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Matheus Veras
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Rainbow Six fans have been dreaming of crossplay since the beginning of the game, and with the latest updates, changes aimed at improving the project are already being seen.

What is crossplay?

Crossplay is a name given to a feature in electronic games that allows players from different platforms, such as PC, Xbox, Playstation and Mobile, to play together in the same game. This feature has become a hugely popular feature, and major games, such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Minecraft and Rocket League, have helped popularize this mode.

On the part of the casual player, the opportunity to share the experience with your friends despite owning different platforms is a reason for greater excitement. After all, more platforms mean more players and shorter queue times available in matchmaking.

What platforms are available for crossplay in Rainbow Six: Siege?

The Y7S4 Crossplay Console Update was announced in November 2022 Image via Ubisoft

On November 22, 2022, Ubisoft announced its latest update on crossplay, announcing a partnership between Xbox and Playstation, making it possible to play with players on both platforms. Unfortunately PC is still out of the question regarding crossplay, as Ubisoft hasn’t yet found ways to connect them with other platforms.

Despite this, Ubisoft is already preparing for PC crossplay, with visual work already being done. Like other platforms, icons are already being used next to nicknames, showing which platform the player is playing on. For now, all PC players have Ubisoft icons, but in the future, when the PC crossplay update drops, it will be possible to find other logos next to the nickname.

Even without the crossplay update, PC players have some good news— Ubisoft announced Cross-Platform Progression, allowing all your data to be shared with another console. Previously, if you were an Xbox player but now play on PC, that rare skin you had on Xbox? Lost to you forever. Or maybe you had several Pro League Elite, but lost them all in the switch. Now, with this update, all your skins and coins are shared, turning all your accounts into one. An encouraging update for players who had given up on the game due to losing their skins, or players who remembered the skins they had and want to play with them again.

Is crossplay in Rainbow Six: Siege important?

As already mentioned, the crossplay model has been used in other very successful games in recent years, generating greater interaction on the subject. The Rainbow Six: Siege community was no different, they demanded the integration between platforms, and seeking to appease your active player base is a method for attracting new players too.

Another point worth highlighting is Matchmaking. More platforms available means better matchmaking, and less wait time in the queue, something which would allow the game to continue growing, improving the player experience.

Currently, Rainbow Six: Siege has a competitive scene focused on PC play, but despite this, many players started their careers on consoles. For example, both João "Jv92" Vitor of W7M and Karl "Alem4o" Zarth of G2, who faced each other in the Grand Final of Six Invitational, are former PS4 players. Integration between console and PC could help new Siege players rise up the ranks, as there are currently no career possibilities outside of PC.

Benefits of Crossplay

With the implementation of crossplay and the possibility of multiplayer between platforms, Ubisoft has made another correct decision in the pursuit of new players. After all, not all friends own the same platforms. Attracting new players and generating profit through skins (which now serve all consoles), is a recipe for success for Ubisoft, who can even expand its market in streams and further promote its brand.

Technical Challenges

The issue of equipment and configurations, latency, network speeds and different hardware can all be obstacles to the connection between platforms.

Although not revealed, it’s likely the major challenge for crossplay between PC and consoles is the technical differences. After all, the hardware and peripherals can be advantageous for PC users, and dealing with this difference to ensure a fair match should be a challenge for the developer.

Rainbow Six Siege's development roadmap for year 8, showing the seasonal content, patch content and other releases planned by Ubisoft from March 2023

Future of Rainbow Six Siege crossplay

As briefly mentioned above, the connection between platforms could be the energy the game needs to continue growing. With a possible return to the game, along with new challenges for beginners (Ubisoft revealed these will be part of the updates for this season), as well as drops of packages in competitive tournaments, players have even more ways to interact with the game. Crossplay could also be an incentive by providing more possibilities for connections between streamers and content creators; who, with each other’s support, strive to deliver more to the community. Plus, additional platforms allow new creators to emerge too.

Crossplay Settings

Crossplay settings with the new game model still need to be discussed, but the main necessary configuration we’re expecting to see is an ability to enable and disable crossplay. Although it’s an exciting feature for the casual player or new player, more serious and competitive players may not feel comfortable playing with other platforms. The option to enable/disable the option for matchmaking with other platforms can maintain comfort for both sides.

We still don't have the full details about when Ubisoft will make any new decisions about crossplay, or how far along in its development they are. Be sure to keep an eye on our R6 news for more info as it becomes available.

Matheus Veras

Hello, my name is Matheus Veras, I'm Brazilian, graduated in journalism, and passionate about eSports, especially R6.


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