Série B: Teams join forces to boycott matches on day one

Modified  17 Sep, 15:50
Reading time  ~3  mins

Following Ubisoft’s decision not to promote the Relegation, which puts the winner of Série B in the major league for Brazil, many teams showed their dissatisfaction. In a statement, Ubisoft explained the decision happens according to the global scene of the modality. The developer also said, “the tournament winning team in 2022 will receive a reward that we will share after the definition of the worldwide competitive scene”.

BLIX.GG knows that the majority of the Série B teams are joining forces to boycott the first-round matches, which start on the 20th of September. The games are as follows:

• Team oNe Academy VS Dromedalho
• Rise Gaming VS Laquimica Esports
• SuperNova Esports VS Magic Squad
• Electrify Steel VS ELES

Série B teams tried to contact Ubisoft looking for answers, and the responses were people passing the responsibility to others and asking for the teams to wait. BLIX.GG has learned that some organizations decided to invest in Série B teams but put a stop to the decision following Ubisoft’s decision. The end of the Relegation isn’t the bigger problem, but the lack of information and this movement is, BLIX.GG has learned.

BLIX.GG collected some anonymous testimonies from people competing in Série B.

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“It was a great lack of respect to be warned at the last minute, it was a lost year, we almost had no visibility during the year, and at the height of the year, when we have the last chance to move up to tier 1… I leave college betting on this dream, and I won’t even have the chance to try to move up to Serie A”.

“We struggled all year to get an organization and try to convince them to enter this scene that is not self-sustaining and has little visibility, and when we get an organization, they remove the main reason for a team to invest in tier 2 of the game: the relegation.”

“I know people who dropped out of college, others who dropped out of their jobs, all this to dedicate themselves to the fullest, counting on relegation and the possibility of maybe moving up to tier 1, which from one day to the next no longer exists.”

“As if it wasn't enough that we found out about the end of the relegation through Twitter, it was still six days before series b started, total neglect.”

The fears

“The uncertain future, of not knowing what it will be like next year… if it will be a franchise system with an academy, if it will just be a closed circuit, regardless of anything we need to know and plan to think about whether it is worth it or not stay competitive.”