The Best Rainbow 6 Operators to Play in 2024

Matheus Veras
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As the tactical landscape of Rainbow Six Siege evolves, selecting suitable Operators becomes crucial for securing victories. Heading into 2024, the game's meta has shifted, bringing some Operators to the forefront of competitive play. Here, we spotlight four attackers and four defenders who have proven indispensable assets on the battlefield.


  • The four best 2024 Rainbow Six Siege Attackers
  • The four best 2024 Rainbow Six Siege Defenders
  • Stats and benefits of each Operator

Best Operators to Play


  • Ace
  • Buck
  • Dokkaebi
  • Iana


  • Azami
  • Fenrir
  • Mira
  • Smoke

Top Attackers


Master of many talents

Renowned for his S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher, Ace safely breaches reinforced walls, offering unparalleled utility and versatility with his loadouts.

Advantages: valued for breaching capabilities

Release Date: June, 2020


Locked and loaded

A master of creating new angles and lines of sight with his Skeleton Key shotgun attachment, Buck's ability to adapt to various situations makes him a formidable force in vertical gameplay.

Advantage: generally considered vital for versatility.

Release Date: March, 2016


Off duty

Her Logic Bomb disrupts defenders by making their phones ring, compromising their positions, and allowing her team to capitalize on the chaos. Her hacking capability further tilts the scales by gaining access to defender cameras.

Advantage: valued for intel-gathering capabilities

Release Date: December, 2017


A little bit of Gordon Freeman

With Gemini Replicator, Iana can gather critical intel without risking life, making this operator an invaluable asset for scouting and misinformation campaigns.

Advantage: appreciated for intel and deception abilities

Release Date: March, 2020

Top Defenders


Demon Veil, as it is

Her Kiba Barrier can instantly change the dynamics of a site, creating new cover and blocking lines of sight. Mastering her gadget placement can significantly hinder attackers' advances.

Advantage: Kiba Barrier is considered extremely useful

Release Date: February, 2022


"Fear is a teacher. There's always a lesson to be learned."

His F-NATT Dread Mine impairs attackers' vision and muffles sound, creating opportunities for defenders to capitalize on disoriented opponents.

Advantage: valuable Defender specializing in obfuscation

Release Date: February, 2023


"Let me see your pretty faces."

The Black Mirror offers unparalleled intel and defense, allowing defenders to see through walls without being seen, making her a top pick for anchoring and site defense.

Advantage: valued very high due to her unique Black Mirror

Release Date: February, 2017


"Don't touch" embodiment.

Known for his area denial capabilities, Smoke's Remote Gas Grenade can thwart attackers' pushes and secure objectives, making him essential for time-sensitive defenses.

Advantage: consistently valued for area denial capability

Release Date: December, 2015 (Launch Operator)

These Operators stand out for their prowess and ability to synergize with team strategies, highlighting the importance of tactical versatility and adaptation in Rainbow Six Siege's ever-evolving gameplay. As the meta continues to shift, staying abreast of Operator strengths and weaknesses will be essential to dominating the competitive scene in 2024.


Operators not included in the previously mentioned list bring diverse benefits and strategic options to the Rainbow Six Siege battlefield.

Operators like Thatcher can turn off enemy gadgets with his E.M.P. grenades, providing a crucial advantage during breaches. With his sledgehammer, Sledge offers unparalleled soft-wall destruction and versatility in creating new lines of sight. Valkyrie enhances team intelligence with her deployable Black Eye cameras, offering valuable reconnaissance.

Each Operator has unique abilities that, when utilized effectively, can significantly impact the team's strategy and success in securing objectives. This demonstrates the depth and complexity of tactical gameplay in Rainbow Six Siege.

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