How Does eSports Betting Work? Compared with Sports Betting

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    Sports betting was the first thing before eSports came to the game, and one by one, bookmakers started to allow everyone to bet on eSports games as well. When it happened, it had a good effect on eSports since more companies got invested in it; that action made it better for most people, especially players, since it helped them to get a better salary.

    Nowadays, for many people, it's one of the reasons to watch eSports games and make their bets to make it more exciting to watch.

    Sports Betting Versus eSports Betting: Understanding the Differences

    sports vs esports betting

    Financial Limits on Betting

    The main difference is the money you can put into any match. For example, usually, you can bet up to a million for some soccer team, while at eSports, this amount is going to be less than 10,000 since it's much less popular than soccer, and bookmakers don't want to give their own money, so they have to balance it somehow. The reason for this is not only that eSports are less popular but also that bookmakers do not yet have enough experience in eSports, which increases the user's chances of winning the game against the bookmaker, unlike, for example, soccer, basketball or any other major sport.

    Experience and Information

    Soccer is one of the most calculated things there for bookmakers these days, and odds rarely give you a chance to win on a long distance. While in eSports, you can get a lot of advantages if you're experienced in it. Unlike big sports, in eSports, you will likely get essential information about players and team mood, which also gives you an advantage for betting.

    Betting Options

    Not the last one, but also a big difference that any of you can see that bookmakers will provide a large selection of betting options for big sports but not that much for any eSports match. For example, in soccer or hockey, you will have match winners, handicaps, players' scores, total goals for a team, goals/assists/save moments for any player on the field. In eSports, it will mostly be the match winner, handicap, total maps played, and how many rounds played.

    Favorites vs. Underdogs

    Favorites and underdogs also make some difference. It would be hard to find open statistics about that, but if you take a look yourself or ask people who know both, you'll probably hear more that underdog wins are more likely to happen in eSports than in any big sports. Here are a few sources that might help you. You can first use betting sites to get even more information about betting.

    Betting Guide

    betting guide

    First, you need to find a bookmaker site in your country since many of them have their restrictions. Then, you need to deposit your funds there. Usually, you can deposit through any popular system. Sometimes, it's just your VISA card, but nowadays, people like to use easier ways like crypto BTC/LTC/USDT, and the same goes for withdrawing your money.

    Another thing to look for is the odds that the bookmaker provides you. You can compare a few bookmakers and see the difference. For example, Team A vs Team B. Bookmaker number one gives you 1.89 against 1.89. At the same time, The other one may have close to 2 odds, something like 1.95 against 1.95, which means 50-50 games, and some margin cut, which is needed for a bookmaker to earn something.

    After it's all done, you have to select whether it's some team to win a game, handicap betting, or whatever you're interested in. If you want help choosing which eSports to bet on, check out our predictions - Predictions.

    But if you're up to making it on your own, you can use our help to find suitable matches and decide. Check our tournament page - Tournaments.

    Types of Bets

    The first and most famous one will be the Match Winner bet you can see provided by any bookmaker for any match. It means that the team you choose to bet on has to win. Otherwise, you will lose your money; that is simple.

    Handicaps and total goals/rounds are two other exciting things that people usually bet on.

    Handicap Betting

    Handicap is a bet that increases the chances of both players or teams winning a specific event. That is done by giving one side an advantage. This could be in the way of an extra goal or more points. It is also sometimes referred to as "the spread.''

    Total Bets Explained: Maximizing Your Winnings

    Betting on total goals is as it sounds – the total amount of goals scored within a game, regardless of team. The total amount is taken from the full-time score, and this method gives a more reliable bet than predicting who will score the goals.

    Potential Earnings and Responsible Betting

    First of all, the most important one is that you should only use money you can afford to lose since the known fact is that most people can only win over a short distance. They win once, and they think it will repeat. They start dreaming that life will be easy now, but it doesn't work like this. Remember that you're playing against a bookmaker; their job is to outplay you at that game; they want it as much as you want to win.

    But if you decide to try it, then you can get an advantage if you learn everything about it and especially go into some sports that bookmakers are unfamiliar with. Remember risk management, which is essential in this field. More about responsible gambling you can learn here.

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