R6 Seasons: When The New R6 Season Begins? [Updated]

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During the Six Invitational event in São Paulo, Brazil, which took place from February 25 to March 3, 2024, Ubisoft developers revealed information about Operation Deadly Omen. The ninth season of R6 Siege is set to release on March 12, 2024, and Ubisoft managed to keep this title a secret until now. In this season, players can expect new maps and exciting gameplay features. We have all the details to share with our readers.


  • All the information about the New Season
  • R6 Game balance and new Operator: Deimos
  • Introducing R6 Seasonal Offers
  • Season 2, Season 3, and Season 4 data and its release date

When Does Rainbow Six Siege New Season Release?

Operation Deadly Omen was released on March 12 and has improved the game greatly, including new features, two new operators, and remastered versions of two existing operators. The first Operator available in Year 9 Season 1 is Deimos, an Attacker. His DeathMARK ability allows him to track the location of other players. Deimos is unique because he is the first villain to be a playable operator in Rainbow Six Siege. In the game's lore, he was captured by the Rainbow group.

What Are The New Features in R6?

Season 1 is packed with fresh upgrades, including a Revamped Shield Mechanic that will transform Operators into tank-focused. Get ready for enhanced grips, sights, under barrels, and more. And remember to welcome Deimos, the newest Operator, to the squad!

Shield Mechanic Improvements

Montagne, Blitz, and Operators with Ballistic Shields have received updates this season. Hip fire has been removed, and sprinting with the shield is now an option. Ballistic Shields can now push through barricades, and new animations have been added for device triggers, weapon reloads, and throwing. Suppressive fire will slow Operators with shields and alter their vision. Free Look allows players to move their view without realigning the shield, and Operators can now throw projectiles while using it.

Attachment and ADS Changes

The time it takes to switch from hip fire to aiming down sights has been increased for all weapons when idling or walking. The time also increases proportionally when switching from sprint to aiming down sights.


  • The Horizontal Grip is a recently introduced grip that can enhance the movement speed of the Operator.
  • The recoil control of the Vertical Grip has been updated and reduced to +20% from the previous value of 25%.
  • The Angled Grip has been updated to provide a bonus increase of +20% to reload speed.

Under Barrels

  • Under Barrel laser now provides a +10% Aim Down Sight Speed bonus.


  • 1.5x to Magnified scope: No bonus. 2.5x magnification.
  • 2.0x to Telescopic scope: No bonus. 3.5x magnification.
  • 3.0x to Telescopic scope: No bonus. 3.5x magnification.

New Ranked Restrictions

Operation Deadly Omen has split Ranked Restrictions into two groups: Returning and New Players. Both groups will face restrictions on access to Ranked play until specific requirements are met.

  • Players inactive for a season must win 5 Quick Match or Standard matches.
  • Players who have never played Ranked before the release of Deadly Omens must have a Clearance Level of 50 and own at least 10 Attack and 10 Defense Operators.

Data Bans on Machine Learning

The new model detects cheating behavior by analyzing players in more depth.

New R6 Operator In Year 9: Deimos

Real Name: Gerald Morris

Birth Date: December 24, 1973

Age: 51

Place of Birth: Birmingham, Alabama

Health: 2/3

Speed: 2/3

Difficulty: 2/3

Deimos Loadout:

Primary Weapon: AR AK-74M / Shotgun M590A1

Secondary Weapon: Handgun .44 Vendetta

Gadget: Frag Grenade / Hard Breach Charge / Smoke Grenade

Unique Ability: Deathmark Tracker

"I was there when Rainbow began. I'll be there when it ends."

Gerald Morris, born in Birmingham, Alabama, idolized Sheriff Bass Reeves after discovering him in a history book. Morris spent time with the Special Forces and the ATF, dismantling a criminal organization before becoming a key operator for Rainbow. Morris was demoted from his position as team lead for speaking out on government oversight. He was believed to have died in an operation, but his capture at Emerald Plains has raised questions about the circumstances surrounding it.

Team Rainbow finally got their hands on Deimos. Will the masked man talk? Don't miss the latest #RainbowSixSiege story!

What is The Locker?

A user-friendly menu that helps you stay organized and easily explore your cosmetic collection. Managing your items with a new favorites section has never been more convenient!

To quickly access your favorite items, you can find them at the top of your locker and appearance lists. If you're looking for your recently acquired items from the Shop, Pack, or Battle Pass, head to the Latest section. You can also access the Pack Manager directly from the Locker.

R6 Seasonal Offers

The Bullseye Bundle includes:

  • The Dead Center weapon skin.
  • Attachment skin.
  • Ruthless Allegiance charm.
  • Rupture operator card background.
  • Operator Flores has been reduced to 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 credits.
  • Azami's cost has been reduced to 15,000 Renown or 360 R6 credits.
  • Brava now costs 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 credits.

R6 Game Balance Changes

Weapon Classes

  • Revolvers, Sniper Rifles, and Slug Shotguns have been added.

Weapon Attributes

  • Weapon Attributes have been updated to slow down general Aim Down Sight.
  • Aim Down Sights transition accuracy has been simplified so that all weapons follow one of three curves between hip fire and aiming down sights.
  • Bullet travel distance has been cleaned to ensure all weapons follow the same rules.
  • Hip Fire mechanics have been cleaned up to ensure all weapon classes follow the same rules.
  • Damage falloff normalization has been fixed.
  • Mobility LMGS are now 10% slower.


  • Red Dot C: Middle dot increased.
  • Holo A: Middle dot increased.
  • Holo B: Middle dot reduced.
  • Holo C: Middle dot increased.
  • Magnified A: Middle dot increased.
  • Magnified C: Middle dot reduced.

Player Comfort

  • Reworked pick-up detection, so it's more permissive.
  • A new filtering system lets players filter Operators by their Specialties in the Operator's tab.
  • New Seasonal Operator (DEIMOS) Operator Guide is available in-game and in the Operator section.
  • The Operator grid was adjusted to fit 44 operators for both Attackers and Defenders.
  • When hovering over an Operator in the grid, the side preview displays information related to the Operator.
  • New Seasonal Operator (DEIMOS) is available in the Shooting Range.
  • Updated lane three layouts for better player experience.

Game Health

Maps added to Quick Match:

  • Kanal
  • Kafe Dostoyevsky
  • Border
  • Outback

Arcade Playlist update

  • Predestroyed hatches in arcades. The interior hatches of all arcades maps (Favela, Consulate, Close Quarters, Emerald Plains, Villa, Themepark, Lair, Nighthaven, Coastline, Skyscraper, Stadium 2021) are predestroyed.
  • Arcade now supports spectator mode.
  • Removed Impact Grenades from Free For All game mode.

Unbannable Operator

  • Deimos can't be banned in the Ranked playlist for the first two weeks after release.

Ranked Exclusive Rewards

  • Starting this season, players who reach Gold 1 in Ranked will receive an exclusive reward at the end of the season. For this season, players who reach Gold 1 in Ranked will receive an exclusive headgear for Thermite.

March 21 Operation Deadly Omen Feedback Investigation:

March 26 Patch:

April 1 Hotfixes:

When Does The New Season Start, And What Can We Expect From It? Year 9 Roadmap.

Here you can read about the upcoming changes in Rainbow Six.

Season 2

Season 2 is set to be released in June 2024 with new features:

  • Recruit Remaster - Complete revamp of Recruit (Attacker & Defender)
  • Siege Marketplace Launch - Complete rollout of the Siege Marketplace, enabling the buying and selling of cosmetics.
  • Map Filters in Standard Playlist - Introduction of new map filters in the Standard Playlist.
  • Steam: Improved Ban Enforcement Part 1 - Initial phase of implementing a new security measure to enhance ban enforcement on Steam.
  • Fenrir Update - Adjustments to Fenrir to improve the balance between Attackers and Defenders.
  • Solis Update Part 1 - Rebalancing of Operator Solis - Part I.
  • Map Training Playlist: New Endless Drill Mode - New "Endless Drill" mode will be introduced to the Map Training Playlist. Stay tuned for more info!
  • Map Training Playlist: Additional Maps - Adding more maps to the Map Training playlist.
  • Versus AI: Additional OPS & Maps - Incorporating additional AI-controlled Operators and new maps into the Versus AI playlist.

Season 3

Season 3 is tentatively scheduled for release in September 2024, and new features will be introduced:

  • New Operator: [Redacted] - Developing, fine-tuning, and incorporating a new Operator from Greece into the game.
  • Siege Cup - A New in-game tournament feature to offer an additional competitive experience.
  • Badges & Career - Introducing a new career menu and badges to enhance and showcase player progression.
  • Shooting Range Access During Matchmaking - A new option allows you to access the Shooting Range while waiting for a match or a Siege Cup.
  • Versus AI 2.0 Attackers - Incorporating AI-controlled Attackers to enhance defensive training opportunities.
  • Reputation System: Mousetrap Implementation - All tasks required to implement MouseTrap into the Reputation System on Consoles.
  • Solis Update Part 2 - Rebalancing of Operator Solis - Part II.
  • Dokkaebi Update - Adjustments to Operator Dokkaebi for rebalancing.
  • After Action Screen 2.0 - New end-of-match screen for an enhanced recap and a smoother overall experience.
  • Custom 1v1 Preset - New 1v1 Preset in the Custom Playlist.
  • Deployable Gadget Previsualization - New trajectory previsualization for gadgets.
  • Drone Jump Previsualization - New trajectory previsualization for drone jumps.
  • Shooting Range: New Cover Lane - The shooting range has a new cover lane for improved reflex training.
  • Map Training Playlist: New Drone Drill & Additional Map - Incorporating additional maps and new drone drill modes into the Map Training playlist.
  • Versus AI: Additional Ops & Maps - Incorporating additional AI-controlled Operators and new maps into the Versus AI playlist.

Season 4

Season 4 is currently slated for release in December 2024:

  • Operator Remaster: [Redacted] - Complete revamp of an Operator from the United States with improved abilities.
  • New Console To PC Crossplay 1.0 - New option for Console players to enable crossplay with PC players.
  • Match Cancellation 3.0: Automatic Cheater Kick - Implementing new security measures to detect and automatically remove cheaters during matches more effectively.
  • Reputation System Full Release - The Reputation System is officially released into the game, marking the end of the grace period.
  • Automated Text Chat Moderation - New AI-controlled text chat moderation tool for a safer gaming environment.
  • Future Balance Update on Operators - Implementing new balancing updates on Operators and weapons based on player feedback and in-game metrics.
  • New Dynamic Matchmaking 1.0 - Launching a dynamic matchmaking feature for improved server allocation based on a broader set of players' data.
  • Map Training Playlist: Additional Maps - Adding more maps to the Map Training playlist.


Overall, the Year 9 update looks excellent. New features appear captivating, and the game has received some much-needed balance fixes. The Blix team will keep this article up-to-date as new seasonal features are announced.

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