TOP League of Legends Skins That Give You An Advantage

Sebastian "primero" Pereira
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The skin is a thing of and for beauty. It has one function - decorative. But sometimes, this statement turns out to be wrong! And the skin not only decorates the character or weapon and gives the player a significant advantage over rivals. What skins do this if talking about League of Legends?

Muay Thai Lee Sin

Classic LoL skins are retextures of champions that already exist in the game. Animation and voice cues are added, and some parts of the model change. And in this case, this is precisely the situation: nothing seems to have changed. It's smoother.And if the player is craving to play with smoother movements, then Muay Thai Lee Sin gives many advantages! Still, if the player does not like the skin's design, exploring other options for improving the skin is better.

Dark Star Karma

Sound signals are essential in League of Legends - they allow players to react asap to many changes. For example, to keep the cooldown of abilities or to prevent the enemy from attacking suddenly. The original Karma has such a sound signal - it announces her ult, and enemies can react to the fact that Karma is preparing to attack. But this kind of good signal is turned off for this skin - opponents may not hear that Karma is activating her ultimate and not react in time!

Justicar Syndra

The League is criticized for the effects of light particles. On the one hand, there is a light magician in the literal sense. On the other hand, skin carriers exclusively with particles go around. Justicar is perhaps the most unfortunate skin. If only because it gave the player a significant advantage! It was sometimes challenging to see the light particles on this skin. As a result, theopponents did not suspect anything, and Syndra stunned them, sometimes inflicting simply lethal damage. This skin is banned in professional games precisely because of this advantage. And in general, the developers still need to decide what to do with it.

Steel Legion Lux

By the way, due to the exact effects of light particles, sometimes several skins do not allow them to distinguish different abilities from each other. They are precisely the same when fired, so this champion, although generally simple, is good at deceiving opponents. A player uses one power instead of another, but the attack can be seen. But with Steel Legion Lux, it's sometimes unrealistic to see what a character is doing. Hence, as a result, opponents suffer from completely unexpected spells. At one time, this skin was in a ban for professional games. Still, the ban was lifted: the difficulty for opponents is adjustable through various PC settings.

Underworld Twisted Fate

The Howling Abyss is a unique map from Summoner's Rift. The chilling atmosphere is beautifully maintained, but the skills can be hidden entirely due to the bluish color palette! The same with this skin: the glow looks excellent, but not in the Howling Abyss, where a lot of things are just not visible, and this creates a significant problem for opponents as well.


Hooks are abilities that pull a target from a distance, grabbing it. Alas, new animations sometimes interfere with their accuracy. But this does not apply to skin, released with the version for macOS, even dedicated to Apple. Here, the first that comes off is much longer than is seen from the animation, which means that it becomes a straightforward thing to aim for, while the enemy does not have time to escape!

Arclight Varus

The Archer who wears this skin has always been considered entirely predictable - the trajectory of a flying arrow is quite clear. But he also has an ultimate, Chains of Corruption! Even though it works slowly, it is still challenging to react in time. And it turns out that with arrows that are easy to dodge, the ultimate of this character leaves the enemy not so many chances... Balance in everything, in a word!

Pulsefire Twisted Fate

The character's ultimate Destiny/Gate, has been dramatically improved for this skin. Twisted Fate can see a significant area on the map thanks to his Ultimate ability. In fact, at any point on the map. And the "Gate" depicted on the ground speaks of its appearance at one point or another. With this skin, such a gate is almost impossible to see, so the player becomes unpredictable to opponents!

Blackfrost Anivia

Skins of Anivia appear pretty rarely, so the appearance of each new one becomes a holiday for the few players who choose this character! Here is this skin: it has a highly deceptive animation. The hitbox gives the impression that it hits closer, but it is much farther! However, he also makes an impression on the player who controls Anivia. Learning how to calculate the hitbox range is a great advantage!

Elementalist Lux

Thanks to this skin, players can change their "elements" in the game - voice lines, particle effects, and animations. Players can choose those that almost all players will not see. You can - so that colorblind people cannot see them! In professional games the skin is not banned.

Spirit Blossom Yasuo

Spirit Blossom Yasuo is a skin in League of Legends that features Yasuo meditating among a backdrop of blossoms. While Yasuo is known as a champion that can struggle in certain matchups, the Spirit Blossom skin inadvertently provides a significant advantage to players. Specifically, the hitbox of Yasuo's Steel Tempest tornado is much larger than the particle, making it easier to hit opponents.

Dark Waters Vladimir

It is yet another skin that will provide a hidden advantage to the players in League of Legends. This skin makes it difficult to see Vladimir's abilities when fightingaround essential objectives in the river, such as the Dragon or Baron. The powers have a water-like effect with dull blue colors that blend in with the environment.

Elderwood Bard

Elderwood Bard is a pay-to-win skin that can be incredibly frustrating to play against. The hitbox of Bard's Cosmic Binding ability is much larger than the particle itself, making it difficult to dodge. Players may think they have sidestepped the ability. However, due to the inaccurate representation of the particle effect, they can still be hit.

Zombie Brand

Finally, Zombie Brand is a skin that gives players a distinct advantage over their opponents. The skin's green color palette makes it difficult to distinguish different abilities. The animation for Zombie Brand's Sear ability is similar to his auto attack animation, making it hard to predict. Additionally, when Zombie Brand is running toward an enemy champion, his animation can be mistaken for his Pillar of Flame ability, making it difficult to dodge.

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