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Eternals in League of Legends represent a premium champion mastery system designed to showcase a player's accomplishments and prowess with their favorite champions. They are stat trackers that highlight both unique and general gameplay milestones on a per-champion basis.

When players achieve a milestone for an Eternal, an in-game callout pop-up appears, celebrating their success. What do Eternals do in League of Legends — let's get in!


  • Complete guide to Eternals in League of Legends
  • Explanation of the Eternals system and use
  • Principal to the of types of Eternals
  • Exposition and know-how

Importance of Eternals

What are League of Legends Eternals? Eternals offer a unique method for players to display their skill level and achievements within the game. They extend the champion mastery system, adding a layer of personalization and bragging rights by tracking specific feats and milestones.

You play on MY terms!

How Eternals Work

Eternals are divided into two main types: Unique and Common. Unique Eternals are tailored to specific champions, tracking achievements or playstyles relevant to them, while Common Eternals apply to any champion, tracking universal achievements like total takedowns or objectives destroyed.

  • Common Eternals: these are not champion-specific and are typically part of the Starter Series.
  • Unique Eternals: tailored to individual champions, tracking specific stats. For example, Braum's "Harm Rejected" follows damage blocked with his Unbreakable ability.

And further - by types:

  • Champion-Specific Eternals: each champion's tracking stats are unique, allowing players to showcase specific skills or accomplishments.
  • Role-Specific Eternals: represented through six statues, each symbolizing different playstyles such as The Warden for controlling enemies and The Warrior for demolishing foes.
  • Event-Specific Eternals: these may be unlocked during special events or as part of rewards, offering players additional ways to earn Eternals outside of purchases.

Unlocking and Activating Eternals

Unlocking Eternals

When do Eternals come out? League of Legends offers them to us, but only for part of the time. Eternals can be purchased directly from the League of Legends store or through special events.

They are presented in sets for individual champions or as Series Passes for multiple champions. Upon purchase, Eternals are accessible in the "Progression" tab under the champion's section, where players can track their progress and achievements.

Various Eternal Series

Riot Games has introduced three Eternal Series:

Starter Series: tracks general stats like takedowns and epic monsters killed.

Series 1 and Series 2: focus on champion-specific achievements.

Purchasing Eternals

Eternals are available in the Champions Section of the League store. Players can select the "Eternals" tab to make a purchase.

Eternal Series Costs

There are various pricing options for Eternals:

  • Starter Series Eternal: 225 RP / 2500 BE
  • Series 1 and Series 2 Eternals: 600 RP each

Eternal Passes for Extensive Champion Pools

Eternal passes are available for players with a wide range of champions, unlocking Eternals across all champions. The cost of these passes is higher, reflecting their extensive coverage.

Earning Eternal Capsules

Players can earn Eternal Capsules by completing missions or as ranked rewards for players reluctant to spend real money. These capsules can yield set shards for RP-only Eternal sets.

Enhancing the Mastery Emote with Eternals

Hitting 15 milestones in an Eternal set upgrades your Mastery Emote with an exclusive fiery effect. The more series you complete, the more impressive the emote becomes.

Eternal Types Represented by Runeterran Gods

Six Runeterran gods

Eternals are categorized by the ancient Runeterran gods, each symbolizing different playstyles. They also tell the appeal to old Runeterran gods. Each god represents a gameplay pillar. This concept enriches gaming. It adds a mythical and cultural layer to the achievements.

Here's a deeper look into the different types of Eternals represented by these gods:

The Warden
It focuses on controlling champions in fights. It does this through crowd control (CC). It's embodied by the motto, "You play on MY terms." Champions like Sejuani and Nunu are typical examples of this category.

The Protector
Focuses on damage or CC mitigation. This includes tanking, shielding, or prevention. The motto "Not today" encapsulates its essence. Braum and Shen are sample champions who fit well within this Eternal.

The Empress

Represents superior micro/macro skills, flawless play, or decision-making. The motto "Big brains. Big plays" suits this category. Champions like Fiora and Ezreal are often associated with The Empress.

The Guide

This one empowers teammates to make plays and stay in the fight. This Eternal's motto is "Take the lantern." It's best shown by champions who support and guide their team. Examples are Soraka and Sona.

The Warrior

It is all about dealing with harm. They do it most brutally and straightforwardly. The motto "Rekt" succinctly describes this Eternal. Typical champions that embody The Warrior are Mordekaiser and Darius.

The Trickster

Involves deceitful, manipulative mind games. The motto "/all ?" fits this category, and champions like Shaco and Teemo exemplify him.

That makes Eternals more than just achievement trackers. They are deeply tied to Rune Terra's lore and culture. They add depth and context to the player's accomplishments. This way of tracking achievements in League of Legends is unique. It quantifies skills and achievements. But it also links them with the game's universe's story and mythos.

Unlocking the Personal Best Milestone

Achieving five milestones on an Eternal unlocks the Personal Best feature, tracking your highest single-match score with that Eternal.

Personal Best Milestone

How do I put on Eternals

League of Legends makes it easy indeed. Players can choose which Eternals to display on the loading screen and in-game, offering flexibility in showcasing their achievements. Eternals also feature options to mute milestones in-game, catering to players' preferences for visibility.

Opting Out of Eternals

Players can disable Eternals through the in-game menu, offering the choice not to display milestones or limit their visibility to just the player and their team.

Customization and Management

  • How do you unlock Eternals for champions the player doesn't own
    Eternals must be purchased for individual champions, implying ownership is a prerequisite.
  • How do you use Eternals in any game mode?
    While Eternals can be showcased in any mode, some modes, like ARURF, do not support Eternals tracking.
  • How do you track progress toward an Eternal?
    Players can track progress in the "Progression" tab under the champion's section, where purchased Eternals and milestones are displayed.
  • Can the player use Eternal Progress from one game mode to another
    Progress is universally recorded as long as the game mode supports eternal tracking.

Eternals in League of Legends offer a dynamic way to celebrate personal achievements, allowing players to showcase their mastery and accomplishments in a visually rewarding manner. Whether aiming to intimidate opponents with demonstrated prowess or simply tracking personal growth, Eternals add a rich layer of engagement to the champion mastery experience.


Eternals in League of Legends are primarily for tracking individual and specialized achievements. But, they inadvertently foster a more profound sense of community among players. They start discussions about strategies. They also champion mastery and gameplay styles in the game's community.

For example, people dedicate forums and social media platforms to League of Legends. They often see players sharing their Eternal milestones. The players seek advice on specific Eternals or boast about their unique accomplishments.

This community aspect is not an explicit function of the Eternals system. But, it dramatically boosts player engagement and adds to the vibrant culture around the game. These interactions bring players together. They create an environment where they share knowledge and experiences. This enriches the game.

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