ORDER is up for sale

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Published  17 Aug, 17:14
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Australian esports organization ORDER has entered voluntary administration due to financial problems and is up for sale.

"The business [ORDER] is FOR SALE and not completely dead yet. Interested parties should contact the appointed administrators," Chris "GoMeZ" Orfanellis said on Twitter.

He added that the organization achieved great results in esports.

“I was tasked with building the best Esports team OCE had ever seen and as this news breaks I reflect on the great players, coaches and support staff who represented us. ORDER is the current OCE Champions in EVERY TITLE we play: CSGO, Valorant, League of Legends, FIFA, FORTNITE,” GoMeZ noted.

Although the organization raised 5.3 m AUD (3.6 m USD) in funding last year, ORDER's management had to file paperwork with the Australian regulators for voluntary administration. The company had run out of money.

ORDER's future and the future of their multiple esports teams is uncertain.