Rainbow 6: The Consistency of Brazilian Teams across International Events

Matheus Veras
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    In the last ten international tournaments, the region has had at least one team among the top four in the competition.

    Since the arrival of the LATAM region in official international competitions, Brazilians have stood out and performed well, despite initially few titles. Let's remember the recent tournaments and the good performances of Brazilian teams.

    Six Invitational 2020

    The first tournament after the troubled Pro League S10 Tokoname, FaZe Clan, and Ninjas in Pyjamas played with incomplete teams due to visa problems. Despite this, the Ninjas came in full force in the following championship with an impeccable group stage. Still, with a loss in the playoffs to TSM, the team had to beat G2 (EU), DarkZero (NA), BDS (EU), and TSM (NA) to reach the grand final, where they lost 3-2, but this marked the beginning of a change in the air for Brazil.

    Jv92 celebrating a round win Jv92 celebrating a round win (Image Credits: Ubisoft/Kirill_Vision)

    Six Invitational 2021

    The dream tournament for Brazilian fans, not only because of the champion but because all the stories involving Brazilians were happy. Despite the failure of Team oNe and Furia, who finished 9th-12th, they were new teams competing in such a big competition for the first time and were eliminated by two great teams, BDS and Team Empire, both from Europe. In continuing the competition, FaZe Clan was eliminated by Team Liquid and finished in 5th-6th place. At the same time, MiBR, Team Liquid, and Ninjas in Pyjamas made up the competition podium, the first and so far ONLY complete podium of a region in Six Invitational, including the return of Ninjas in Pyjamas in the grand final and now winning their first title.

    Six Major Mexico 2021

    Team oNe won their first official title in Rainbow Six: Siege and a Six Major in a historic campaign. With a delicate campaign in the group stage, as the team needed to win 7-0 or 7-1 to qualify for the playoffs, a 7-2 score would guarantee a new tiebreaker game, and any score above that would result in elimination. The game ended 7-2, and in the new tiebreaker, the Brazilians won in one of the biggest comebacks in Rainbow Six: Siege history. In the playoffs, the team eliminated DarkZero (NA), and in the domestic confrontation against Team Liquid, won with a 7-0 victory in the last map of the match. Finally, in the grand final, a challenging game against Team Empire ended with a victory for Team oNe by 3-2 in maps.

    Six Major Sweden 2021

    To wrap up a great year for the region, another tremendous Brazilian final, now between Ninjas in Pyjamas and FaZe Clan, took place at the Six Major Sweden. The Ninjas had an almost perfect campaign, with only one loss in the group stage (to Team BDS, from Europe) and eliminating Spacestation (NA) and Rogue (EU) with clean 2-0 victories in maps. FaZe Clan had the same quality, with a group stage similar to Ninjas, with the only loss to Rogue.

    FaZe Clan crowned champions of the Six Major Sweden FaZe Clan crowned champions of the Six Major Sweden (Image Credits: Ubisoft/Kirill_Vision)

    In the playoffs, they eliminated Team BDS and had an extremely balanced game against DAMWON (APAC), with the last round of overtime being decided in a 1v1. In the grand final, a great game and victory for FaZe Clan, which won their first (and so far only) international title in Rainbow Six: Siege.

    Six Invitational 2022

    After three consecutive titles and five finalists of international tournaments, Brazil was left out of the grand final but secured its place on the podium with FaZe Clan. With a roller coaster-style campaign, the team finished 3rd in the group stage and was thrown into the losers' bracket by Team Liquid. There they made a good campaign by eliminating Elevate (APAC), DarkZero (NA), and Soniqs (NA) and winning the domestic duel against MiBR, which secured the team on the podium. However, in the match against TSM for a spot in the grand final, a performance well below expectations, winning only four rounds and being eliminated with 3rd place.

    Six Major Charlotte 2022

    The Six Major filled with problems. After Pro League S10, where there were visa problems, the pain returned and affected three of the four teams that qualified for the tournament. W7M and Furia had their visas denied for all players, and Team oNe had only two out of five players' visas approved, and with that, the three teams opted to play from the Ubisoft studio in Mexico, facing ping problems for a fair match. Despite this, Team oNe managed to qualify for the playoffs along with Team Liquid (who had no visa problems), and to try to make a fair game; Team oNe sent three players to the main event while the other players played with high ping. The attempt was good, but they were still eliminated by DarkZero, who, in the semifinals, eliminated the only surviving Brazilian team, Team Liquid.

    Six Major Berlin and Jönköping 2022

    Team Liquid after the end of the map in the Jönköping Major final Team Liquid after the end of the map in the Jönköping Major final (Image Credits: Ubisoft/itsmeERROR)

    The latest championships are still fresh in our memory, like FaZe Clan's good campaign in Berlin, which despite losing the group lead due to slip-ups on the last day, the team won two home matches in the playoffs against FURIA and w7m. Still, in the grand final, they lost to Rogue in what some fans consider the best final in recent years. And in Jönköping, another great final and another Brazilian in the Top 4. Team Liquid had an almost perfect group stage, slipping only in the last game against TSM. Still, fate had it that the four qualified Brazilians stayed on the same side of the bracket, and with that, Liquid had to beat FaZe Clan and w7m to reach the grand final but ended up losing to Team BDS.

    Six Invitational 2023 and Six Major Copenhagen

    The Brazilian team w7m was knocking on the door in the last two editions of the Six Major, reaching the top 4 but being stopped by another Brazilian before the grand final. Still, the team's consistency created great expectations for the tournament, and it was met. With a good group stage, despite the placement, the team reaches the playoffs well and manages to win games against Team BDS (EU), M80 (NA), KOI (EU), and Oxygen (NA) to reach the grand final for the first time in history. Still, the final result was not the second Brazilian title that fans dreamed of.

    And now, in Copenhagen, w7m has achieved their dream title and is following a path from the first phase to the grand final without losing a single game and only one map. And talking about the region, besides the champion, the runner-up was also Brazilian, and the 3rd-4th.

    Historically, the region started with good numbers, such as Black Dragons' runner-up in Pro League S4 and S6, in addition to Team Liquid's title in Pro League S7, but it has always been characterized by oscillation, between each final, the next championship was at most semis (in an 8-team championship, with one victory, top 4 was guaranteed). Before the Six Invitational 2020, the region had only had four finalists in 11 championships, and after that, there were 11 finalists in 10 championships (!!!), incredible numbers that show the region's evolution.

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