlizzCon 2023, Aaron Keller, game director of Overwatch 2, made a few statements about what to expect from the game in the future. The company has planned to release three heroes in 2024.

    The first hero, Venture, will deal damage and be released in Season 10. The hero looks cute in his cape and big spaghetti, but the drilling machine in his hands seems exceptionally unfriendly.

    The second hero, codenamed "Space Ranger," will play a support role and will be released in Season 12 of the game. The hero creates a sci-fi atmosphere due to his appearance.

    We can look forward to the third hero in season 14 near the end of 2024.

    All of this will also affect the game and maybe even in a coordinated way.


    How do character rankings in Overwatch 2 affect gameplay strategies?

    Strategy gameplay adjustments are affected by the current state of affairs in the patch note and specific synergies in the abilities of the characters in the group.

    In Overwatch 2, the meta and player preferences can change over time, so the concept of a character's "top-end" can vary depending on the game's balance and the developers' changes.

    Last season, Mauga's character was compelling. He did a lot of damage and was hard to kill. In the new season, the balance has affected the ranking of the characters. Mauga cannot block incoming damage, and his healing has been severely weakened. If you decide to use Mauga this season, you're in for a rough time.

    What makes a character top-tier in Overwatch 2?

    Use the right combination of hero skills on your team to create a balanced roster. In addition, the ability to counter-pick heroes will be necessary.

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