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Rainbow Six Siege is a difficult and complex game that requires deep immersion, detailed mechanics study, and is generally not easy to understand at first. Nevertheless, it rewards in full for all the time and effort spent.

Moving on to the main question, there are several game modes in Rainbow 6 Siege. Each of them, roughly speaking, represents the stages of development of any player. All three modes are divided into:

  • playing solo against bots
  • team playing against bots
  • multiplayer (PVP)

So, beginners can study maps without any other players participating if they first want to understand the game. You can also work on communication in a team in order to break into the multiplayer at full power (and even multiplayer afterward). Or just have fun with your friends playing one of the best FPS games ever made.

However, it is not necessary to start playing Rainbow Six Siege by going solo versus bots in Situations. However, we recommend doing it: this way you can understand the basic mechanics, map geography, and earn rewards to buy new Operators or cosmetics for characters/weapons. This guide describes in more detail how best to start playing R6S. Here, we will talk about game modes in more detail.

R6S Game Modes

As mentioned above, there are three game modes in Rainbow Six Siege.

  • Situations
  • Terrorist Hunt
  • Multiplayer

Also, Ubisoft releases distinct entertaining game modes from time to time, or specials, but we'll talk about them at the end.

R6S Situations

They are always worth starting with. In general, Situations are a set of single-player missions where a player has to clear the map from bots in a certain time and without dying. Also, Situations introduce us to the basic gameplay, main characters, their abilities, weapons, devices, and, most importantly, maps.

Each Situation is unique, involving different Operators on different maps. Also, you can choose difficulty levels: they affect the number of bots, as well as their ability to headshot you, and their map movement. Overall, there are three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Realistic.

Completing a map and fulfilling special additional tasks within the Situation (for example, Get 10 Headshots With Pistol or Remain Unnoticed), you get stars. More stars you have, more renown points you get!

R6S Situations List:

  1. CQB Basics
  2. Suburban Extraction
  3. High Value Target
  4. Tubular Assault
  5. Cold Zero
  6. Asset Protection
  7. Neutralize Cell
  8. No Intel
  9. Improvise Defense
  10. Heavily Fortified
  11. Article 5

In short, Situations are a great way to get familiar with both the game's world (yes, there's lore here!), and the core mechanics. Still, they are not so easy to complete!

Terrorist Hunt

The second game mode is literally a PvE multiplayer. Of course, you can pick the Lone Wolf setting and do it all by yourself only, but this particular mode was created for learning basic communication with other players. And also to just have fun shooting bots or warm-up before matchmaking.

Bots here are divided into three types: Roamers, Bombers, and Ambushers. This helps to diversify the gameplay and understand a little how rivals can work.

You can see the familiar three difficulties, just as in Situations, but slightly different:

  • Normal. No time limit, the bots are weak, it's easy to play. Usually, there are about five opponents.
  • Hard. Bots are smarter and more accurate, and deal more damage. Encountering five or more bots. You have limited time to complete the task.
  • Realistic. Bots are even more difficult, damage increased, as well as their numbers. To succeed here, you will need excellent coordination between the players.

Terrorist Hunt objectives can be as follows:

  • Classic. Kill all bots on the map.
  • Hostage Rescue. The name speaks for itself: locate and rescue the hostage.
  • Protect the Asset. Here you need to barricade yourself indoors and repel the attack of the terrorists without letting them eliminate the asset.
  • Disarm Bomb. Find where the bomb is planted, go to the point and defuse it.

Terrorist Hunt is a great way to learn how to play Rainbow Six Siege with your friends.


Here comes Siege's main game mode. It's all pretty simple: two teams (Attackers and Defenders) five Operators each must complete the task.

You could've guessed the objectives already: Hostage, Bomb, Securing Area.

PVP Multiplayer is divided into three categories: Casual, Ranked, and Custom. The latter includes a selection of lobbies, exhibited in a special way by the players, and is overall not popular. Rather, it is designed to grind the same map in order to either study it, or study a certain Operator, or both at once. Renown points are not granted.

But everything is clear with the Casual mode: you start playing on a randomly selected map from the current pool (but never the same two in a row); the match goes up to three wins on the map (that is, a bo5 match); does not affect your rank; players are selected depending on the number of hours played and people's level. By the way, you gain levels by completing Situations, Terrorist Hunts, Casual, and Ranked matches.

With ranked, things are a little more complicated. To get into ranked, you need to get level 20. Ranked is played by bo7, that is, to win you need to win 4 rounds. But if you draw 3-3, you will have three more rounds (as in tennis if you draw in the game, for example). We will talk about the R6S ranking system in another article.


Interestingly, R6S developers never cease to amaze the players with a variety of events throughout the year. They can be timed to coincide with The Invitational (a-la the World Cup), celebrations, holidays, or just.

In short, it can be both PvE and PVP modes. Moreover, one of the very first such modes, The Outbreak, which was released in 2018, was so popular with the audience that Ubisoft decided to release a separate game based on it: Rainbow Six Extraction.

Of some interesting modes, it is worth noting the following:

  • Showdown, 2019

An enjoyable mode in which Operators were thrown to the Wild West. In a 3v3 fight with only revolvers, saw-off shotguns, and old-school rifles, you had to deal with all rivals.

  • Doctor Curse, 2019

A special Halloween event. Hide-and-seek, basically. One team has to find and tag others, each side has its own advantages, disadvantages, and abilities. Scary fun!

  • The Grand Larceny Event

What if the whole map was completely destructible, and Operators only had shotguns? Yep, here you go!

  • Snow Brawl

Snowballs. Instead of weapons. Enough said.

And these are just the most amusing and interesting ones. In general, Ubisoft tries to release such things as usual as they can, a couple of times per year at least. Also, some of them are repeated yearly (with slight changes), so don't be discouraged if you missed something – maybe they will appear in the game again! Or maybe not.


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