Best Attackers in R6 Siege (2024)

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In the world of Rainbow Six Siege, keeping a step ahead is about skill and knowing the best tools at your disposal. We wrote about the best R6S Operators in general. The top R6S Attacker Operators 2024 lineup has become more dynamic, challenging players to adapt or be left behind. Here, we present our in-depth analysis and personal insights on the best attackers, blending our expertise with the latest meta-shifts to guide veterans and newcomers alike.


  • List of the best R6S attackers by tier
  • Detailed analysis of the top-tiered operators
  • Examination of the R6S meta in 2024

Dive into the tactical depths of Rainbow Six Siege 2024 with our expert breakdown of the best attackers. Discover how Operators like Nomad, Thatcher, Zero, and Ace dominate the meta and how you can leverage their strengths to secure victory.

Rainbow Six Siege Attacker Tier List 2024

S Tier: Thatcher, Nomad, Zero

A Tier: Ace, Zofia, Sledge, Hibana, Maverick, Finka

B Tier: Ash, Buck, IQ, Blackbeard, Capitao

C Tier: Kali, Nøkk, Ying, Lion

D Tier: Amaru, Glaz, Montagne

E Tier: Blitz

Best R6 Siege Attackers 2024 in Detail

Nomad: The Tactical Innovator

Nomad excels in controlling flanks with her Airjabs and offers a versatile arsenal but requires strategic placement since Airjabs can be neutralized. Place Airjabs in common run-out spots for the best effect.

Advantage: controls flanks and protects positions with Airjabs

Release Date: December 4, 2018

Nomad continues to redefine strategic gameplay in Rainbow Six Siege. Her unique gadget, the Airjab, forces defenders to play more cautiously, altering the game flow significantly. Her ability to disrupt and disorient makes her indispensable in high-level play. While attentive defenders can counter her gadgets, her impact on the game's dynamics cements her place as a top-tier attacker in 2024.

Thatcher: The Essential Support

Thatcher is invaluable for turning off a wide range of gadgets and supporting hard breachers, although he's often banned and has limited direct combat utility. Syncing EMPs with breaching attempts maximizes effectiveness.

Advantage: clears gadgets, easing breaches with EMP grenades

Release Date: December 1, 2015

Thatcher remains a linchpin in any attacking lineup, thanks to his EMP grenades that can disable many defender gadgets. His unchanged yet increasingly crucial role amidst the growing electronic warfare in Siege showcases his enduring value. In our view, Thatcher's ability to clear the way for breachers and disrupt defender setups is unmatched, making him a must-pick in coordinated team play.

Zero: The Intel Maestro

Zero provides valuable intel with his cameras and has a versatile loadout, but his cameras are easily destroyed, and he has a limited number of Argus cams. Cameras should be placed in unexpected spots to gather intel efficiently.

Advantage: provides intel on enemy positions with cameras

Release Date: September 10, 2020

Zero's introduction brought a new level of tactical intelligence to the attacker's arsenal. His Argus cameras provide unparalleled information-gathering and gadget disruption capabilities. We find his versatility in intel-gathering both before and during assaults invaluable. While his gadgets require strategic placement to avoid easy destruction, the potential payoff makes Zero a game-changer in skilled hands.

Ace: The Breaching Powerhouse

Ace offers ranged hard breaching capabilities and wields a powerful AK-12 but faces challenges when his breaching tool is neutralized, and his breaching process can be slow. Combining breaches with distractions can help overcome these challenges.

Advantage: creates new attack routes with ranged breaching

Release Date: June 16, 2020

Ace has revolutionized the breaching role with his S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breachers. Offering both range and flexibility, he provides attackers with new angles of attack and pressure points on defender positions. Our perspective is that Ace's combination of breaching capability and potent weaponry makes him a top-tier Operator for dismantling fortified defenses despite the presence of counters.

Sledge: The Soft Breach Specialist

Sledge specializes in quick soft breaching and brings extra utility with grenades but is limited to breaching soft surfaces and is vulnerable while hammering. Utilizing vertical play by opening ceilings or floors can be very effective.

Advantage: quickly opens up soft surfaces for entry or sightlines

Release Date: December 1, 2015

Sledge stands out for his unparalleled proficiency in breaching soft surfaces. Wielding his iconic tactical sledgehammer, he can quickly open new lines of sight and pathways. Sledge's straightforward yet practical approach to breaching makes him an essential pick for teams looking to maintain momentum and apply pressure through physical environmental alterations.

Zofia: The Master of Versatility

Zofia features a dual-purpose launcher for breaching and disorienting enemies, which can self-revive once per match. However, her launcher ammo is limited, and concussion grenades can affect teammates. Checking rooms with concussion grenades before entering is a tactical move.

Advantage: disorients enemies and breaches with a versatile launcher

Release Date: December 5, 2017

In our eyes, Zofia's ability to fulfill multiple roles—from breaching to crowd control—without sacrificing firepower or utility makes her a consistently top-tier choice for attackers in 2024. Her resilience, symbolized by her withstanding ability, often tips the scales in close engagements, underscoring her value in high-stakes scenarios.

The Supporting Cast: B Tier and Below

While the spotlight shines brightest on those in the S and A tiers, the meta's depth is enriched by a diverse cast of Operators offering specialized utilities. From the intel-gathering prowess of IQ to the unique breaching capabilities of Buck, each Operator can be the key to victory when deployed in the proper context. However, their effectiveness often hinges on niche scenarios or requires a mastery of specific gameplay mechanics, making them situational choices compared to the versatility and raw power of the top-tier attackers.

The Evolution of Siege Warfare

As Rainbow Six Siege continues its march into 2024 and beyond, the meta remains in flux, with each update potentially heralding the rise of new strategies and Operator dominances. Staying abreast of these changes, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each Operator, and practicing strategic adaptability are crucial to dominating the Siege landscape.

The path to victory in Rainbow Six Siege is paved with knowledge, strategy, and teamwork. Operators like Nomad, Thatcher, Zero, and Ace stand out in the 2024 meta for their unparalleled abilities to shift the tides of battle. Yet, the true strength of an attacker lies not just in their capabilities but in how they complement their team, adapt to evolving strategies, and exploit the ever-changing battlefield dynamics.

As we advance, the key to supremacy in Siege lies in mastering the art of tactical innovation and strategic execution. The tier list for attackers in 2024 provides a comprehensive overview of the current meta, highlighting the balance between utility, firepower, and versatility among the Operator choices.

From our analysis, it's clear that the game's strategic depth continues to evolve, with Operators like Thatcher, Nomad, and Zero leading the charge due to their game-changing abilities. Meanwhile, the distinction between tiers underscores the importance of Operator synergy and player skill in leveraging each Operator's strengths. Understanding and adapting to these tiers is crucial for anyone looking to excel in Rainbow Six Siege this year.


It's crucial to consider Operators not highlighted in our tier list, as each brings unique abilities that can turn the tide of a match under specific circumstances or in the hands of a skilled player. Operators like Twitch, with her ability to disable gadgets from a distance, Dokkaebi, known for hacking defender cameras and causing disruptions, or Flores and his explosive drones, offer tactical options that, when employed creatively, can dismantle even the most fortified defenses.

Jackal is another noteworthy mention, with his tracking ability making him a thorn in the side of roamers. While these Operators may not have made it to the top tiers in our current assessment, their potential impact in niche situations or particular map setups should not be underestimated. Their effectiveness can vary based on team composition, strategy, and the opposing team's setup, highlighting the depth of tactical variety that Rainbow Six Siege continues to offer.

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