Most Expensive and Rarest Items in Dota 2

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hat item in DOTA 2 can be considered the most luxurious and expensive? It can be bought and sold in the game. Among them are those who bought for big money. So it remains only to make a list.

Top 10 Rarest Items in Dota 2

  1. Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog
  2. Desert Sands Baby Roshan
  3. Alpine Stalker's Set
  4. Legacy Stumpy - Nature's Attendant
  5. Jade Baby Roshan
  6. Legacy Morok's Mechanical Mediary
  7. Rarity Of The Benefactor 2018
  8. Tsukumo, The Moon Cloud
  9. Genuine Axe Of Phractos
  10. Golden Silent Wake

Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog

Indescribably expensive skin. It was sold in 2013 for… thirty-eight thousand dollars. And all the unique effect of the enteric flame is easily recognized on the map. When the skin was created, an ethereal love was added to the unusual courier. Itsprice: $38,000.

Desert Sands Baby Roshan

This courier leaves a trail of dust while traveling around the map! Unique sand animation, what else is there to say? Prevalent skin! And it is expensive because it is complicated to get. To do this, you need to get three stars during the Siltbreaker campaign. Or buy, of course. The current price is $1,411.

Alpine Stalker's Set

A highly acclaimed set of skins - almost any element of the set is elementaryrecognizable as part of the collection! Even those cosmetics work exclusively on the hero's appearance, and those are designed in a general style. But the developer removed the set from the store. Tons of negative feedback provoked Valve to stop selling. This is how skins become expensive: by becoming unique. Trading is possible only using the number of copies bought while the set is still officially on sale. Now the price is appropriate: $1204.

Legacy Stumpy - Nature's Attendant

Most often, courier skins are animal costumes. And this one is a suit of a grumpy stump. No special effects, no animation, but cool, right?! And you can get it only if you add a colorful gem to Stumpy - Nature's Attendant. And on sale, player can find it for $881.

Jade Baby Roshan

It not only differs from other couriers but also from other Roshans! A charming green flame flickers the entire time the courier is on the road. Such beauty is obtained thanks to the Cavern Crawl event, which is included in The International 2018 Battle Pass. And on sale, it can be bought for $1378.

Legacy Morok's Mechanical Mediary

Morok itself costs less than a dollar. Gemstone - $774. Is it possible to combine stone and Morok? Yes, then the cost will be $775. And the one who buys a mechanical media with a precious stone right away will get $ 795. Twenty dollars of benefit, in this case, does not play a unique role. And Morok in an augmented form is really very good. The stone is suitable for different couriers separately, which should be taken into account.

Rarity Of The Benefactor 2018

Probably the most requested treasure in the game! This chest contains a lot of very high-level items. For example, Ornithomancer Benefactor's Golden Robe! Or the Bow of the Monarch, or the Axe of Fraktos. It's no wonder that this chest costs up to $664.

Tsukumo, The Moon Cloud

This unique itemcompletely changes the look of your mount! It allows you to ride a gigantic rabbit, not a cat, as players have used to. And the appearance of the hero also changes! Now you can jump on a riding rabbit and make a lot of impressions! This skin is issued in case of the purchase of the Mirana sculpture by Artgerm and Mark Newman. And the selling price is $664.

Genuine Axe Of Phractos

It was easily obtained by purchasing an Axe figurine from the WETA Workshop. It can no longer be accepted anywhere except on the trading markets, so it is one of the rarest items in the game. This axe changes Counter Helix's effect - allowing you to achieve a fiery image. And it costs $ 631 - a reasonable amount. Sometimes this axe can be found much cheaper.

Golden Silent Wake

Required by the Drow Ranger. It looks like a pauldron with expressive skin and golden feathers on the shoulders. In addition, itchanges the animation of Gust - it becomes more significant and is all-encompassing! It also leaves a lovely mark on the ground after it is thrown. This fantastic thing costs $537.

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