THE FINALS Season 2 Preview and How's The Game Going?

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    It's been a few months since THE FINALS launched in December 2023. Despite many time-limited events and glitches in the game's history, we are finally waiting for Season 2 of the online action movie THE FINALS.

    Our team has studied the game from top to bottom, and we're ready to talk about everything the update will bring to the game and how much people like THE FINALS.


    • More information about the upcoming update to THE FINALS
    • Details on how the game is going now and how popular it is

    Season 2 of THE FINALS starts on March 14, and strange things happen in the arena. The mysterious CNS organization has overtaken THE FINALS' X page, the website, the in-game videos that have appeared, and even the YouTube channel. They've hacked the game and are delivering a mind-shattering update.

    The Finals Season 2 Trailer

    What To Expect From The New Season

    The two main new features in the update will be a new five-on-five game mode called Power Shift and a new hacking style of play.

    In the five-on-five mode, two teams will battle it out for control of the platform. Players can switch between light, medium, and heavy builds in this mode to compete better with the enemy team.

    A new hacking style of play will allow players to try on the role of CNS with the latest gadgets and a new specialization.

    There are some very curious hacking gadgets announced in the update:

    1. For medium fighters, the Dematerializer. It can temporarily erase physical surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and slime. Now you can walk through walls.
    2. For Heavys - Anti-Gravity Cube. It lifts objects and players around it into the air.
    3. For light characters - the Gateway. Two portals that everyone can use. However, you can't see what is on the other side of the portal, as well as shoot through it.
    4. Data Reshaper was released for Mediums. It changes enemy devices into random objects; for example, it turns a mine into a chair and a turret into a table.

    In addition, the developers state that the game will also add:

    • A new map;
    • Changed locations;
    • New guns;
    • Several time-limited modes.

    How's The Game Going?

    A unique feature of THE FINALS is the full destructibility of the environment. The realistic physics of destruction creates a unique dynamic atmosphere of combat.

    In addition, the unpredictability of THE FINALS is enhanced by the "semi-procedural" map generation system. Although there are a few basic map variants, you will face changes in each match: somewhere, there will be platforms hanging in the air; somewhere, there will be a dust storm.

    THE FINALS has three modes so far:

    • The essence of Quick Cash mode is to open the safe, get to the ATM, and withdraw money.
    • Tournament is a more challenging version of the previous game mode. Now, the complete death of the team takes away 30% of the money, revivals are limited, and four players are on the map.
    • In Bank It mode, safes do not dispense a box of money but the money itself, which you must bring to the ATM. When you die, all the money on the balance plus one coin is dropped from the enemy. The location of ATMs changes every minute and a half. Good luck trying to get there without getting killed.

    The multiplayer shooter attracted 7.5 million people during its beta last October. By the full release in December, public interest remained high. But the release elicited mixed feelings. It was as if the game had changed, and players weren't happy about it.

    SteamDB said the project's peak online presence for the first day was 200,677 people. However, there were still more people participating in the open beta testing. And the peak online game Lostiglila in a couple of days.

    However, there is nothing else to be happy about. After that, there was an active decline.

    Since the release, only three months have passed, and the peak online has fallen by more than 80%. If, at the start, the game could boast an online of 242,619 players, in recent weeks, this figure barely exceeds 25,000.

    Judging by the reviews on Steam, players are still experiencing technical problems and are dissatisfied with the selection of match participants and potential cheaters. Recently, statistics have continued to trend downward stubbornly.

    On Twitch, the game can't please with high indicators, either. Only a couple hundred people watch broadcasts. But in February this year, you could get Twitch Drops for watching streams on the game.

    But it's still too early to get upset. Many players have noticed that THE FINALS has all the data needed to become a top-notch game.


    The game is worth a try for fans of competitive shooters, especially if you have friends with whom you can form a team.

    THE FINALS is available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series. The first season focuses on the neon and glamor of Las Vegas.

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