Report: Fabian in G2’s orbit to succeed SHAS

Modified  10 Aug, 08:51
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G2 is interested in Fabian “Fabian” Hällsten to replace Thomas “Shas[O]Udas” Lee in G2’s coach role for the Rainbow Six Siege team. Thomas announced that the organization won’t renew his contract after four years in the club collecting multiple titles.

One Six Invitational, one Pro League and one Major were some of the trophies conquered during this journey in G2. SHAS kept with PENTA’s core which was able to win international events and in 2018 signed with G2.

Fabian was part of that project in PENTA and later in G2 and now can succeed his ex-coach in the post. The Swedish player left G2 in 2020 and then Fabian had short experiences in Team Vitality and Delta Project. Since the new season in 2022, Fabian has been an analyst for Ubisoft, analyzing games for the European League.