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Rocket League is one of the best business simulators for players to play soccer on cars!
The game was released in 2015 and has gained a large fan base. The in-game currency in Rocket League makes the gameplay much more enjoyable. More credits can help you improve your car or buy excellent items and banners.


  • Overview of the Rocket Pass, promotions, gifts, and the Rocket League item shop
  • A detailed guide on how to get free credits in Rocket League in 2024

Item Shop

One of the easiest ways to get credits is to buy them or to buy items so they can be traded.

The item store is where players can buy in-game items. Here, there are those on a 48-hour timer and those on a 24-hour timer, as well as item sets, packs, and free items that come available.

The player will find cars, player banners, wheels, skins, and more in the store.

Rocket League allows players to gain credits by purchasing packs that contain varying amounts of credits and various additional items. Start the game and go to the Main Menu to get credits from a pack. In the item store, select the desired pack, click the "Buy" button, and complete the payment.

One of the most popular packs is the Starter Pack. Pay attention to what the pack contains. Not all of them have the same number of items.

How Do I Get Credits in Rocket League by Trading?

Trading is a popular way to obtain credits in the Rocket League. You can trade items with other players in exchange for credits. Watch for valuable and popular items in demand, which can be sold for higher credits.

It is worth noting that to trade, a player must have at least 500 credits purchased. If this condition is met, send an invitation to the player with whom the exchange will occur and select items to trade. Then, confirm the trade.

Overview of The Rocket Pass

Rocket Pass is a great option to get credits in Rocket League. Rocket Pass helps the player access exclusive items in the game.

The free Rocket Pass contains rewards that unlock automatically, allowing everyone to get new items to customize battle vehicles, player banners, and in-game titles for free.

A premium Rocket Pass can also be purchased for 1000 credits. In the game, 1000 credits are equal to approximately 10 dollars. In it, the player will find more content, including new premium items, premium battle vehicles, premium titles, and credits.

Credits can be earned at levels 12, 24, 36, etc. In addition, at level 70, the player will receive colored Rocket Pass items, which he can sell very profitably.

Players can unlock "XP Boosts," which multiply XP earned during Rocket Pass, and "XP Awards," which help players advance through Rocket Pass faster. The more levels completed, the more rewards.

Challenges and Achievements

There is an excellent way for Rocket League players to get credits without having to work too hard.

A specialized site for players called RL.Supply provides free Rocket League items in exchange for completing tasks. Don't be intimidated! These are small and primarily quick tasks: take a survey, watch a video, or play a game. The more tasks a player can complete, the more rewards they will earn.

The items can then be sold. In addition, players can become partners of RL. Supply and everyone who registers through the player's link will receive a percentage of the coins his friends earn.

Tournaments and Competitive Play

Keep an eye on the in-game tournament section to learn about upcoming tournaments, and join them to compete against other players for credits.

By climbing Rocket League's competitive playlists, you can earn seasonal rewards at the end of each competitive season. These rewards can include credits and other items. The higher your rank, the better the rewards will be.

Esports and Rocket League Credits

Being a fan of cybersports, the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), and earning credits simultaneously is a reality! By linking a Rocket League account to a Twitch account, players can receive free in-game rewards and use them to earn credits.

After viewing a certain amount of RLCS, the player is guaranteed to receive rewards they must remember to collect to unlock the next viewing time goal. During the weekend, players are entitled to 3 drops after viewing 2, 4, and 4 hours of RLCS.

Giveaways and Contests

To get free Rocket League credits, you must follow the draws and contests on social networks, official Rocket League websites, and community forums. Participating in them may give you a chance to win free credits.


How else can you get free Rocket League credits in 2024? The answer is simple: gold boxes! Sometimes, you can find gold crates in the game during seasonal events, such as Christmas. This item in the game is unique and has no analogue. Gold crates are given for free after a certain number of games, often after 20.

Inside the crate are items from different drafts and crates mixed into one free crate! Who can disagree that this is an excellent opportunity to get free credits?

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