Rainbow Six caster AceOfPyrite had a stroke

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Published  1 Sep, 16:34
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Rainbow Six Siege caster Tim "AceOfPyrite" Leaver had a stroke after the Berlin Major.

He said he experienced a problem with the vision on August 26. After CT and MRI, Leaver found out he had a stroke.

"I feel fortunate that I have not suffered any other effects but at the moment my vision has not yet returned. I have appointments with specialists which will hopefully give a little more knowledge, and optimism, for at least a partial recovery but I will have to wait and see. Whilst I am facing a lot of uncertainty in many areas, I am hopeful that this will not impact my ability to cast Siege as I am already learning to work around the limitations," caster said.

He thanked everyone for their support and urged not to ignore bad symptoms and seek medical attention.

37-year-old Tim "AceOfPyrite" Leaver started his caster's career in 2018.