TOP-10 Best Supports Champions in LoL 2024

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The support role remains critical in League of Legends 2024, with champions bringing unique strengths and facing distinct challenges. This year's lineup includes champions adept at healing, crowd control, and strategic play, each vital for team success. Mastery involves understanding their abilities and integration within team dynamics, offering a rich layer of strategy for players dedicated to the support role.


  • List of the best support Champions
  • Description and thorough analysis of each Champion's stats and abilities
  • Blix team's commentary of Champions strengths and weaknesses

In League of Legends, the role of the support champion is both nuanced and vital, requiring a deep understanding of the game's dynamics and how each character's strengths and weaknesses play into the broader strategy. Let's delve into an opinion-based overview of some of the standout support champions in 2024, integrating their benefits and downsides into a cohesive narrative.

Top-10 Support Champions 2024

  1. Sona
  2. Senna
  3. Soraka
  4. Taric
  5. Xerath
  6. Maokai
  7. Zyra
  8. Nami
  9. Blitzcrank
  10. Thresh

Best Champions Review



Tier - S

Class - Enchanter

Role - Support, Mage

Release date - September 21, 2010

Last changed - patch 13.21

Price - BE 450 or RP 260

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 270

Sona stands out with her multifaceted abilities that offer sustained healing, crowd control (CC), and the enhancement of her allies' survivability and damage output during team fights. Her ultimate, a high-impact CC ability, is crucial for securing multiple kills and turning the tide of battles​​.


Power Chord (passive) - After casting three spells, Sona's next attack deals extra damage and has an additional effect depending on the song played last.

"Q" - Hymn of Valor - Plays a melody that deals damage to the nearest two enemies, prioritizing champions. Additionally, it grants Sona and a nearby ally a temporary damage boost.

"W" - Aria of Perseverance - Sings a protective hymn, healing her and a nearby ally. It also grants a temporary shield to Sona and affected allies.

”E” - Song of Celerity - Performs a song that increases the movement speed of Sona and nearby allies.

“R” - Crescendo - Strikes a chord in a broad line, stunning enemies hit and forcing them to dance while also dealing magic damage.

Sona is often celebrated for her harmonious blend of healing, crowd control, and the ability to enhance her allies' capabilities. Her ultimate is particularly notable for its ability to shift the team's momentum and decisively fight in her favor. However, her vulnerability tempered her effectiveness; strategic positioning becomes paramount to mitigate the risk of being easily targeted by adversaries.



Tier - S

Release date - November 10, 2019

Last changed - patch 13.24

Classes - Marksman, Enchanter

Role - Marksman, Support

Price - BE 3150 or RP 790

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 1890

Senna shines as an aggressive support, exploiting overextended enemies with her strong poke and trading power. Ideal for players who prefer an assertive playstyle, Senna's Q ability and auto-attacks are pivotal in harassing opponents and securing lane dominance​​.


Absolution (passive) - collects mist to increase her power.

"Q" - Piercing Darkness - fires a beam that heals allies and damages enemies.

"W" - Last Embrace - throws a globule that roots enemies.

“E” - Curse of the Black Mist - grants camouflage to Senna and nearby allies.

“R” - Dawning Shadow - launches a global beam shielding allies and damaging enemies.

With her aggressive stance and potent poke, Senna is ideal for players who relish dictating the pace of the lane. Her Q ability and auto-attacks are instrumental in applying pressure. Yet, this aggressive playstyle comes with challenges, notably a susceptibility to hard engagement that can expose her without the proper backup.



Tier - S

Release date - February 21, 2009

Last changed - patch 14.4

Class - Enchanter

Role - Support, Mage

Price - BE 450 or RP 260

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 270

Known for her global Ultimate ability, Soraka offers unmatched healing and support across the map. Her ability to counter various matchups, impact skirmishes, and objective controls with her healing makes her a formidable presence on any team​​​​.


Salvation (passive) - gains speed towards low-health allies.

“Q” - Starcall - damages enemies and heals Soraka if it hits.

"W" - Astral Infusion - heals an ally at the cost of Soraka's health.

"E" - Equinox - silences then roots enemies in an area.

“R” - Wish - globally heals all allied champions.

Soraka's global healing ultimately epitomizes her role as a beacon of support across the map. Her capability to swing the tide of engagements with her heels is unmatched. Nevertheless, her low mobility and the risk of being focused down in team fights necessitate a keen awareness of positioning to leverage her global influence fully.



Tier - A

Release date - August 19, 2009

Last changed - patch 14.2

Classes - Enchanter, Warden

Role - Support, Fighter

Price - BE 1350 or RP 585

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 810

Taric, with his ultimate ability, "Cosmic Radiance," can negate incoming damage, making him and his allies virtually invulnerable for a short duration. This makes Taric an excellent pick for players who enjoy a more tanky enchanter role, focusing on supporting and buffing their carry​​.


Bravado (passive) - empowers his subsequent two attacks after using an ability.

“Q” - Starlight's Touch - heals Taric and nearby allies.

"W" - Bastion - bonds with an ally, granting them a protective shield.

“E” - Dazzle - stuns enemies in a straight line after a delay.

“R” - Cosmic Radiance - grants invulnerability to nearby allies after a delay.

Taric shines with his "Cosmic Radiance," offering a moment of invulnerability that can be pivotal during crucial clashes. This potent defensive tool underscores his role as a protector. However, his effectiveness is closely tied to his proximity to allies, which can sometimes place him at risk during chaotic engagements.



Tier - A

Release date - October 5, 2011

Last changed - patch 13.22

Class - Artillery

Role - Mage

Price - BE 1350 or RP 585

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 810

Xerath offers a different approach to the support role, focusing on long-range damage and harassment. His arcane abilities allow him to control the lane from a distance, providing his ADC with the space and safety to farm efficiently​​.


Mana Surge (passive) - restores mana with his basic attacks.

"Q" - Arcanopulse - charges and unleashes a long-range beam.

"W" - Eye of Destruction - damages and slows enemies in an area.

"E" - Shocking Orb - stuns the first enemy hit.

“R” - Rite of the Arcane - bombards an area with arcane energy.

Xerath departs from the traditional support archetype, emphasizing long-range harassment to dominate the lane. His capacity to influence the lane from a distance is a significant advantage, though it hinges on the precision of his skill shots. A misstep depletes his resources and can diminish his lane presence.



Tier - A

Release date - February 16, 2011

Last changed - patch 14.4

Class - Vanguard

Role - Tank, Mage

Price - BE 4800 or RP 880

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 2880

Maokai excels in engaging and protecting his carry as a tank and CC machine. His skills are excellent for laning, team fighting, and assisting in ganks, making him a versatile support option​​.


Sap Magic (passive) - heals on basic attacks under certain conditions.

"Q" - Bramble Smash - releases a shockwave that knocks back enemies.

"W" - Twisted Advance - roots an enemy champion.

“E” - Sapling Toss - throws a sapling that explodes upon enemy contact.

“R” - Nature's Grasp - unleashes a wave of roots.

Maokai's tackiness and crowd control arsenal make him a formidable presence, adept at initiating fights and safeguarding his allies. His reliance on team coordination to capitalize on his initiations is crucial, as is navigating the challenges that arise if he needs to catch up in the early game.



Tier - A

Release date - July 24, 2012

Last changed -patch 14.4

Class - Catcher

Role - Mage, Support

Price - BE 3150 or RP 790

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 1890

Zyra's playstyle revolves around making the lane as challenging as possible for opponents. With her ability to force enemies away and even secure kills, Zyra is a strong pick for those looking to control the battlefield with aggressive plant-based tactics​​.


Garden of Thorns (passive) - periodically spawns seeds.

"Q" - Deadly Spines - grows spines that damage enemies.

"W" - Rampant Growth - plants a seed and increases plant health.

“E” - Grasping Roots - sends roots that damage and root enemies.

“R” - Stranglethorns - summons a thicket that knocks up enemies.

Zyra's control over the battlefield through her plant minions allows her to harass opponents effectively and secure lane dominance. Yet, her fragility and lack of mobility offset her effectiveness, necessitating a careful positioning and vision control approach.



Tier - A

Release date - December 7, 2012

Last changed - patch 14.2

Class - Enchanter

Role - Support, Mage

Price - BE 3150 or RP 790

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 1890

Nami has long been a popular choice for support, thanks to her healing capabilities and excellent zoning abilities. Her stun and ultimate are crucial for manipulating opponents' positioning, making her a perfect choice for team coordination​​.


Surging Tides (passive) - allies gain speed when touched by her abilities.

"Q" - Aqua Prison - traps enemies in a bubble.

"W" - Ebb and Flow - bounces between allies and enemies to heal or damage.

“E” - Tidecaller's Blessing - empowers an ally's attacks.

“R” - Tidal Wave - summons a wave that knocks up enemies.

Nami's blend of healing and crowd control offers her team a versatile toolkit for engaging and disengaging. The efficacy of her bubble, a skill shot with significant implications for lane control, requires a careful, practiced hand to maximize its potential.



Tier - A

Release date - September 2, 2009

Last changed - patch 14.4

Class - Catcher

Role - Tank, Fighter

Price - BE 1350 or RP 585

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 810

Blitzcrank remains one of the best supports due to his playmaking potential with his iconic hook. His roaming capabilities allow him to apply pressure across the map, creating opportunities for his team​​.


Mana Barrier (passive) - gains a shield when low on health.

"Q” - Rocket Grab - pulls an enemy towards him.

"W" - Overdrive - boosts his speed and attack.

“E” - Power Fist - next attack knocks an enemy up.

“R” - Static Field - damages and silences nearby enemies.

Blitzcrank's iconic hook embodies his playmaking potential, capable of turning the tide with a well-timed pull. The psychological pressure it exerts can be immense, though the value he brings to the team can wane significantly with each missed opportunity, underscoring the importance of accuracy and timing.



Tier - A

Release date - January 23, 2013

Last changed - patch 14.4

Class - Catcher

Role - Support, Fighter

Price - BE 3150 or RP 790

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 1890

Though not explicitly detailed in the provided sources, Thresh is traditionally recognized for his versatile kit, including crowd control, peel, and engaging options. His ability to save allies or secure picks with his hook and lantern makes him a staple in the support role.


Damnation (passive) - collects souls to gain armor and ability power.

"Q" - Death Sentence - pulls in the first enemy hit.

"W" - Dark Passage - offers a lantern for all transport.

“E” - Flay - pushes or pulls enemies.

“R” - The Box — creates walls that slow down and damage enemies who break them.

Lastly, Thresh's utility, encompassing crowd control, ally mobility, and engage potential, offers a rich tapestry of tactical options. Mastering his diverse skill set is a demanding but rewarding endeavor, essential for those looking to maximize their impact on the game's flow.

In evaluating these champions, players should consider their playstyle and how it aligns with their team's needs. Champions like Sona, Soraka, and Nami offer incredible healing and support, making them invaluable in drawn-out engagements. On the other hand, aggressive playmakers like Senna, Zyra, and Blitzcrank excel at securing early-game advantages through lane dominance and picks.

The versatility among the top support champions of 2024 means there's a fit for every playstyle, whether you prefer to engage, protect, or harass. However, mastering these champions requires understanding their abilities and developing a keen sense of positioning, map awareness, and timing, especially for those with critical crowd control or global impact abilities.

Choosing the right support champion is about individual skill and how well the champion synergizes with the team composition and counters the enemy's picks. Experimentation and adaptability remain crucial to becoming a successful support player in LoL 2024.


While the champions, as mentioned earlier, the champions have made their mark on the 2024 League of Legends scene, but several notable champions not included in our discussion also deserve recognition. With her ability to enhance allies and disrupt enemies, Champions like Lulu and Thresh, known for their versatility and playmaking potential, remain staples in the support role.

Janna's unparalleled disengage capabilities and Morgana's ability to protect allies and control opponents with her binding and spell shield offer unique strategic advantages. Additionally, champions like Leona excel in initiating fights with her robust crowd control, and Alistar's disruptive tackiness and peel remain vital for teams seeking a balance of protection and aggression.

While not highlighted previously, these champions contribute significantly to the depth and complexity of the support role, each bringing a distinct style and strategic value to their team compositions.

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