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Rafael Ferreira
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    Kaique “Faallz” Moreira joins Team Secret— it’s a new country, new league, new language and new region for the Brazilian. Following several years of competing in his home country, Faallz is ready to be back in the competition after being benched from MIBR’s active roster since May this year. During his time with MIBR, their 3rd and 4th places in the Six Invitationals 2021 and 2022 respectively, were the peak for the Faallz within the legendary Counter-Strike organization.

    “My period in MIBR was very good, we’ve done a good trajectory, especially with the good runs in the Six Invitationals.”

    End of the line

    Even though MIBR was able to make those runs in the SI’s, the team struggled to qualify for Majors, not being able to qualify for one in 2 years due to poor results in domestic competitions. “I think we ended up staying too much time together, and we lost some chemistry in the team. Sometimes, the change is needed to keep evolving, but I’m very happy to have been part of MIBR’s history.” Said Faallz.

    The 24-year-old player gave more details about his last months with the organization: “In the end, we were trying some changes in the team, but major changes were expected, and I don’t leave unhappy, to be honest. I understand their decision even though I believe I wasn’t kicked because of performance but a change to shift the way to work and find a solution for the team. I think it was the best for everyone.”

    Long off-season

    With the Major Copenhagen finished in early May, most of the tier 1 teams haven’t competed since then, apart from those who were able to qualify for Gamers8.

    Faallz gave his thoughts about the long new off-season brought by Ubisoft and BLAST for this new year. “I think this so long off-season was a Ubisoft’s ball out. Since the beginning, I was a guy that complained about the format used since the Pro League, which was in best of one.” He said.

    “In that type of format, I believe that doesn’t allow the teams to show everything they know. Playing only four best-of-ones and having the risk to be eliminated, I think that’s very bad. I still think they didn’t learn yet because they left us without tournaments for much more time than the previous years.” Said Faalz.

    “For example, if a team was eliminated in the first phase, they played four maps and the map pool has nine, it’s ridiculous. I hope they listen the community and change that for the next year, more tournaments, and the format, I want to play all the map pool maps in the season.”

    Not a secret, but a new team

    Reported to be joining the team by BLIX.GG, Faallz and also the Brazilian Luiz “Miracle” Abrantes, former FURIA player, will compete in the European League under the Team Secret tag.

    Check out the new Team Secret roster for the upcoming matches:

    • Lucas “Savage” Alves
    • Dawid “Gruby” Marciniak
    • Harvey “Eupor” Hawkins
    • Kaique “Faallz” Moreira
    • Luiz “Miracle” Abrantes

    “Following the news of me leaving MIBR, Twister contacted me and tried to understand what happened. We start talking about Secret since then and then the tryouts in the team, and everyone liked me. It’s a completely different challenge, but I’m enjoying it a lot.” explained Faallz.

    About the new teammate, Faallz has no doubts: “I think he’s a very good support, and Twister and Miracle know each one very well, so I think it will work out.”

    Brazil, why not?

    Faallz offered an explanation behind his decision to join Secret. “I had proposals from Brazil, but in the contractual topic, Secret had much more to offer, not only about salary but also the experience of playing in another league. One point was also the stability of the organizations in Brazil. When I left there was Looking For Org orgless but a few more left. It wouldn’t be a smart decision choosing to stay in Brazil due to that instability. He said.

    Playing in another language is not a scary prospect for the new Secret player either. “My English was always good, but I never stopped to think about an experience to play in an English communication team. It’s a different reality, but Twister told me that I went well in the first trial.” Faallz explained.

    Me, Miracle, Twister and Savage are in Serbia. The initial plan was to put everyone in the same place as a gaming house environment to have that experience, but personal things prevented the change of the remaining players to here.” He said.

    Karl “Alem4o” Zarth brought the glory days back to G2 following the Six Invitational 2023 trophy and in M80, Matheus “Budega” Figueiredo and the Brazilian trio in the team had multiple good runs in international events. Even Marlon “Twister” Mello was able to put Secret in a Major following a few months of work. In that way, we asked Faallz: “Does being Brazilian bring additional pressure to perform?”

    I think there will be that pressure from the scene, but personally, I don’t care, I’m only here to play and try to put Secret in the top. We are in a gradual evolution, and I honestly believe we can be a strong team for the next season.”

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