The Ultimate Guide to Trading in Rocket League: Tips, Strategies and Secrets

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Rocket League removed player-to-player trading on December 5, 2023.

Rocket League is one of the most popular multiplayer games. Trading is an essential aspect of Rocket League gameplay. It allows players to trade items and earn credits to purchase new items. However, you need to know some of the details to make trading seem like a very confusing endeavor.

This article will cover all the aspects of trading in Rocket League.


  • Details on how to trade in Rocket League and what things you need to change in the game
  • Information on finding trading partners, creating a trade plan, and determining the value of items
  • Safety tips

How Do You Trade in Rocket League

Trading in Rocket League is a system that allows players to trade in-game items with other players.

To start trading, you must collect items you don't need or want to trade. Then, you must find a trading partner and add them to your friends list. Then, make a trade by agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Beforehand, make sure that your account has the necessary settings for trading.

Open the Settings menu and select the Interface tab. Make sure that the "Allow trading between players" checkbox is selected.

But that's not all. To start trading, a player must purchase the first 500 credits. That's about 5 dollars. This requirement does not apply to players who purchased the game before the free update.

Also, note that only players above level 30 can start trading. There are restrictions on trading after level 30.

From level 30 to 99, you can make three trades per day for no more than 2000 credits; from level 100 to 249, you can make ten deals a day with a limit of up to 10 thousand credits. Only from level 250 can the player conclude an unlimited number of deals up to 100 100,000 credits.

This is the list of tradeable items in Rocket League:

  • Credits
  • Blueprints
  • Items built from blueprints and crates
  • Post-game drops
  • Rocket pass items
  • Items from in-game special events

Crates, Keys, and Blueprints

Crates first appeared in Rocket League in September 2016. They contained items that varied in rarity and type. A player could get a crate after completing an online match with another real player or player.

The player with keys could only open these crates, and you had to search for them at various online locations.

Crates and keys have been replaced by blueprints and credits in the update.

Players can obtain blueprints after completing a match. The blueprint displays the item you can create and its production cost in credits. Once the blueprint is in your inventory, you can make the item immediately and pay for it with credits, save it to trade, or create it later.

Building Your Inventory and Determining Item Values

To fill up your inventory, play more. By completing matches, leveling up, and participating in events, you will earn new items to add to your inventory.

In Rocket League, every item has a specific value. The leading indicators for determining the price will be the rarity of the item and the demand for it on the market.

Some rare or desirable items may sell for a higher price, and some items players do not usually need may cost nothing. Remember that some players will pay more if they need a specific item and if the supply is limited. Please pay attention to those who want to buy an item and have been looking for it for a long time. These people will pay you more.

To estimate the price range of the item you decide to sell, start by going to and check the price of similar items in an exchange or sale.

Remember the rarity of the items: it depends on their paint color and some additional stickers. There are six different rarities from the lowest to the highest:

1. Common (gray)

2. Uncommon (green)

3. Rare (blue)

4. Very rare (purple)

5. Import (exotic orange)

6. Exotic (Black Market)

The last ones on the list are the most expensive items.

Finding Trading Partners

In the process of trading, you need to find someone with the item you want in exchange for the one you have. Doing this can be challenging at times.

Here are some tips you can use to find a trading partner.

Trade With Friends

The easiest way is to trade with friends or acquaintances. Contact those you already play with and ask if they would be interested in trading items with you. Sometimes, this approach pays off.

Rocket League Trading Communities

A great way to find partners is to join the Rocket League trading community on Reddit or Discord. Here, you can chat with other players to trade.

You can create a post listing the items you want to trade and wait for offers. Another option is to find trade threads to see if anyone is interested in trading for the items you offer.

Use Rocket League Trading Sites

Trading is prevalent in Rocket League, so several trading sites with a player base are interested in trading. Such sites are Rocket League Garage, RL Insider, or Trade Central.

We can also recommend RL.Exchange and OP.Market, which is suitable for beginners. And Tradeit.GG has the most extensive assortment of skins.

Here, you can list what you want to sell and detail what items you wish to receive. You can also browse other players' lists to find suitable trading partners.

Be careful and double-check the credentials of the person you will trade with. Make sure that they have positive feedback and completed trades on their profile.

Creating a Trading Plan

A trading plan will help structure your activities and identify the steps you need to take to achieve results.

To be successful in trading, decide on a few critical things:

1. Goal of trading.
What is your goal: to acquire new items or to make a profit?

2. Strategy of trading.
Decide what you want to trade and research the market.

3. Trading budget.
Determine how much money you can invest in trading. Research in-game items and see what potential profit these items can bring.

4. Track your success.
Review your trading plans and goals from time to time. Are you achieving what you want, or is it time to consider changing your strategy?

Negotiations and Closing the Deal

Trading in Rocket League can be lucrative if the player understands the market and only makes deals that provide the most value.

When negotiating, be polite and offer fair deals. Do not insult other players or try to take advantage of their ignorance.

Research prices on trading sites and social media before you start a trade. Try to find a favorable deal for both parties and never hesitate to ask questions about the deal. Clarify all the details before confirming the deal. In turn, explain all the details of your offer.

Confirming The Deal

Before finalizing a deal in Rocket League:

  1. Double-check what you are exchanging and what items you are exchanging for. Remember
  2. to confirm the rarity, color, and certification of the items.
  3. Confirm the payment method and amount, and then check the trade window. The items should be inside it.

Once you have confirmed and agreed on the trade details, click the "Accept Trade" button. By following the points in this small guide, you reduce your risks.

Security and Safety Measures

Trading in Rocket League can be risky if security concerns are not addressed.

The most common types of scams are:

  • Middleman scams;
  • The Fake Item Scam;
  • The Bait and Switch Scam.

Recognizing scams can be tricky. Pay special attention to offers whose terms and conditions seem suspiciously good to be true.

There are examples in the history of trading where scammers have used fake profiles posing as legitimate traders or popular trading sites. Therefore, always check the person's identity and the site address where you will make a trade.

You should always be wary if, when offering an exchange, they insist that you complete the payment on a third-party site rather than in-game.

If you suspect you are trying to cheat, immediately write about it to the game's support service and describe the situation.

Also, take note of some tips on how to trade to stay safe:

  • To avoid risks, always use a trustworthy trading partner and verify the information about them.
  • Pay for an item after finalizing the transaction.
  • Please scrutinize the goods and check their value before paying for them.
  • Negotiate even small details of the transaction in advance.
  • Never give out personal information or passwords.


The Rocket League trading market is constantly influenced by updates and events occurring in the game.

New items appear in the game, often in high demand by players. For example, when a new box appears in the game, the prices of items in that box go up due to high demand.

Pay attention to unique events that take place in the Rocket League. During these events, players can get exclusive items often highly valued on the stock market during and after the event.

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