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Skins in honor of Faker will soon be available in League of Legends - Faker Ahri skins are not sold individually. Instead, they are included in collections for the Hall of Legends event. Players must pay 5,430 RP for the cheapest variant, but the top, expensive variant will cost 59,260 RP.

This article is intended to provide the information you need to make a well-informed choice when purchasing these highly desired in-game items. The blix.gg team will also discuss what is included in the Collections and the gaming community's reactions to the high cosmetics price in LoL.


  • Hall of Legends Faker event details
  • New Bundle with skins and prices
  • League of Legends community reaction to the New Bundle

The Hall of Legends event will start soon. The developers added it to the game in honor of legendary Korean midlaner Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok's induction into the Hall of Legends - a four-time world champion.

Read in the article Who Is Faker is and what role he played in the history of League of Legends.

The esport League of Legends has its own Hall of Fame, known simply as the Hall of Legends. This prestigious award recognizes professional players from all corners of the globe who have achieved greatness in the game.

Hall of Legends Event Trailer

The Hall of Legends event starts with a bang on June 12, 2024, at 11 a.m. PDT. It ends on July 8, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Hall of Legends 2024 Pass

Risen Legend LeBlanc Skin

As part of the event, League of Legends will have a special Battle Pass for 100 levels: for its completion, you can get profile icons, emotions, mythic essence, colors for new skins, T1 looks, and much more. The Battle Pass will cost 1,950 RP (about $16) - only by completing it will you be able to get a themed skin on Le Blanc.

Battle Pass Rewards:

  • Risen Legend LeBlanc Skin
  • SKT T1 Zed, Ryze, and Syndra Skins
  • 125 Mythic Essence
  • 14 Faker-ific Icons & Emotes
  • "Broccoli Baron" Title
  • Hide on bush Ward
  • Unkillable Demon King Banner
  • 6 Orbs

Faker Skins in League of Legends


In addition, Riot Games will add three Bundles with variations of the look on Ari and additional features:

  • Risen Legend Ahri
  • Risen Legend LeBlanc
  • Immortalized Legend Ahri

It is essential to understand that Faker skins are unavailable for individual purchases. They are exclusively bundled with other Hall of Legends 2024 content.

But their price caused a separate indignation among the fanbase.

Risen Legend Ahri

The Risen Legend Collection highlights the Risen Legend Ahri skin and is the most affordable option at 5,430 RP (just over $40). This Collection includes:

  • Hall of Legends Pass
  • Risen Legend Ahri Skin
  • Takedown Counter Taunt
  • Ahri (Champion)
  • Exclusive Border
  • Exclusive Icon and Emote.

Immortalized Legend Collection

Immortalized Legend Collection has a more unique and powerful look than the previous skin. The price of this skin is 32,430 RP, which translates to about 250 dollars.

Along with the exclusive skin, players will receive:

  • Immortalized Legend Ahri skin
  • Exclusive Structure finisher VFX
  • Exclusive Champ finisher VFX
  • Custom Visual announcer
  • Unique Skin transformations
  • 3 Demon King Forms with unique voiceover
  • Demon's Chosen Transformation with Demon King HUD during the ultimate
  • Risen Legend collection
  • Holographic Immortalized splash art
  • Dynamic profile background
  • Immortalized border

If players purchase the more expensive "Signature" version, the skin will come with the following improvements:

  • Faker's signature move on Ctrl+5
  • Faker structure finisher

It costs 59,260 RP, which would translate to about $450. In addition to this, the player will also receive:

  • Final Boss Faker title
  • Signature Immortalized border
  • Signature banner
  • Signature splash art (Ahri and LeBlanc)
  • 100 pass levels
  • Risen Legend LeBlanc Paragon chroma
  • SKT T1 Zed, Ryze, and Syndra Paragon chromas
  • Exclusive icon and emote

If you already bought the Hall of Legends 2024 Pass, you'll get a discount if you upgrade to one of the more extensive collections later. This applies even if you purchase a collection different from the one you initially discounted with the pass.

Community Reaction

League of Legends fans were shocked by the cost of new cosmetic items. Many noted that despite their love for Faker, they can't afford to spend $500 on collectable skins. In addition, gamers are upset that buying looks will no longer be possible after the end of the event.

Former professional player and commentator Mark "Caedrel" Lamont also expressed his concerns. He tweeted:

The post Mark "Caedrel" Lamont

PCS caster Clement Chu on X wrote that such skin prices were a red flag:

The post Clement Chu

People have also voiced their outrage on Reddit. However, there were some funny reactions, too, related to the fact that Faker himself never used skins.

What are Transcendent Skins in LoL? New Skin Tier

Despite the huge negative reaction, no announcements were made about the price change. However, a new skin tier was introduced.

Developer Riot Games has introduced a new skin tier called "Transcendent," which is even higher than the Ultimate tier. The skins of this tier were the most expensive and of the highest quality. It's likely that the game will feature even more expensive skins now. Risen and Immortalized Legend Ahri were the first skins in the new tier.

The highest quality version of Ahri's skin, which costs around $500 USD, has become the most expensive cosmetic item ever sold in League of Legends.

It's likely that other skins released as part of Hall of Legends will also be added to this tier, but Riot has yet to confirm whether that will be the case.

Riot has yet to reveal what they plan for this new skin tier, potentially leading to further controversy among the League of Legends community.

Skin Trailer Immortalized Legend Ahri

A still from Ari's skin trailer

The skin trailer begins with Ari entering a building and walking down a hallway. She walks past the statues of Champions Faker has played on over the years. Ari then runs and jumps over a chasm and makes her way to a staircase before the scene changes to show Faker looming in the background.


Faker is the first member of the LoL Hall of Legends. He was selected by a special committee of veterans, current players, commentators, and experts from each region.

The player holds the record for the most League of Legends titles (four wins) and many other prestigious titles, such as Mid-Season Invitationals and LCK championships.

In addition to statistics, Faker is known for his incredible skills, strategic mindset, and clutch play.

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