Rarest and Rank Buddy in Valorant: How to get?

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In Valorant, Gunbuddies are for customization and also serve as badges of honor. They showcase players' achievements, affiliations, or participation in specific events. This article delves into the 20 rarest and most valuable Buddies in Valorant. It provides a comprehensive guide to acquiring them.


  • The list of Top-20 most unique and valuable items in Valorant - called Buddies
  • Hints and explanations for less easy-to-get ones

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20 Rarest and Most Valuable Buddies in Valorant

  1. Riot Gunbuddy - Riot employees exclusively give them to players.
  2. Fist Bump Buddy - As a League of Legends player, receiving a Buddy from Riot Games staff is a rare and unique gift.
  3. Sage Buddy - Limited edition, event-specific.
  4. Valorant Coin Buddy - Awarded for specific milestones.
  5. Celestial Buddy - Released during special events.
  6. Episode Premiere Buddies - For participating in episode launch events.
  7. Beta Testers Buddy - Exclusive to beta testers of Valorant.
  8. Redeemable Code Buddies - These are available through codes from various promotions.
  9. Tournament Buddies - For participating or performing well in Valorant tournaments.
  10. Exclusive Event Buddies - For event-specific achievements.
  11. Anniversary Buddies - Celebrating Valorant's anniversary.
  12. Charity Event Buddies - Awarded for participating in charity events.
  13. Easter Egg Buddies - Hidden within the game for discovery.
  14. Streamer Buddies - Exclusive to popular Valorant streamers.
  15. Rank Buddy - Reflects the highest rank achieved in a season.
  16. Iron Buddy - Achievable by reaching the Iron rank in competitive play.
  17. Bronze Buddy - Received for reaching the Bronze rank and ending the season.
  18. Diamond Buddy - This is secured by attaining the Diamond rank.
  19. Immortal Buddy - Awarded for reaching the Immortal rank.
  20. Challenge Completion Buddies - Awarded for completing challenges held by Riot on different occasions.

Riot Gunbuddy

How to Equip Buddy

The Valorant interface makes it quite effortless. Navigate to "Collection"> "Gunbuddies" in the main menu. Use this to equip a Buddy on any weapon, personalizing players' gameplay experience. It's also a way to showcase achievements or style.


In addition, we have unique hints for the most cherished Buddies. Let's explore that.

How to Get Riot Buddy

Valorant Riot Games employees award the Riot Buddy in Valorant during special events or social media contests. Increase players' chances by staying active in the community and participating in events.

How to Get Rank Buddy

Valorant uses players' rank Buddies to reflect their competitive success. It's based on the highest rank players achieved in a season. Participate in competitive matches and maintain ranks until the season's end. Then, players will receive awards.

How to Get Rank Gun Buddy

Valorant uses Rank Gun Buddies like Rank Buddies. Players receive rewards for their competitive performance. During the season, players receive rewards based on their highest rank. Play competitive matches and reach a high rank to secure players.

How to Get Iron Buddy in Valorant

Players receive the Iron Buddy for reaching and completing the season at Iron rank in competitive mode. Engage in competitive matches to achieve and maintain the Iron rank.

Rank Buddies

How to Get Valorant Coin Buddy

Players can get Valorant Coin Buddy through special promotions or significant game achievements. Keep an eye on official channels and participate in promotional activities.

How to Get The Fist Bump Buddy

Valorant Fist Bump Buddy is a rare token from Riot Games staff or special initiatives. It's often related to community engagement or event participation. So, how do you get a fist bump, Buddy? Valorant affairs are the key!

How to Get Celestial Buddy

Valorant Celestial Buddy is available during specific themed events — for example, the Lunar New Year. Participate and complete event challenges to obtain it.

How to Get Bronze Buddy in Valorant

Earn the Bronze Buddy by reaching and maintaining the rank in competitive play. Complete the season at this rank.

How to Get Sage Buddy

Valorant allows players to acquire the Sage Buddy when participating in Sage-themed events or challenges. They appear on Valorant's event calendar. Players must actively participate in these limited opportunities.

How to Get Diamond Buddy

Valorant Diamond Buddy is awarded for achieving the Diamond rank in competitive play. As easy as that. Maintain it through the season's end to secure the Diamond Buddy. The Diamond Buddy symbolizes high-level competitive success.

How to Get Immortal Buddy

Valorant players earn the Immortal Buddy by reaching and maintaining the Immortal rank throughout a competitive season. It requires dedication and consistent high-level play.


Valorant's gun Buddies encompass various designs. Each marks a player's achievements, event participation, or personal milestones. Some people also celebrate developer interactions, community involvement, and seasonal festivities. Unique Buddies can also come from developer signatures.

They can also come from community-designed contests, seasonal celebrations, and exclusive merchandise collaborations. Buddies reward in-game achievements. This fosters personal expression and commemoration in Valorant's community. Getting more Buddies usually means participating in the game's events, social media, and community activities. This provides players with myriad ways to personalize their in-game presence.

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