TOP-10 Best Top-Laners Champions in LoL 2024

Andrea "Larkey" Cherubini
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Diving into the dynamic and ever-evolving battlefield of League of Legends' top lane, this article explores the cream of the crop in top-laner champions for 2024. Each champion is meticulously dissected to reveal their tiers, roles, unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Additionally, we provide personal insights and opinions to guide players in harnessing the full potential of these top-tier champions. Whether you're looking to dominate solo queues or contribute effectively to your team's strategy, this comprehensive overview offers valuable insights into the best picks to help you secure victory in the top lane.

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  • Tier list for 2024
  • Detailed analysis of their stats and abilities
  • Our opinion for Champions specifics, benefits, and downsides

Exploring the top-tier champions for the top lane in League of Legends (LoL) for 2024, it's clear that the current meta favors champions who excel in durability, damage output, and playmaking capabilities. Drawing from various tier lists and expert analysis, the team formed a curated selection of the ten best top-laners, detailing their tier, role, abilities, benefits, downsides, and a summary opinion on each.

Top-10 Best Top-Laner Champions

  • Jax
  • Ornn
  • Malphite
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Garen
  • Sett
  • Fiora
  • Riven
  • Mordekaiser
  • Darius

Best Top-Laners Tier List



Tier - S

Class - Skirmisher

Role - Fighter

Release Date - February 21, 2009

Last Changed - Patch 14.2

Price - BE 1350 or RP 585

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 810

Armed with a perfect weapon, Jax is a versatile warrior who excels in extended duels. He can leap onto enemies, dodge incoming attacks, and strike back with devastating force. His prowess grows as the game progresses, making him a fearsome opponent in 1v1 situations and team fights.


Relentless Assault (passive) – Increases attack speed with consecutive strikes

"Q" - Leap Strike – Jax jumps to a target, dealing damage

"W" - Empower – Enhances his next attack with additional damage

"E" - Counter-Strike – Dodges incoming attacks, then stuns nearby enemies

"R" - Grandmaster's Might – Provides passive bonuses to attacks and an active one that grants temporary resistance

Jax is a testament to the saying, "The stronger the late game, the better." His ability to outscale most champions makes him a ticking time bomb. Players who excel in patience and late-game strategy will find Jax incredibly rewarding, especially in matches that drag on. His benefits are excellent late-game and great split-pushing.

Still, he can be kited and needs to catch up early.



Tier - S

Release date - August 23, 2017

Last changed - Patch 14.2

Class - Vanguard

Role - Tank, Fighter

Price - BE 4800 or 880 RP

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + 2880 BE

The Freljordian demigod of forging and craftsmanship, Ornn, brings unique utility to his team by upgrading their items. He's a formidable tank with abilities to control the battlefield, disrupt enemy formations, and initiate fights with his volcanic eruptions and a massive elemental ram.


Living Forge (passive): can forge items anywhere and upgrade team items.

"Q": Volcanic Rupture: a fissure that slows and spawns a terrain.

"W" - Bellows Breath: breathes fire, grants a shield, and applies Brittle.

"E"- Searing Charge: charges forward, deals damage, and can knock up enemies if colliding with terrain.

"R"- Call of the Forge God: summons a massive elemental to knock up enemies.

Ornn's utility is unmatched. His ability to upgrade team items and his impactful engagement potential make him a bedrock for any team composition. Players looking for a more supportive role from the top lane, providing significant advantages to their team, will appreciate Ornn's unique contributions. We admit his benefits are his strong laning and impactfulness in team fights. Yet, his limited mobility is an apparent downside.



Tier - S

Release Date - February 9, 2009

Last Changed - Patch 13.8

Class - Vanguard

Role - Tank, Fighter

Price - 450 BE or 260 RP

Crafting - Hextech Crafting + 270 BE

The living mountain Malphite is an unyielding force of nature that can absorb tremendous damage. His seismic shard slows enemies, while his ground-shaking ultimate can launch him into the heart of the enemy team, disrupting their ranks and setting up his allies for victory.


Granite Shield (passive): generates a shield based on max health.

"Q" - Seismic Shard: throws a shard that deals damage and steals movement speed.

"W" - Thunderclap: empowers auto attacks with increased splash damage.

"E" - Ground Slam: slams the ground, damaging and reducing enemy attack speed.

"R" - Unstoppable Force: charges to an area, knocking up all enemies hit.

Malphite is the epitome of a "big play" champion. His ultimate can change the course of team fights and even entire games. He's perfect for players who live for the moment to turn the tides with a single well-placed ability, making him a constant threat and a priority in team strategy discussions. We emphasize that Malphite is strong against AD and a great initiator. For his downsides - he is weak against ranged in the lane.

Dr. Mundo


Tier - S

Release date - February 9, 2009

Last changed - Patch 13.22

Class - Juggernaut

Role - Fighter, Tank

Price - BE 450 or RP 260

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 270

A masochistic madman from Zaun, Dr. Mundo regenerates health incredibly, making him extremely difficult to take down. His ability to hurl infected cleavers, go where he pleases, and endure significant punishment allows him to be a constant thorn in the side of his opponents.


Goes Where He Pleases (passive): periodically drops a canister that he can pick up to restore health and reduce CC duration.

"Q" - Infected Cleaver: throws a cleaver, dealing damage based on the target's current health and slowing them.

"W" - Heart Zapper: absorbs damage taken and can be reactivated to deal damage around him.

"E" - Blunt Force Trauma: the next attack deals additional damage; it can be recast for an attack that knocks back.

"R" - Maximum Dosage: regenerates significant health over time.

Dr. Mundo is for players who enjoy being an unbeatable force. His regenerative capabilities and nuisance in prolonged engagements allow for aggressive play with less punishment. Mundo is ideal for players who want to push limits and test the enemy's patience. He is tough to kill, but he is weak against grievous wounds.



Tier - S

Release date - April 27, 2010

Last Changed - Patch 14.2

Class - Juggernaut

Role - Fighter, Tank

Price - BE 450 or RP 260

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 270

The might of Demacia, Garen is a champion of justice, wielding a massive sword to deliver decisive blows. His straightforward kit focuses on spinning into enemies, silencing them, and executing them with his ultimate, all while passively regenerating health to stay in the fight.


Perseverance (passive): regenerates health when not taking damage from enemies.

"Q" - Decisive Strike: cleanses all slow, affecting Garen, and grants him a burst of movement speed, with his next attack dealing bonus damage and silencing his target.

"W" - Courage: passively increases armor and magic resist; can be activated briefly for damage reduction.

"E"- Judgment: Garen rapidly spins in a circle, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

"R" - Demacian Justice: Executes an enemy champion, dealing damage based on their missing health.

Garen is a solid choice for players who appreciate simplicity and effectiveness. His straightforward kit is accessible yet powerful, making him a great entry point for beginners or a reliable pick for veterans seeking to dominate through fundamental gameplay. We admit that He is a strong laner who does not depend on mana. On the other hand, he is predictable.



Tier - S

Release date - January 14, 2020

Last changed - Patch 14.4

Class - Juggernaut

Role - Fighter, Tank

Price - BE 1350 or RP 585

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 810

The boss of the underworld fighting pits. Sett punches his way through his enemies. He's a brawler who thrives in close combat, dealing massive damage with his fists, absorbing damage with his grit, and slamming foes into the ground with his ultimate.


Passive - Pit Grit: alternates between left and right punches, with the right punch dealing more damage and faster punches after the first.

"Q" - Knuckle Downincreases the speed and damage of the subsequent two attacks.

"W" - Haymaker: Absorbs damage and releases it in a wide cone, dealing true damage in the center.

"E" - Facebreaker: Pulls enemies in front of and behind Sett, dealing damage and stunning if enemies are on both sides.

"R" - The Show Stopper: Suplexes an enemy champion, dealing area damage upon landing.

Sett appeals to players who enjoy being at the forefront of battle, engaging directly with the enemy. His kit encourages aggressive playstyles and rewards players who manage their health and timing to maximize their damage output and crowd control. For his benefit, he is excellent in close combat and team fights. However, he can be kited.



Tier - S

Release date - February 29, 2012

Last changed - Patch 14.4

Class - Skirmisher

Role - Fighter, Assassin

Price - BE 4800 or RP 880

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 2880

The Grand Duelist, Fiora, is a master of precision and dueling. Her kit allows her to dance around enemies, dodging their attacks and striking at their weak points for critical damage. She excels in 1v1 fights and split-pushing, making her a constant threat on the map.


Passive - Duelist's Dance: identifies weak spots on enemies that Fiora can hit for bonus actual damage.

"Q" - Lunge: dashes in a direction, striking the nearest enemy and prioritizing weak spots.

"W" - Riposte: parries all incoming damage and disables, then stabs in a direction, slowing or stunning the first enemy champion hit.

"E" - Bladework: empowers the subsequent two attacks with increased attack speed, with the first attack slowing and the second attack critically striking.

"R" - Grand Challenge: challenges the target enemy champion, highlighting their four weak spots and granting a movement speed bonus near them.

Fiora is the dream champion for players who thrive on skill expression and outplaying opponents. Mastery of Fiora's mechanics and her ability to exploit enemy weaknesses make her a formidable duelist suited for those who take pride in their mechanical prowess. In a nutshell, her strong side is her high outplay potential. Yet, she has a very high skill cap.



Tier - S

Release date - September 14, 2011

Last changed - Patch 14.2

Class - Skirmisher

Role - Fighter, Assassin

Price - BE 4800 or RP 880

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 2880

Once a swordmaster in the warhosts of Noxus, Riven fights to redeem her past. She is highly mobile and capable of executing fluid and deadly combos with her blade. Her ability to chain abilities together for high burst damage and shield herself makes her a dynamic and challenging champion to master.


Passive - Runic Blade: Riven's abilities charge her blade, and her basic attacks expend charges to deal additional physical damage.

"Q" - Broken Wings: a three-part dash and slash move, with the third part knocking up enemies.

"W" - Ki Burst: stuns nearby enemies.

"E" - Valor: dashes in a direction and shields herself.

"R" - Blade of the Exile: extends her reach, empowering her abilities and providing a mighty wind slash, dealing damage based on enemies' missing health.

Riven is for the mechanically inclined, offering a high-skill ceiling with her combo-dependent playstyle. Players who invest time in mastering her nuances are rewarded with explosive playmaking potential, making Riven a favorite among those who love to showcase their skills. We'd recommend using his snowball potential entirely, even though Riven is tricky to master.



Tier - A

Release date - February 24, 2010

Last changed - Patch 14.4

Class - Juggernaut

Role - Fighter

Price - BE 1350 or RP 585

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 810

The Iron Revenant, Mordekaiser, is a tyrant of death who commands the battlefield with his necromantic sorcery. He can isolate a single enemy to face him in the realm of death, where he gains the upper hand and seizes control of the duel, emerging more powerful for the next fight.


Passive - Darkness Rise: Mordekaiser's spells and attacks grant him a damaging aura. Hitting enemies with three different skills or attacks gives him movement speed.

"Q" - Obliterate: slams down his mace, dealing damage in an area or bonus damage to a single enemy.

"W" - Indestructible: stores damage dealt and taken to create a shield; can be reactivated to consume the shield for health.

"E" - Death's Grasp: pulls enemies towards him, dealing damage.

"R" - Realm of Death: banishes a single enemy champion to the Death Realm for a 1v1, stealing some of their stats.

Mordekaiser is a powerhouse in 1v1 situations, perfect for players who enjoy dictating the pace of their lane and isolating threats during team fights. His unique ability to create advantageous duels makes him appealing to strategic thinkers who can capitalize on his strengths. As we summarized, he is dominant in one-on-one but lacks mobility.



Tier - A

Release date - May 23, 2012

Last changed - Patch 14.4

Class - Juggernaut

Role - Fighter, Tank

Price - BE 450 or RP 260

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 270

Known as the Hand of Noxus, Darius is a fearsome executioner who dominates the early game. His bleeding effects wear down his foes over time, and his Noxian Guillotine allows him to execute low-health enemies with a decisive chop. Darius is a terror in the lane and a significant threat in team fights, especially when he gets to reset his ultimate.


Passive - Hemorrhage: Darius' attacks and damaging abilities cause enemies to bleed for physical damage over time.

"Q" - Decimate: swings his axe in a circle; enemies hit by the blade take more damage than those hit by the handle.

"W" - Crippling Strike: empowers his next attack to deal additional damage and slow the target.

"E" - Apprehend: pulls in enemies before Darius and briefly grants him armor penetration.

"R" - Noxian Guillotine: leaps to an enemy champion and strikes a lethal blow, dealing actual damage. This ability can reset its cooldown if it kills the target.

Darius champions those who like to exert early-game pressure and snowball their lead into a dominating presence. His kit, designed around punishing mistakes and securing kills with his ultimate reset, caters to aggressive players who want to make their mark early and often. We learned that he has an intense learning phase. However, he is kiteable and dependent on summoner spells for engagement.

This article reflects the champions' current standings and roles in the meta, highlighting their abilities, benefits, and potential weaknesses. Players' personal playstyles, team compositions, and the evolving meta should guide their champion selection for the best results in the top lane.


While the top 10 champions in the top lane for 2024 offer diverse strategies and gameplay styles, the League of Legends roster is vast, and many other champions also bring unique and intriguing elements to the top lane.

For example, champions like Camille and Jayce offer high mobility and versatility, allowing dynamic playstyles that can adapt to various in-game situations. Camille's ability to isolate targets with her ultimate and Jayce's capacity to switch between melee and

Ranged combat makes them fascinating picks for players looking to outmaneuver opponents. Meanwhile, Teemo, often dubbed the "Swift Scout," introduces a different approach with his ability to control areas through his mushroom traps, providing vision and creating hazardous zones for enemies.

These champions, among others not mentioned in the top 10 list, present players with alternative strategies and playstyles, emphasizing the depth and complexity of playing the top lane in League of Legends.

Their unique kits and abilities cater to niche playstyles or specific counter-picks, enriching the full-lane meta and challenging players to continuously adapt and refine their tactics.

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