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League of Legends Rarest Skins

There are many different skins in League of Legends. Players are unlikely to have seen all of the skins available in the game. And there are very, very rare skins that are either only available for a limited time or are very hard to get.

Victorious and Hextech skins are not on this list. Despite the fact that they are hard to get, many players already have them. The blix.gg team has prepared a list of the rarest skins. This list is in random order, as measuring actual rarity in numbers is impossible.

Collector’s Edition Skins

The first paragraph brings us three skins at once. All of them were released at the very beginning of the game, back in 2009. These skins were a reward for players who pre-ordered the League of Legends Collectors Edition. The Silver Kayle skin came with all Collector’s Editions, but the Black Alistar and Young Ryze skins were exclusive pre-order rewards for the Digital and Retail Editions. Only the most hardcore fans would buy the Collector’s Edition, let alone pre-order it.

Unfortunately, no one else can get these skins because Riot disabled all redemption codes in 2014. Even if the player buys the Ancient Collector's Edition, he will not be able to get these skins.

PAX Prime Skins

There are three unique skins: PAX Twisted Fate, PAX Jax, andPAX Sivir. They were awarded to players who attended the Penny Arcade Expo Event in 2009-2011.

Each skin has its theme.

  • For example, the PAX Sivir skin looks like she came out of a science fiction movie. Her hair is white, and her costume is black with neon blue and red accents. The skin was inspired by the Tron movie, released in 2010, and has much in common with the characters.
  • Twisted Fate is the simplest of all; Jax references the Penny Arcade webcomic"Cardboard Tube Samurai" by arming him with a cardboard tube and parodying the samurai outfit, complete with a Pac-Man cape.
  • Players could get all these skins with a code they received by attending a PAX event. Prior to 2014, there was an option to purchase the code online from someone who participated in the event and then use it in the League Store.

Currently, it is almost impossible to get the skin. Players can only buy an account with the desired skin, but it will cost between $200 and $700.

UFO Corki

UFO Corki was a free skin givento players who registered their accounts before January 14, 2010. It came after LoL received the Readers' Choice Award from IGN and Gamespy. After that, the skin is gone forever, and there is no way to get it.

In addition to changing colors and weapons, this skin replaces the standard aircraft with a UFO ship with particle effects. Players will probably not be surprised at the moment, but back then, it was legendary.

Riot Skins

Riot has released six unique skins: Riot Blitzcrank, Riot Graves, Riot Kayle, Riot K-9 Nasus, and Riot Squad Singed, Riot Girl Tristana. All of these skins are made in a riot police theme.

  • Players can't buy these skins in the game store. They can only be obtained by attending any official Riot event, and then the player will receive a promo code that activates the skin. But there is hope, these skins can be obtained through hextech crafting and lootboxes, so technically players can still get them if they are very lucky.
  • Except for Riot Squad Singed. Singed. This is a unique skin, players could only get them with an event code in 2009, 2010 and 2011, but all of these codes were disabled in 2014.
  • Riot Squad Singed is currently the rarest skin in the Riot skin line, and there are no plans for it to re-release in the near future, so it is one of the rarest skins in LoL in general.

King Rammus

Players who became testers of the closed beta version of League of Legends in October 2009 received this skin as a gift. Since the beta ended, it has been impossible to find King Rammus anywhere. It is older than the game itself!

The skin itself, however, offers very little. It is just a repaint. However, because of the obtaining conditions, it is considered extremely rare.


Urfwick came out on April 1, 2010, and linked to the canceled Champion concept called Urf the Manatee. The skin depicts Warwickwearing a manatee corpse as an outfit.

  • It was first offered for 5,000 RP in the store, making it the most expensive skin in League of Legends history.
  • The company gave all the proceeds to a charity that discourages manatee hunting.
  • Current skin was added back to the game in 2017, but it was fabulously expensive, making it hard to get.

Championship Riven

Championship Riven appeared in the game in honor of the 2012 World Championship. Players could get it for 975 RP. In addition, she was given to those who bought tickets to the Championship. The skin adds a lot of blue and black effects to Riven's usual green spells and has some other animation changes as well.

In 2016 Riot released the Championship set, which contained all of the Championship Skins at the time and included Riven. Today accounts with this skin can cost around $500 or more, depending on what other rare skins they might have.

Victorious Jarvan IV

The Victorious Jarvan IV has a unique history.

  • When it appeared in August 2011, it was never available in the in-game store, it was automatically awarded to those who fit the requirements. And the conditions were as follows: players had to reach at least a gold level or higher to be eligible. There is another thing worth noting about Victorious Jarvan IV. He is the first award released at the end of the season.
  • The skin depicts Jarvan in silver armor with gold trim on his boots and shoulder plates.

Rusty Blitzcrank

Released in November 2009, this skin is considered one of the rarest skins in LoL, as within three months of its launch, Riot decided to remove it permanently from the store.

  • Riot never explained why they made such a decision, but most League of Legends fans believe that the quality of the textures was so poor that it was a waste of RP.
  • The funny thing is that the sudden removal of this skin is what made it so popular.
  • Riot has stated that Rusty Blitzcrank will not return to the in-game store, so it is unlikely that you can get it unless you buy an account.

Judgment Kayle

It was released in August 2011 and given to players who played ten games in Season 1, and because there were few players, only a few got it, so it became so rare.

Judgment Kayle is one of the few skins where Kayle wears clothes, not armor. Her wings in this skin are silver-white, symbolizing the divine warrior, but when she takes to the air, her wings take on a darker shade of blue, signifying her darker side.


Which skin is considered the rarest?

There is no definite answer, but we can say that it is probably Rusty Blitzcrank, who has been permanently removed from the game by Riot. Plus, King Rammus. This skin was only available to players who participated in the beta test.

Which skins have been returned to the game at least once?

Yes, there are several skins. In 2016 Riot released the Championship Set, which contained all of the Championship Skins at the time and included Championship Riven. In 2017 Riot Games released an updated version of PAX Sivir, known as Neo PAX Sivir, which uses the same model as the original PAX Sivir but has upgraded colors.

Can players still get these skins?

Unfortunately or fortunately, no. The only way to get one of these skins is to buy an account with a skin.

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