Report: Kamikaze and Sneepy not expected to stay in NIP

Published  19 Oct, 13:31
Reading time  ~1  min

According to sources familiar with the situation, after the poor performance in the third stage in Brasileirão, Ninjas in Pyjamas are acting to make changes to the roster for the next challenges. João “Kamikaze” Gomes, part of the Swedish organization since the beginning of the club’s adventure in R6, and the coach Marcus “Sneepy” Matos are not expected to stay in the lineup.

The replacements are already being negotiated, BLIX.GG has learned.

NIP placed in last in the last BR6 split as also the first split. However, with Sneepy and the new player Gustavo “Wizard” Gomes on board, the team qualified for the Six Major in Berlin, although didn't make it through the group stage.

Known for the highest peak for Brazil in R6 with the Six Invitational 2021 achievement, NIP is trying to reach the success of the past.