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Following a year of ups and downs in Rainbow Six, Parabellum released all the players from the Siege squad. However, Chris Lamarucciola, Parabellum’s CEO, explained this in detail to BLIX.GG this decision and opened the window to a deep look into the organization's plans for 2023.

Chris Parabellum: “We are just re-evaluating the game after the first year in NAL, we want to make sure that it is a financial success for the organization. There were a lot of expenses that came along with the new team, so sitting down with our parent company we’re just trying to discuss the viability for the next year and how we can be better.”

“I’m not saying that 2022 was not a success because I feel that it was, but we do want to re-evaluate with the information that we have right now for 2023.”

Parabellum 2022

“We were a brand new team, our first season in NAL, and we didn’t have huge expectations, at least for the first stage. We wanted everyone to understand what NAL was, and that’s why Creators was on board. He was in the league the year before with XSET.

“I think as the year went on our goals were to achieve one Major, something that we were close to in Stage 2, and to make a good run to SI."

“Other than that, I don’t think I put pressure on the team to over-perform, we didn’t want to be at the bottom of the table at the end of the day, we didn’t want to be in 10th place. We wanted to prove that we, as a brand-new organization, could compete with everybody and I think we showed that but I think Stage 3 kind of fell apart.”

This was pB’s roster for 2022 (Photo: Parabellum) This was pB’s roster for 2022 (Photo: Parabellum)

Visas and expanding pB roster beyond NA

“I’m not sure if we will expand our roster regionally again as we did with BlaZ from Europe last year. I think the biggest expansion will be to stick with North American talent.”

“For this year, we are looking back on reinvesting in Circuito Feminino. We had a very successful year in that league and we want to bring those girls back in whatever capacity we can. So, we do want to continue to invest in the Brazilian space on the women's side and focus on North American talent with the North American roster.”

“Bringing BlaZ was a success, he did prove to everyone that he was a top-tier player in North America but the transfers and the timing to get a visa were very difficult this year. So, it’s something that I don’t see us approaching.”

“We had Eskaa who came from Canada that needed a visa and P3NGU1N also coming from Canada who needed a visa for the US. Then with BlaZ, we started his contract before the league started but we could get him in for Stage 2.”

“VBM, our coach from India got a US visa, so we had four visas on the table to get in that year, not including SpiriTz if had stayed with us. That’s a learning lesson from this year, additional expenses that we probably could save tens of thousands of dollars. I don’t regret the decision that we made but we’ll be smarter in the future.”


It was routine to hear speculation about Alexandre “BlaZ” Thomas for several months. A transfer didn’t happen, but Chris confirmed that there were talks about selling the French.

“I confirm that we were in conversations with G2 for quite a few months for BlaZ, however, they made the decision to make other signings.”

BlaZ was rumored to join G2 (Photo: Ubisoft/Eric Ananmalay) BlaZ was rumored to join G2 (Photo: Ubisoft/Eric Ananmalay)

A Gabriel “cameram4n” Hespanhol's move to Parabellum was also a topic of discussion in the last weeks, and the Brazilian did a tryout with the team.

“We did approach FaZe for a tryout, I believe he tried out with the team but honestly I don’t know how well it went.”

“But like I said before, we’re not interested in players' visas right now and imports. If it was beneficial and if it makes sense we would probably approach that but the timing right now is not great. We are just waiting until SI ends to make any decision as an organization and the roster.

Parabellum’s Brazilian operations

Rafael: “Can we wait on more Parabellum rosters in Brazil?”

Chris Parabellum: “That is the plan. We love the fanbase, and we love the relationship, and we have to give it to the girls that were in the Circuito Feminino team for helping us and establishing our footing in that region

“We’re definitely looking deeply to South America as the organization goes and I’m looking to bring some people on the management side as well and on the communication side for sure as we’re looking to other games, streamers and creators. You’ll start seeing a lot more visibility from the Parabellum side in the South American region and less so in North America.”

Rocket League

“We’ve been in Rocket League in a few regions, we’ve tried North America, we were in Asia Pacific for a while as well, they were a very good team, but due to the time zone, it was rough. After we saw the response from the women’s Siege team we wanted to try and see how South America is as we’re seeing a lot of action and organizations entering that space and we’re seeing success there.

“I’m really happy with the decision that our management team made on making that move into that region and hopefully we can turn that into Rocket League skins in the game as well for Parabellum and turn that into something we can monetize.”

More games and pB’s goals to 2023

“I’m going to say that we are looking to be in most likely one mobile title and probably Apex Legends. Honestly, I would like to get back into iRacing, so that might happen in the next six months.”

“Number one, I would like to be back on a world stage and number two is continuing to give our fans transparency on what’s going on with the organization and educate people on what happens relating to the operations in any Esports company because I think that it’s not happening in the world right now.”

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