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Players love skins in games. But skins in League of Legends are different from all other games. In this game, skins aren't just cosmetic versions of champions.

That is why many players, from time to time, wonder how to get new cosmetics. Year after year, League of Legends offers to get some skins without investing - why not take advantage of this and try to grab them as a bonus? This article has looked at several free ways of obtaining skins in League of Legends 2024.


  • Details on how to get free skins in League of Legends in 2024
  • Step-by-step guide to each method

Loot System or Hextech Chests

Even in 2024, the loot system remains the most effective system for getting free skins in the game. Players can get one free Hextech chest each week by playing the game and earning a rating of S- or higher.

The player opens the chest with a key, which must be created from three key fragments. The fragments fall out randomly, but it has been proven that the more Honor grants, the more key fragments.

After opening the chest, the player will receive a skin shard. Orange essence measures the value of this loot shard. In the "Creation" menu, players can convert their image shards into a permanent image for orange essence.

Higher-quality skins require correspondingly more orange essence than regular skins. In addition, essence conversion works the other way as well. You can get rid of skin shards and convey the essence.

It's easy: you play the game, get a chest, and open it. Once you get a shard, you decide if you want to get that skin; if not, you get rid of it.

You can also combine three skin shards and get a random permanent skin.

End-of-Season Rewards

At the end of every season in League of Legends, Riot Games gives away a free skin called Victorious. Those who finish the season in Gold rank and higher can get it. All players who do so get the skin of the year for free.

These skins were Victorious Morgana, Victorious Graves, Victorious Maokai, and Victorious Lucian. What's also notable about these skins is that they can't be bought with money in the future.

But don't be upset if you can't reach the gold rank. Player Honor level can be a source of free skins. If a player can finish the year with the 5th Нonor level, he will get one of two skins: Grey Warwick or Medieval Twitch.


The company Riot Games periodically holds promotions where players can get free skins. This method is one of the oldest; it appeared even before the appearance of the loot system.

For example, a player could previously like the developer's Facebook page, which would get the Riot Girl Tristana skin. Unchained Alistar players could get for subscribing to LoL's YouTube channel, Dreadknight Garen skin for following League of Legends on Twitter. These methods are no longer available, but the player can still try to get free skins. However, you'll have to sweat a bit.

Follow the steps listed above, and be sure to take a screenshot. Then contact Riot support, tell them about the situation, and attach the screenshot. The support team will likely consider your request and provide the skin for free.

Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming is a monthly subscription that allows exclusive in-game loot and gives free access to and other Amazon Prime benefits.

Amazon Prime and League of Legends have been teaming up for a long time, providing players various free monthly rewards. Players will need a Twitch Prime account to take advantage of this method of obtaining skin now.

Players must link their account to their Amazon Prime account on the Prime Gaming website.

To Do This:

  • Create a Prime Gaming account;
  • Search for League of Legends;
  • Follow the prompts;
  • Select your Riot account;
  • Select the Prime Capsule reward.

To give you an example, here's what's in the Prime Gaming Capsule, which is available from January 13 to February 9, 2024:

  • 350 RP.
  • 200 Orange Essence
  • 1 x Unowned 1350 RP Skin Permanent
  • Mystery Ward Skin
  • Champion Permanent Shard
  • 4 x Champion Shards
  • 2 x Series 1 Eternal Shards
  • 1 x 30-Day XP Boost


If you try all the ways to get skins, on average, a typical player can get 10-15 skins per year. It's a good result for absolutely free skins. And if the player is still lucky, he can get essential skins.

Also, don't forget that Riot occasionally holds an official giveaway of free skins. So, keep an eye on the social networks of the developer and the game's partners so you can experience this moment.

League of Legends partners receive access to free codes to giveaway every few patches.

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